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Ipecacuanha - Abdomen symptoms - T.F. Allen

Ipecac-root, Ipecac, Ipec, Ipeca, Ip.

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HPUS indication of Ipecacuanha: Nausea

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Ipecacuanha in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Pinching pain in both hypochondria and in the region of the pit of the stomach (after three hours),

Violent stitches in the left hypochondrium (after half an hour),

Umbilical and Sides.

Cutting pain about the umbilicus, with shivering,

Cutting pain about the umbilicus, as if menstruation would appear, with chilliness and coldness of the body, while internally heat mounts into the head (after two hours),

Cutting pain in the side of the abdomen, in the umbilical region, aggravated by touch and external pressure, accompanied by white frothy saliva in the mouth and dilated pupils (after one-eighth of an hour),

(Sticking pains in the abdomen, and burning and sticking in the rectum with urging to stool),

General Abdomen.

Abdomen distended, with constant pain,

Distension of the abdomen (4 grains; quarter of an hour after 2 grains),

Feeling of extreme distension and enlargement of the abdomen,

Uneasiness in the abdomen (after half an hour),

Griping in the abdomen (after quarter of an hour),

Clawing griping in the abdomen, as if grasped by a hand so that each outstretched finger pressed sharply upon the intestines, relieved by rest, extremely aggravated by the slightest motion,

Pinching pain and distension in the abdomen (after 1 grain),

Pinching colic (after half an hour),

Colic (quarter of an hour after 2 grains),

Colic with rumbling in the intestines (after 8 grains),

Flatulent colic,


On coughing, pain in the abdomen as if obliged to urinate and the urine could not pass, as in retention of urine,



Loss of thirst,


Eructations (after a quarter of an hour),

Eructations every eight to ten minutes, also the following day, with rumbling in the abdomen,

Empty eructations,

Rumbling in the stomach (soon),

Warmth in the stomach,

Agreeable warmth in the stomach, with rumbling in the intestines (after a quarter of an hour),

Sensation of emptiness and laxity of the stomach,

Sensation as if the stomach hung down relaxed, with loss of appetite (after one hour),

Violent griping in the stomach (after 4 grains),

Dull sticking pain in the pit of the stomach, as from a sharp stick,

Nausea and vomiting

Nausea (after a quarter of an hour),

Nausea, as from the stomach, with empty eructations and accumulation of much saliva (after half an hour),

Nausea rising from the stomach with hiccough, only at last disappearing after several pasty stools, immediately after smoking tobacco as usual (after fourteen hours),

Nausea, qualmishness,

Nausea, qualmishness, and efforts to vomit (after one hour and a quarter),

(Nausea and heaviness in the abdomen),

At times nausea and convulsive but ineffectual efforts to vomit,

Slight degree of nausea,

Distressing nausea,

Qualmishness in the abdomen, with incipient colic,

Inclination to vomit (1/2 grain), ; (a quarter of an hour after 2 grains),

Great inclination to vomit, several times, at momentary intervals,

Severe inclination to vomit (after 4 grains),

Vomiting, and a feeling as if he would fall down, on stooping,

Vomiting (after half an hour), followed by great inclination to sleep (after 15 grains),

Vomiting, repeated three times,

Vomiting of food, without previous eructations, on stooping (after one hour and a half),

Vomiting of food; mucus yellow, green, black; empty retching; vomiting of everything swallowed,

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