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Ipecacuanha - Abdomen symptoms - Clarke

Ipecac-root, Ipecac, Ipec, Ipeca, Ip.

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HPUS indication of Ipecacuanha: Nausea

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Ipecacuanha in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Cutting and pinching in the abdomen (as from a hand, each finger sharply pressing into intestines), agg. in the highest degree by movement, amel. by repose.

Pinching pain in both hypochondria, and in region of pit of stomach.

Pain, as from excoriation in the abdomen.

Colic, with agitation, tossing, and cries (in children).

Colic, with cramp-like pains.

Incisive pains, in the umbilical region, with shuddering.

Flatulent colic, with frequent diarrhoeic stools.

Colic of strangulated hernia.


Insipid and clammy, or bitter taste, esp. in the morning.

Sweetish taste, as of blood in the mouth.

Desire only for delicacies and things sweetened with sugar.

Want of appetite; the stomach feels relaxed.

Bad effects from eating pork, veal, &c.


Beer has an insipid taste.



Vomiting of drink, and of undigested food; or else of bilious, greenish, or acid, or mucous, gelatinous matter, sometimes immediately after a meal.

Gastric catarrh from indigestible food, or from ice-cold things.

Great repugnance and dislike to all food.


Nausea, as if proceeding from the stomach, with copious salivation, violent itching in the skin, and empty risings.


Vomiting of blood.

Vomiting, with sweat, heat, fetid breath, and thirst.

Vomiting with diarrhoea.

Vomiting on stooping.

Vomiting of black matter, like pitch.

Pressure on the stomach with vomiting.

Tabacum Tobacco smoke is nauseous, and causes vomiting.


Retching, esp. after drinking anything cold, or after smoking.

Sensation of excessive uneasiness in the stomach and epigastrium.

Horrid, indescribable pain and sick feeling in the stomach.

Sensation, as if the stomach were empty and flaccid.

Swelling in the region of the stomach.

Pinching round the epigastrium and in the region of the hypochondria.

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