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Indium Metallicum - General symptoms - Clarke

The Metal Indium, Ind.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Indium Metallicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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A metal. In. (A.W. 1137). Trituration of the pure metal.

Indium (which receives its name from the Indigo blue line in the spectrum through which its presence was discovered in Zinc-blende) is a rare metal, nearly like lead in appearance and in softness. It has been proved under the direction of Belladonna Bell, mostly in the potencies, and the symptoms mark it out as allied in action to Selenium Selenium and Titanium Metallicum Titanium in its general action, and particularly in the male sexual sphere. There is diminished power and control.

frequency of nocturnal emissions.

sexual dreams of perversion which should render it of service in some cases of sexual psycopathy. The mental condition of Indm. is one of depression, curiously not unlike that of Indigo, whose colour it shows in the spectrum. Headaches were very marked in the proving, and one notable symptom appears "Violent pain in the head when straining at stool." This is not infrequently met with in practice, and I have given great relief with Indm. 200 to a patient who had this symptom. Berridge reports (H. P., viii. 592) this case A boy, 10, constipated five or six years. Stool about once a week, dark and short.

sometimes with blood. anus sore after stool. Has to strain much, seizing his thighs with his hands and straightening himself forcibly.

the effort makes his face red, and the head feels as if it would burst. Indm. in high potencies cured. There is also a headache with sleepiness and nausea. There are many marked symptoms in the throat, the characteristic condition being agg. in evening and amel. by eating, and by drinking cold water. The urine is horribly offensive after standing a short while. The symptoms generally are amel. out of doors.

in cold air. by drinking or washing in cold water. agg. In a warm room. Generally agg. by motion (walking; rising; sitting up; stooping slightly; turning; rotating head; moving eyes). On the other hand there is restlessness compelling to move about. Several symptoms occur in early morning 3 to 4 a.m.

in afternoon, 3 to 6. There is faintness at 11 a.m.


Backache. Epistaxis. Foot-sweat. Headache. Megrim. Pollutions. Sexual perversion. Sore throat. Throat, ulceration of. Uvula, enlarged; ulcerated.