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Helleborus Niger - Eyes symptoms - T.F. Allen

Snow-rose, Helleborus, helleb, Hell.

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HPUS indication of Helleborus Niger: Pale skin

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Helleborus Niger in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Frequent inclination to involuntarily stare, fixing the eyes immovably upon an object,

Violent boring deep in the right eye (first day),

Pressure in the eyes,

Pressure upon the eyes (soon),

Pressure deep in the right eye (fifteenth day),

Pressing pain deep in the right eye, soon,

Feeling in the eyes as if they were pressed together by something heavy from above; he is obliged to exert himself in order to open them widely; in the open air (after seven and eight hours),

Sticking in the eyes, as if they would lachrymate (immediately),

Burning biting in the eyes, especially in the inner canthus,


Eyes sensitive to light (eighth and tenth days),

Eyes sensitive to light, with contracted pupils (fifteenth day),

Sensitiveness to daylight; he does not wish to see objects about him and lies with closed eyes (during the fever),

Photophobia (after half an hour),

A sensation in the eyes as if everything was too clear and black (fifth day),

Flickering before the eyes,

Much flickering before the eyes (after half an hour),

Floating specks before the eyes (fifth day),

Bright and dark spots before the eyes, soon,

Black specks before the eyes (eighth day),

Black specks and rings before the eyes (tenth day),

Brow and orbit

Twitching in the muscles of the eyebrows and cheeks, with heat of the face,

A sticking tension when touched on the left eyebrow, as if a pimple would from (after forty-six hours),

Pain in the eyebrows drawing backward and forward, with spasmodic contraction of the muscles of the eyebrows (after ten hours),

Violent pressure deep in the orbits (fifth day),

Pressure in the orbits, as if the eyes would fall out,

A momentary pain, as if a dull needle were thrust into the upper margin of the left orbit, rather towards the inner canthus; relieved by pressure with the fingers, but immediately returning when the pressure ceases, lasting a quarter of an hour (second day),

A very violent pressing-tearing pain in a small indefinite spot on the outer side of the left orbit, as if between the eyeball and the wall of the orbit, and affecting the eyeball; lasting about five minutes, and returning three times in the evening (third day),


(Swollen red eyelids),

He slumbers with half-open eyes, the pupils drawn upward (immediately),

Twitching of the lids,

Twitching of the upper lids,

Biting in the margins of the lids (first day),

Biting in the right eyelids (eighth day),

The inner canthi were full of dry mucus in the morning (after nine hours),

Painful pressure in the right inner canthus aggravated on closing the eyes (after nine hours),

Soreness in the left canthus, in the morning on waking, with some moisture in it,

Itching in the canthus (after three-quarters of an hour),


Pressure in the right eyeball (tenth day),

Acute pressive pain in a small spot on the left eyeball, between it and the external and upper portion of the orbit (seventh day),

Sticking in the eyeball from above downward,

Violent sticking in the eyeball and its coverings, as with fine points, in the morning after waking, on pressing the eyes together (after nine hours),

Stitches in the left eyeball (twelfth day),

Several violent stitches in the left eyeball (after one hour),


Dilated pupils, , ; (during the first hours),

Pupils dilated, with violent headache (fifth day),

Pupils contracted (eighth day),

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