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Hamamelis Virginica - Modalities Etc

Witch-hazel, Hammemelis, Hamamelis, Hemamellis, Hama, Hamam, Hamamelis Virginiana, Ham.

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HPUS indication of Hamamelis Virginica: Varicose veins

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Hamamelis Virginica in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



WORSE, warm, moist air.




Air Open Humid




Desires and aversions

No appetite for breakfast; considerable thirst, relieved by small quantities of water.

Appetite good.

Very thirsty, afternoon, evening; throat dry.

Aversion to water makes him sick to think of it.


During all this time appetite good and health averaging better than usual (forty-ninth day),

Increased desire to smoke; wants to do nothing but smoke and to be along (third day),

The desire for smoking is increased, but smoking greatly aggravates all the symptoms (third day),

Little appetite at breakfast, but drank large quantities of water (ninth day),

No appetite for breakfast (twenty-first, twenty-second, and twenty-third days),


More thirsty than usual, about 6 P.M. (eighth day),

Thirst, towards evening (second day),

Thirst in evening (twenty-seventh day),

Considerable thirst (seventh day); increased but not satisfied by drink (eighth day),

Considerable thirst, but relieved by drinking small quantities of water (twenty-first day),

Thirst great (tenth and twelfth days),

Very thirsty, drinking large quantities of water, at 7 P.M. (fourteenth and fifteenth days); very thirsty in afternoon and evening (seventeenth day); in evening (nineteenth day),

No thirst during entire time,

Aversion to water; makes him sick to think of it (sixth day),

Eructations and Hiccough.

Eructations (twenty-eighth day),

Eructations, two hours after eating (twentieth day),

Eructations in the evening (twenty-seventh day),

Eructations after tea (seventh and eighth days),

Frequent eructations, lasting some time (twenty-seventh day),

Spasmodic eructations and hiccoughs (twenty-first day),

Eructations tasting of what had been eaten (third day),

Unusual taste of eructations in morning (twenty-ninth day),

Belchings of wind,


Violent hiccough at 6 P.M., four hours after eating (second day),

Position etc

Motion 32. Using arms 30. Stooping 2. Rising 2. Desire to lie down 2. After lying 40. Must lie still 16. Cannot lie 28.

Noon 6. Afternoon 33. Afternoon and evening 14, 30. Night 22, 40.