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Guaiacum - General symptoms - Hahnemann

Guajacum Officinale, Guaiacolum, Guaiac, Resin of Lignum Vitae, Guaiacum, Guai.

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HPUS indication of Guaiacum: Swollen eye

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Guaiacum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




The sap which flows from the West Indian tree , which when inspissated is called , consists in great part of a peculiar kind of resin. For homoeopathic use this is triturated dry with sugar of milk for three hours to the one millionth attenuation, and then dissolved and raised to the thirtieth potency. The homoeopathic physician will not allow himself to be led astray by the indefinite and delusive recommendation of the old Materia Medica to use Guajacum for gout and rheumatism. He will not look to fictitious names of diseases, but he will look to the similarity of the symptoms existing on the one side in the disease to be healed, and on the other in the symptoms excited by the remedy.

In diseases for which it is homoeopathically appropriate it has shown itself serviceable especially where the following ailments were present Attacks of cephalagra.

swelling of the eyes. painful straining in the ears.

sensation of mucus in the throat, causing nausea.

repugnance to milk. stitches in the chest.

arthritic lancinating pains in the limbs, where the pains are produced by the slightest motion and are combined with heat in the painful parts, especially after previous misuse of Merc Viv mercury.

pulmonary consumption, with fetid pus, etc.

 The whole of this pathogenesis, save for fifteen symptoms of  Hahnemann's appeared in Vol. IV. of the ; it belongs accordingly to  his earlier manner.            



In a hysterical subject. The writer states that any sudden surprise will make her speechless for an hour or so, and that G. always makes her lose her sight for some hours.

Not accessible.

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