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Gratiola Officinalis - Eyes symptoms - Clarke

Hedge Hyssop, Gratiola Off, Gratiola, Grat.

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HPUS indication of Gratiola Officinalis: Humiliation

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Gratiola Officinalis in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Itching, quivering, and sensation of weakness in eyelids.

Itching of eyelashes.

The eyes feel dry and as if sand were in them.

Burning pain and pressure on the eyes.

Eyes watery and weak when reading.

Mist before eyes, when reading or writing.

Myopia on reading.

Sees distant objects better than near ones.

While writing, or looking at light objects, sight suddenly vanishes; amel. by closing eyes, but constantly returns.

All objects seem white on opening the eyes, even green trees and turf.

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