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Graphites - Mouth symptoms - T.F. Allen

Black Lead, Graphite, Graph.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Graphites in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



General Mouth.

Sourish offensive odor from the mouth,

Acidity in the mouth, after breakfast,

Gums and teeth

Erosion in the cavities of the teeth,

Black acrid blood frequently comes from the hollow teeth,

Pain in the right back teeth, on biting them tightly together,

Pain as from looseness of the lower teeth, when chewing,

Toothache at night, lasting till morning,

Burning toothache, as from looseness in the teeth, now in one, now in another tooth, mostly at night, in bed, or in the evening, while sitting leaning backward, with accumulation of saliva in the mouth; the pain is aggravated by chewing,

Drawing toothache,

Drawing pain in the back teeth, when walking in the wind,

Drawing pain in a hollow tooth,

Painful pressure in the teeth, aggravated by touch,

Pressive pain in all the teeth and in the jaws, at night, lasting two hours, and during the day renewed by chewing or biting,

Sticking toothache (after six days),

Dull jerking-sticking in a tooth,

Several burning stitches in a left upper back tooth, after a meal,

Dull jerking stitches in a hollow back tooth when walking in the air (after four hours),

Pain shooting about in the teeth,

Tearing in the root of a tooth,

Nightly toothache; tearing pain in the teeth, warm food increased the pain,

Tearing pain in all the teeth, aggravated by warmth, renewed when lying down in bed, so that there was no rest before midnight,

Sore pain in the teeth when eating, which is aggravated after eating,

Crawling toothache, and, on taking cold water, sticking in a tooth,


Swelling of the gum, in the evening,

Swelling of the gum, with dryness of the mouth,

Painful swelling of the gum, with swelling of the cheek, and weakness of the whole body,

Painful swelling of the gum over the teeth of the upper jaw, as if sore, even when touched by the cheek, with pain in the corresponding back teeth, as if the cheek would become swollen,

Sensitive swelling of the gum,

Rush of blood to the gum, so that he would willingly cut into it,

The gums bleed easily when rubbing them,

Offensive odor from the gum and mouth,

Sore pain of the gum on the inner side of the teeth, as after eating hot things (after ten days),

Sore pain of the gum of the upper incisors, when touched with the tongue,

Ulcerative pain in the gum,

Itching gnawing in the gum,

The tongue (after a meal) feels rough, raw, and scraped, and the papillae are very sensitive, as if they rubbed against the teeth,


Great dryness of the mouth and throat at night,


Saliva runs from the mouth, in the morning, on stooping,

Much spitting of saliva (after second day),

Green, bitter water comes into the mouth, in the morning, after drinking, or immediately after eating, four days in succession,

Mucus in the mouth, in the morning, it was so sticky he could scarcely open the mouth,

Salty, burning mucus in the mouth, in the morning, on waking,



Tongue white,

Painful pimples and blisters on the back of the tongue, which are painful, mostly after eating and on spitting, also bleeding at times,

Burning blisters on the lower side and tip of the tongue,

Whitish painful ulcer on the under surface of the tongue,

Sore pain on the left side of the tongue, on moving or extending it,


Offensive smell from the mouth,


Sour taste, especially after eating and drinking,

Sour taste in the mouth, and no desire to drink,

Bitter taste in the mouth, in the afternoon (seventh day),

Bitter taste in the mouth, with a very coated tongue (after twenty-eight hours),

Bitter taste in the mouth, with sour eructations,

Salty taste in the mouth,

Unpleasant taste difficult to describe, which frequently caused shuddering from disgust (from doses larger than four grains),

Taste as of bad eggs in the mouth, in the morning after rising,

Bitter taste of the food,


Toothache, especially at night, with heat in the face, or in the evening, with sore pain on the palate and swelling of the cheek,

The gum is painful, with sore sensation on the palate, and running of water from the mouth,

Running of water from the mouth, with swelling of the upper lip, and painful pimples upon it, with painful gum and sore palate,

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