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Graphites - Modalities Etc - T.F. Allen

Black Lead, Graphite, Graph.

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HPUS indication of Graphites: Cracks in skin
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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Graphites in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Forenoon), Pain in forehead; pain in stomach; chilliness; shivering in back, etc.

(Noon), Nausea, etc.

(Afternoon), Hypochondriac; bitter taste in mouth; nausea, etc., tearing in thighs; sweat of feet.

(Open air), Lachrymation; stitches in back tooth; pains in lower extremity.

(Walking in open air), Cutting colic; dyspnoea; pressure in chest; pain in ankle; exhaustion.

(Ascending), Pains in chest, etc.

(Blowing nose), Stitches in leg.

(After breakfast), Acidity in mouth.

(Candlelight), Burning in eyes.

(Chewing), Toothache.

(At commencement of coition), Cramp in calf.

(During coition), Noise in ears.

(After coition), Weakness; coldness of legs; heat, etc.

(After dinner), Warmth in head; hiccough; weakness.

(After drinking), Rumbling in abdomen.

(Eating), Headache; beating in ear; pain in teeth; pain in stomach; pressure in stomach; distension in abdomen; colic; stiffness, etc., in sore foot; perspiration.

(After eating and drinking), Sour taste; gnawing in stomach.

(Inspiration), Pain in lower abdomen; throbbing in left chest.

(Looking up), Vertigo.

(Lying down in bed), Pain in teeth.

(Lying down to sleep in daytime), Chilliness.

(Lying on right side), Pain in right chest.

(After meals), Hiccough; heartburn; qualmishness, etc.

(After midday meal), Sleepiness; shivering in limb.

(Motion), Pressure in forehead; stitches in hypochondrium; pains in side; pulsation all over; beating of blood at heart, etc.

(Moving head), Headache.

(Moving arm), Tearing in shoulder-joint.

(Rest), Drawing in elbow-joint; tearing in thumb-joint; especially when falling asleep, pain in bones.

(Riding), Headache.

(Riding horseback), Pains in chest.

(Rising), Drawing in calves.

(Rising from sitting), Pain in thigh.

(Sitting), Burning in hypochondrium; jerkings in pelvic muscles; pain in chest; pressure on left chest; stiff feeling in knees.

(Stepping), Pain in side of lower abdomen.

(After stool), Tympanites.

(Stooping), Vertigo, etc.; beating in ear; bubbling in ear.

(Stretching out body), Pain in inguinal region.

(Touch), Pressure in teeth; pain in small of back.

(Walking), Pain in occiput; colic; pain in knee-joint; burning of soles of feet; tearing in ball of foot.

(Walking in wind), Pain in back teeth.

(Warmth), Pain in all teeth.

(Yawning), Pains in chest.


(Night), Cough.

(Walking in open air), Uneasiness; indolence; the symptoms.

(Drinking), Pain in stomach.

(Eating), Pain in stomach.

(Lying), Pain in occiput; in bed, pressure on left chest.

(Motion), Burning in hypochondrium; pain in back, during menstruation; backache.

(Pressure), Colic.

(Riding in wagon), Hardness of hearing.

(In room), Pain in ankle.

(Standing), Pressure on left chest.

(Stooping), Pain in inguinal regions.

(External warmth), Tearing in shoulder.

(Lying in warm bed), Pressure in stomach.


Appetite increased,

No appetite in the evening,

Aversion to meat and fish,

Sweet things are disgusting and nauseous,

Unusual thirst, in the morning, for several days in succession,


Much thirst, after eating (thirteenth day),

Great thirst, even in the morning,

Great desire for beer-drinking, without remarkable thirst only desire for its internal cooling,

Eructation and Hiccough.

Eructations at night of the soup taken at noon (seventh day),

Ineffectual eructations, he desires to eructate constantly, but cannot,

Sour eructations, with bitter taste in the mouth,

Acidity in the stomach, with ravenous hunger,

Regurgitation of much mucus in the morning, with otherwise natural appetite and stool,


Waterbrash, at night in bed,

Hiccough, in the evening, for an hour (fourth day),



Rancid heartburn,

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