Hydrofluoricum Acidum - General symptoms

Hydrofluoric Acid, Fluoricum Acidum, Flouricum Acidum, Fluor, Fluor-ac, Hydrofluoricum Acid, Acidum hydrofluoricum, Hydrofluoric acide

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HPUS indication of Hydrofluoricum Acidum: Varicose veins

Homeopathic remedies are prescribed on the basis that in a tiny dilution like cures like, so while very dilute Hydrofluoricum Acidum may help, unprocessed Hydrofluoricum Acidum may be best avoided.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Hydrofluoricum Acidum in traditional homeopathic usage, not reviewed by the FDA.

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Great disposition, when alone, to repulsive fantastic imaginations, particularly in regard to persons with whom he stands in near relations, or with whom he is connected.

it seems, for example, as though he must get rid of all the servants, children must go out of the house, a betrothal must be broken off, a marriage should be dissolved, etc,.

During the fourth week very irritable towards people, even to the greatest hatred, which he does not hesitate to give vent to in words, but as soon as he sees them everything is forgotten, and he has an entirely different opinion of them. This does not arise either from hypocrisy or cowardice, but it is a suddenly altered view.

mentally the same feeling which occurred to him physically during coryza (see S. 139),.

Sharp, shooting, undulating pain.

it arises on the left side, about the middle and near the sutura interparietalis, and proceeds with the quickness of lightning to the left temple near the exterior part of the orbital cavity.

this pain shoots about for two seconds, but the undulation lasts a little longer, and it is only when the undulation is nearly over that the mind takes cognizance of the whole of it.

the shooting and painful undulation and the quickness, are of such a nature as to produce immediately in the mind a very disagreeable idea of some impending danger.

the undulation may be best compared to that of the streak left on the wall, in darkness, by the friction of a phosphoric match,.

In the evening after an animated conversation, heat in the face and headache, like a pressing and forcing deep interiorly towards the left.

appearing at times and subsiding again.

it then passes to the left upper jaw, as if the teeth ached, even on those places where the roots of the teeth had been extracted a year ago, so decided that he was obliged to feel with the finger.

together with an inclination to bite together teeth which no longer existed (second day),.

Teeth feel warm, those of the upper jaw, especially on the left side.

the incisor and canine are much warmer than any of the other.

a few minutes afterwards there is considerable warmth in the pharynx.

these sensations ceased in the course of an hour.

the prover remarked particularly, that the heat or warmth was felt in the teeth, and not in the gums or alveolar processes,.

Five minutes after taking, there commenced an increase of the flow of saliva, which caused him to spit constantly for about ten minutes, when he began to feel a pain in the head, a sensation as if the head was too heavy and would drop down from one side to the other, a pressing outward from within.

the flow of saliva after this pain had established itself began to diminish, and in about an hour ceased entirely,.

He wakes up after midnight with a large quantity of viscid, tasteless saliva in the mouth, burning-pinching pain in the stomach, and with a sensation of distension from flatulency.

after the passage of some wind the pain is increased, and he cannot pass any more.

after a copious pappy evacuation of the bowels the pains seem to concentrate themselves in the region of the navel.

after the evacuation the pain is diminished.

on returning to his room.

however, it returns again, and he has a second passage, accompanied with pain in the region of the navel.

a third passage at 7 A.M. (third day).

the same diarrhoea, at 4 A.M. (sixth day).

a copious pappy evacuation, after rising (eighth day).

several pappy evacuations (tenth day).

two watery stools, immediately after rising in the morning (twelfth day).

pappy loose passage, in the morning after rising (thirteenth and fourteenth days).

none (fifteenth day). two (sixteenth day).

one again (seventeenth day),.

Sore throat, with difficult deglutition.

his throat, as far as below the larynx, felt so sore that the bread, although masticated very thoroughly, could not be swallowed without the greatest pain.

after smelling the acid, 5 P.M., until the next morning after breakfast.

the same morning, hawking up of much phlegm, mixed with some blood.

during the day abatement of the symptoms,.

In the back of the throat, low down, at the entrance of the oesophagus, more to the left side, a sensation as if it were somewhat raw, or a though an ulcer would form.

it was indefinite and slightly painful, yet it seemed very troublesome, and twice, while hawking, he thought that blood would come from it, in the morning and forenoon (eleventh and twelfth days),.

Frequent passage of flatus and eructations.

it leaves him immediately more comfortable, and with a feeling as if it was the last, but it is not so, for in a few minutes everything is renewed in the same order, succession, and feeling as before.

and so on for two or three days, with the only difference of being at longer intervals than it was at first,.

Indefinite desire, small odorless wind, and pappy evacuation at 10 A.M. (fourth day).

after small, excessively fetid discharges of flatus, a sudden urging, then a thin, pappy passage without any odor, and at the same time a very copious discharge of urine, before dinner.

he had eaten peaches before, which, however, never acted that way.

and after the passage, a better appetite than usual (eighth day).

he observed the tertian type the second, fourth (sixth), and eighth days.

the evacuation is more regular than usual (fifth week),.

Especially adapted to chronic diseases with syphilitic and mercurial history. Glabella region bloated. Acts especially upon lower tissues, and indicated in deep, destructive processes, bedsores, ulcerations, varicose veins, and ulcers. Patient is compelled to move about energetically. Complaints of old age, or the prematurely aged, with weak, distended blood vessels. Hobnailed liver of alcoholics. Goitre (Dr. Woakes) (Kali-fluoride produced bronchocele in dogs). Early decay of teeth. Old cases of nightly fevers, coming on periodically.

Always too hot; wants to bathe in cold water Pale, miserable, cachectic, flabby and broken down

Slow deeply destructive effects

Puffy, indurated or fistulous tissues Palmar abscess



Bed-sores Ulcers


Thin, foul, acrid or salty discharges; that cause itching

Necessity to be always in the move

Impulse to walk fast Melancholy


Stunning headache; better urinating

Brittle, tousy hair As of a cold wind in eye

Lachrymal stricture

Deafness, better bending head back

Puffy glabella Thin enamel

Teeth decay rapidly; worse at roots

Fissured tongue

Gnawing hunger; for pungent or cold things

Stale eructations

Itching or burning at anus

Upward drawing in urethra (down-Merc Viv Merc)

Profuse, acrid leucorrhoea

Sexual erethism

OEdema of scrotum

Distorted nails

Varicose veins; varicocele

Dry, harsh, itching or cracked skin; seeming to emit a hot vapor

Scars surrounded by pimples


Ebullitions of heat; with pains in bones

Acrid, eroding sweat; excites itching Oily, pungent sweat on genital

Sweat on hands and feet

Hydrofluoric acid. H F. Made by distilling pure fluorspar (Calcium fluoride) in a state of fine powder with Sulphuricum Acidum sulphuric acid. Solution.

Fluoric acid acts on the lower tissues of the body much like Silicea Silica, which it follows and precedes well. It is useful after the abuse of Silicea Silica. The modalities of the two are different.

Fluor. ac. having amel. from cold applications. It acts on the bones, especially the long bones, causing caries and necrosis, and favours the expulsion of the necrosed part. Fistulae, rectal, dental, and lachrymal come within its sphere. Old cicatrices become redder and itch. Small red spots here and there, agg. by warmth, amel. in cool place. Red blotches on body which tend to desquamate. Nails grow rapidly. Teeth are deficient in enamel.

black, rough, unsightly-looking. Increased sensitiveness of vision and hearing. According to Guernsey Fluor. ac. affects the right ear.

left teeth. left hypochondrium.

left side of abdomen. right side and nape of neck.

right side of back. T. F. Allen has recorded an experience (N. A. J. H., 1886, p. 288) showing the applicability of Fl. ac. in whitlow. A lady spilled some of the acid on her hand and though treated at once with Terebinthina turpentine a few spots escaped on one hand, and these soon gave her great pain, intensely pulsating. The pulsations involved the tip of the thumb especially, though this had not been touched by the acid. It was not red like the spots touched by the acid but was sore to touch, and when pressed there was a sensation as of a splinter under the nail and in the cellular tissue. This lasted some days. The whole hand was swollen and hot, amel. in cool, open air. In a workman whose hand was exposed to the fumes of the acid there was intense throbbing pains especially in the thumb.

suppuration occurred later and was very slow to heal. According to McLachlan, the left hand is affected rather than the right and the pus tends to point on the dorsum of the finger. amel. From cold washing distinguishes it from Silica Marina Silic. Fl. ac. is also distinguished from Silicea Sil. by the general amel. from walking in the open air. "A constant, irresistible desire to walk in the open air.

it does not fatigue," is characteristics of Fl. ac. Hunger predominates. There is agg. from wine like Zincum Metallicum Zinc.

but also agg. from red wine, which is peculiar to Fluor. ac. Abdominal symptoms amel. by tightening clothes (Nat Mur Nat. mur.).

opp. Lachesis Lach., Hep Sulph Calc Hep.). Peculiar symptoms are Increased ability to exercise his muscles without fatigue. Is less affected by excessive heat in summer or cold in winter. Sensation as of a cold wind blowing under lids, even in warm room.

as of air passing down from shoulder-joint to fingers. Numbness of limbs even when not lain on. Motion agg. Bending backward, and bending head back amel. Cold drinks agg. toothache.

washing with cold water amel. Warm drink agg. diarrhoea. Symptoms seem to go from below upward. Suited to complaints of old age, and premature old age.

weakly constitutions, sallow skin, emaciation.

Hydrofluoric Acid. Hering. HF.

* *

It takes a long time for this remedy, in the proving, to develop its symptoms. It is a very deep-acting medicine, and an antipsoric, antisyphilitic and anti-sycotic.

It is insidious in its action and its symptoms are slow in approach; it is like the deepest and slowest and most tedious diseases, the miasms, and hence it is suitable in the very slowest and lowest forms of disease.

While it has in its nature some febrile action, it is not for this purpose that it is oftenest called for its most typical febrile action is very slow and insidious. It corresponds to overheated states of the system, old cases of nightly fevers, coming on week after week and year after year.

It is an unusually hot-blooded remedy at times, and again it has conditions of coldness. In the evening and night great heat seems to evolve from the body without increase of temperature. The skin becomes very hot.

That patient is often worse from warm things, worse from covering, worse from warm air; suffocates somewhat like Pulsatilla Puls in a warm room. He wants to bathe the face and head in cold water; such bathing is grateful.

The feet burn and are put out of bed in the night; he hunts around in bed for a cool place for the feet and bands. The soles perspire, and the palms perspire, and the sweat is acrid, making the parts sore; excoriation from the sweat between the toes.

The perspiration is offensive; offensive, acrid sweat between the toes. Burning, unusual heat and acridity are words that modify a great many symptom s; an acrid lachrymation or other discharge from the eye; acrid discharge from the nose, acrid sweat, etc.

Sensation of burning and burning pains in parts.

heat evolved from the body as a chronic state. Aggravation from heat, from outward heat and from inward heat, belongs to this remedy. It is a strong feature, of this remedy to be worse from drinking tea and coffee. Warm, drinks bring on a diarrhea, or flatulence, or disturbance in the stomach, and cause indigestion to manifest itself in various way The symptoms are worse standing and sitting and better in the open air.

It is a remedy of great depth of action. It so disturbs the functions that there are peculiar outward signs in the nails, in the hair, in the skin; they are all imperfectly developed.

A crust forms, but there seems to be no healing beneath the crust. The hair loses its luster; it falls out, and if examined closely under the microscope it is seen to be necrosed; little ragged ulcers will be found along the course of the hair.

The ends of the hair are dry, the hair mats and splits and breaks, becomes ragged in masses and lustreless. The nails are crippled, likewise corrugations in the nails; the nails grow too fast and grow awkwardly; that is, they are deformed and crippled, too thick in some places, and too thin in others; break easily, brittle.

There is a tendency to breaking down of a slow character, where the circulation is very feeble and the skin is near bone or cartilage as in the cartilages in the ears, and in the cartilages of joints.

Ulcers develop over the tibia. There is feeble circulation in the hands and feet and they become cold. In the evening the extremities burn and are feverish, because that is the time of the feverish state; but in the morning and in the daytime there is coldness of the extremities.

The patient is pallid and sickly, and at times becomes waxy and dropsical; oedema of the extremities, and particularly of the lower extremities; oedema of certain parts; oedema of the prepuce.

When a debilitated subject, one suffering from bone and cartilaginous troubles, contracts gonorrhoea, with it he will have enormous swelling of the prepuce, and nothing seems to act upon it. Fluoric acid will cure oedema of the prepuce with gonorrhoea in such a subject. Cannabis sativa has the same symptom, but it is especially useful in robust cases.

Fluoric acid will prevent the manifestation of disease in sycotic subjects, will prevent formation of fig warts. It cures fig warts. It produces hardened, dry warts, and dry crusts upon the skin, and crusts not unlike rupia. It is useful in syphilitic rupia.

Bone affections stand out prominently. Necrosis, especially of the long bones, but also of the bones of the ear. It creates an offensive acrid discharge from the ear. It establishes an offensive oezena, an acrid discharge, with necrosis of the nasal bones.

It is very analogous to Silicea Sil, and it is one of the natural followers of Silicea Sil where Silicea Sil has been too frequently repeated by persons who do not know that Silicea Silicea does its best in a single dose and that it is a long acting and slow medicine.

It not only antidotes the abuse of Silicea Sil, but also follows Silicea Sil, After practicing a while you will be surprised to observe the Pendulum like -action between beat and cold in various complementary remedies.

To make that clear I will illustrate it by using the series in which this remedy is set and to which it naturally belongs. You take a patient who is hot-blooded, who is always suffering from the heat, from too much clothing and too warm a room especially in the evenings, a patient that is tearful and sad, and may be a blonde.

Why you say, I am trying to describe a Pulsatilla Pulsatilla patient. Well, yes.

anyone can see that. Pulsatilla Puls is a hot-blooded patient, but after using that remedy a while you notice that the patient goes to the other extreme and becomes chilly, and wants much clothing.

the heat is taken out of the case. Silicea Sil is the natural follower of Pulsatilla Puls, and you would be astonished to know bow often a patient leaving Pulsatilla Puls runs toward Silicea Sil.

Silicea Sil goes deeper into the case, it does more cutting, and it is the, natural chronic of Pulsatilla Puls Other remedies of course follow Pulsatilla Puls, but Silicea Sil more frequently than any other medicine. Now, that is the second step.

the patient has gone from a warm to a cool state.

the overheated state has been lost and he has gone into Silicea Sil, but when Silicea Sil has been administered for a while it cures the cold state, and removes the chilliness of the patient (remember, however, that Silicea Sil has at times something of Pulsatilla Puls in it; in some of its complaints it is worse from being overheated) and the patient under Silicea Sil goes back to the warm state again, becomes hot-blooded, wants the warm covers thrown off, wants to be lightly covered.

Then it is that this medicine comes in the series. Fluor. ac follows Silicea Sil as naturally as Silicea Sil follows Pulsatilla Puls They exist in threes.

Series There are other remedies that exist in threes, but the most common ones you will think of will be

Sulphur Sulph., Sarsaparilla Sars. and Sepia Sep.; and

Colocynthis Coloc. and Causticum Caust. and Staphysagria Staph., which often follow each other and rotate in this way.

Do not let these facts make you give a routine remedy unless the symptoms agree, but it does help to remember that remedies are somewhat similar. It is true that Pulsatilla Puls., Silicea Sil. and Fluor. ac are similar all along the line as to the nature of their symptoms.

There are cases that would be greatly injured by so deeply acting a remedy as Silicea Sil if given in the beginning, that is, the suffering would be unnecessary.

but if you commence with Pulsatilla Puls you can mitigate the case and prepare it to receive Silicea Sil, providing the two would appear to be on a plane of agreement.

A very serious case had better first receive Pulsatilla Puls, and the way being paved by that remedy follow it up with Silicea Sil

The patient is over-sensitive; is made worse if the bowels do not move regularly; is distressed if the menstrual flow is slightly delayed; suffers if the call to urinate cannot be immediately attended to, hence, as in the text, "headaches better by micturition."

That is a peculiar symptom, and it sometimes leads to the study of Fluor, ac Violent congestive headache with beat and fullness. Violent occipital headaches, worse from motion.

Now, if we take into consideration its great depth of action, we will see furthermore that it is suitable in some brain diseases. In persons who have overworked, who have been working day and night to establish a business, or to keep it up, and when there has been constant use of the brain it is suitable.

There is a state in which a man is never satisfied with one woman, but continually changes and goes from bad to worse until he is a debauchee. If a young man cannot keep away from women, he is not so bad off if he will only keep to one, but he goes from one to many, until he stands upon the street corners and, in his lust, craves the innocent women that go along the street.

Fluoric acid is suitable in that state, like Picricum Acidum Picric acid and Sepia Sepia, and these medicines are particularly suited to that condition of enfeeblement of the mind and that disorder of the human economy that makes man so low, that we have the state described as "low mindedness"

It takes that form in one who is a sort of debauchee, running after alt sorts of things to tickle his fancy, but it takes another form in a man who stays at home with his good wife. He takes an aversion to his children and to his dearest friends and his wife, that is, he has lost that true and noble and orderly affection and friendship and companionship which ought to exist, and he fights against it.

An orderly man considers his wife his best friend and he would rather stay with her than go anywhere else. To him there is no place like home. Now, when man arrives at the state when he wants to go somewhere else, that he wants to go away from home, that be is disturbed at home, that everything annoys him at home, that be no longer loves his children as he once did, he needs Fluoric acid.

"Feeling of indifference towards those he loves best."

The Sepia Sepia state is like this, but Sep is more frequently indicated in women. The woman will say,

"Doctor, there is one thing that I regret very much, and that is, I do not seem to enjoy my children, my home, my companions, my husband and my friends.

There is a sort of alienation."

Such is the way it is told where it is Sepia Sepia In the man it is more commonly Fluoric acid, in the woman more commonly Sep, but this need not necessarily be so. Sepia Sepia corresponds more closely to the condition of the uterus and ovaries, and such conditions, as the woman alone can have. (Compare Calc Carb Calcarea)

Men Fluoric acid has with this state an overwhelming sexual erethism.

A patient sits in the corner and says nothing and does nothing, eats when food is offered, is led to her room when the time comes, resists nobody, answers nothing; such a state is found in Pulsatilla Pulsatilla, and is closely allied to this remedy.

There, is some insanity in it, but especially the fatigue and mildness of a the brain. Mental exhaustion from overwork or from vices.

It is suitable after Silicea Sil in the spinal affections that are attended with paralysis, trembling and numbness in the soles of the feet. It will often stop the progress of structural nervous diseases and prevent the, case from getting worse.

Veins An excellent and very useful feature of this remedy is its ability to produce varicose veins and varicose ulcers.

The veins become varicosed anywhere, but particularly upon the lower limbs, especially following pregnancy.

Hemorrhoids protrude after a stool; the anus and rectum protrude, and there is some bleeding, because of the hemorrhoidal condition. Varicose conditions with very old ulcers upon the lower extremities; the varicose veins ulcerate.

You might predict what kind of ulcer and what kind of a margin Fluoric acid would produce. We see the feebleness of its circulation, we see its tendency to create hard crusts, and hardened, horny skin and eruptions.

We might now easily assume that the inflamed borders of an ulcer would become indurated, hard and glassy. The margins of ulcers are indurated and the ulcer is an old, indolent ulcer.

Parts once broken will not close up. Union will not take place between the broken ends of bones, there is no repair. From bones and from ulcers, we have the foetid, acrid, thin, watery discharges, or at times very scanty discharges, but acrid, burning the parts all around, raising eruptions and scurfs around the ulcers.

From the feebleness of the circulation one might suppose that numbness would naturally be present, and it is true.

The ears become numb, the scalp becomes numb, there is a sensation as if the back of the head were made of wood. The scalp loses its sensation, the hair falls out and crusts form. The extremities become numb and there is numbness of the feet and bands extending upwards.

numbness, with or without dropsy.

numbness in spinal affections.

numbness in brain diseases. Numbness of the limb not laid on.

"Crusta lactea; dry scales; itches very much, bald places.

Caries of the temporal bone; discharges offensive smelling pus periodically." "whole left side of the head retarded in growth, left eye seems smaller."

great pain in the nose.

nasal bones all destroyed, and the nose becomes flat as though only a soft piece of flesh with perforations.

The vulva is eaten off and the tonsils become honeycombed by syphilitic ulcers.

Lingering, low forms of ulcers and eruptions. The teeth decay or break off or ulcerate at the roots; fistulous openings from the root of the tooth, continuing to discharge.

Many a time has this remedy taken away that ulcer of the root, closed up that fistulous opening, cured the pain, saved the tooth.

"Craves cold water and is continually hungry."

Often that "all gone" sensation in the stomach. Is always eating and is relieved from eating, but like Iodium Iodine it does not last long, for soon be becomes hungry again. Such medicines are very deep. We see that they go, to the very root of assimilation and nutrition.

not generally so suitable in the earlier ulcers as in those that are associated with the tertiary forms, with debilitated states, with brain disease, with nervous symptoms that go on for years when the patient is supposed to be cured.

Very often the trouble will come back in the throat, and the ulcers consist of little gummatous growths. Silicea Sil especially covers such a condition, and Silicea Sil is also one of the most useful medicines for rooting out Merc Viv Mercurius

In potentized form Silicea sil and Merc Viv Merc are inimical, yet the high potencies of Silicea Sil will antidote crude Merc Viv Mercury.

Hydrofluoricum Acidum patient craves pungent, highly seasoned things. The appetite must be tickled; there must be some inducement to eat. At times the appetite is changeable in spite of the fact that he is overwhelmingly hungry; he cannot eat, yet he is better when the food is in the stomach, better after eating.

The most vicious kind of chronic diarrhea with this low feeble constitution, in insidious complaints.

"Morning diarrhoea."

The itching of the anus is sometimes intense; protrusion of the anus during defecation; profuse haemorrhage after stool; constipation with piles; itching around and in anus, in perineum, etc,

Hydrofluoricum Acidum is also suitable in the dropsy of drunkards. They are very often liver dropsies. Old cicatrices become red around the edge surrounded by itching vesicles, itching violently; squamous eruptions upon the body; dry, cutaneous eruptions upon the body, very scaly.

"Sensation as if a burning vapor were emitted from the pores of the body."

Especially under the covers there is this sensation of great heat, tremendous, like steam. It is not in fever. He has no fever but it is a chronic state of giving out heat without thirst, or increase of temperature.

Think of the remedy, then, in vicious bone diseases, in necrosis and caries, in fistulous openings, fistula leading to the teeth, fistula lachrymalis and fistula in ano.

in calcareous degenerations.

in deformity of the nails, hair and teeth.

in affections of the thigh bones and leg bones, with chronic fistulous openings leading to bone discharging pus which excoriates the parts all around.

Diseases of the bones, especially the long bones, better from cold. Silicea Silicea, better by warmt; p


Sixth to thirtieth potency.