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Ferrum Metallicum - Head symptoms - T.F. Allen

Iron, Ferrum, Ferr.

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HPUS indication of Ferrum Metallicum: Weakness

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Ferrum Met in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Confusion of the head (seventh day), ; (thirteenth day),

Confusion of the head, as after a sleepless night (second day),

Confusion and stupefaction of the head,

Slight, but transient confusion of the head,

Giddy, darkness before the eyes,

Whilst walking, giddy and as if drunk, as though she would fall over obstacles,

Giddiness of the head, with great stupor and restlessness, it being impossible to confine or apply the mind to study,

Head swimming, hands cold,

Beer rises to her head,

General Head.

Great congestion towards the head,

Rush of blood to the head; the veins on the head were swollen for two hours, with flushes of heat in the face,

Emptiness of head,

Head empty and stupid,

A sensation of dulness in the head, at 8 A.M., gradually subsiding towards night,

Dulness and heaviness in the head on waking in the morning, as after a wakeful night (fourth day),

Head felt dull and full, eyelids heavy,

The head is dull and stupid,

Very dull in the head in the morning,

Heaviness of head,

Feeling of heaviness of the head on waking in the morning (third morning),

Feeling of heaviness in the head, stupefaction of the frontal region, and pressure in both temples (second day),

Head constantly full and heavy, every pulsation is felt in the temples (fifth day),

Sensation of excessive fulness in the head in the afternoon (second day),

A momentary giddy shock in the brain (immediately),

On waking in the morning the head felt freer, especially the frontal region, while the pressure in the temples continued (third day); the sensation of fulness of the head increased after another dose of four drops,

The symptoms of the head, with the exception of the congestive fulness, relieved after a sleep,

Sensation in the head as of the beatings of the pulse, with slight sticking (ninth day),

(*Every two or three weeks, headache for two, three, or four days, hammering and beating, so that she must sometimes lie down in bed; then aversion to eating and drinking),


Giddy, with headache,

Pain in the head, lasting two hours, when it changed from an acute to a dull and oppressive pain, accompanied by stupor, less perceptible towards night,

Headache at times during the day,

Headache, with fever, in the afternoon,

Headache, dulness over the root of the nose, every evening,

Headache after menses,

Headache; head languid and stiff,

Slight headache all day,

Severe headache all day, greatest in the evening, worse on the right side of the forehead, going down to the right nostril,

Dull headache, with coryza,

Confused, thick, muddy headache,

Sick headache a few days after menses; head hot, feet cold,

Undulating headache for an hour (after half an hour),

Headache is aggravated when walking or stooping, relieved while sitting,

Writing causes the headache to reappear,

Awoke shortly before 3 A.M. with pressive pain on the vertex, aggravated by every change of position and preventing falling asleep, which I only did at 4 A.M. (fourth morning),

A throbbing pain in top of head whenever he moved suddenly or walked quickly upstairs,

Pain in right side of head, with itching in eyebrows and nose,

A left-sided headache all day,

A slight headache all day, occupying the whole left side of the head,

Violent shooting headache in left side, in the afternoon, for five hours,

The forepart of the head feels dull and heavy, but not real pain,

Pain extending over whole forehead, beginning in the temples,

Severe frontal headache all day, with cold feet,

Headache over the eyes,

Drawing pain in forehead, head hot, and feet cold,

Drawing headache,

Headache, as if the brain were torn (also in the morning during slumber before awaking),

Aching, tearing pain in head, on and off, for an hour,

Before catamenia, shooting headache and singing in the ears,

(*Pressive headache in the forehead, as if it would burst),

Awoke at 1.30 A.M. with pressive pain in the whole of the forehead, and rumbling and gurgling in the abdomen (first night),

Sharp, drawing, pressing pain in forehead,

A slight pulsating, tickling pain in forehead and head,

Sharp, sticking, pressing pains in both temples,

At 8 A.M. an oppressive and somewhat acute pain in the back part of the head and neck, gradually extending to the forehead,


Falling out of the hair, whereby the scalp is painful, with formication,

Pain externally in the head, as if blood were extravasated; the hairs are painful when touched,

Head and scalp sore,

Scalp sore, especially in front,

Scalp and hair feel sore; drawing pain in chest and around the heart,

Soreness in the hair, and pressing pain in the forehead,

Itching in scalp all day,

Slight itching in scalp and cold feet for ten days,

Outer head

Head itches very often during the day, compelling him to scratch,


The cool, open air caused a peculiar pressure on the top of the head, which went off gradually in the room,

Throbbing in top of the head, as if a vein were too full in the brain a few days after the menses,

Soreness on top of head, especially to right side,



Slight dull, heavy feeling in forehead all day,

Some pressing in the head, in the evening, after a walk in the open air,

The pressure in the head disappeared toward evening, while bathing in the river, but soon returned more violent than ever (sixth day),

Dull, pressive sensation, at first in both frontal eminences, but after half an hour over the whole forehead it became less after twenty minutes, and gradually ceased after four hours (after five hours),

Cutting-shooting in forehead,

Stitches in the whole forehead from without inwards,


Heaviness in the temples (twelfth day),

The unpleasant pressure in the temples was better on lying quietly; was not affected, however, by cold air, or by applying cold substances to the forehead,

A pressive sensation in one or the other temporal region, with a slight confusion of the head, immediately disappearing after motion (first day),

Awoke at 3 A.M. with severe stitches, as from a penknife, in both temples, gradually extending over the whole forehead, with chilliness, rendering her unable to go to sleep again,


Heaviness of the occiput, for half an hour, in the afternoon (from 20th dil.),

A drawing from the nape upwards into the head, in which there is then shooting, roaring, and humming,

Weight in back of head from ear to ear,

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