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Ferrum Metallicum - General symptoms - T.F. Allen

Iron, Ferrum, Ferr.

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HPUS indication of Ferrum Metallicum: Weakness

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Ferrum Met in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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The ill-humor appeared not only during the period of the greatest aggravation of the abdominal affection, but like that it was also worse soon after taking the drug.

it, however, continued after the abdominal trouble disappeared, and increased in the last days of the proving when the abdomen was almost free.

it even continued after stopping the drug, and gradually disappeared,.

One very decided symptom was a vertigo or dizziness in the head.

after sleeping in the afternoon, on suddenly rising, vertigo came on to such a degree that everything appeared black, as if a dark curtain was slowly let down before the eyes, and he had to lean against the door for support, or he would have fallen.

this vertigo was accompanied by nausea, prostration, and a lethargic dulness.

went to sleep again, and found great difficulty in arousing himself.

in the afternoon, two momentary attacks of vertigo.

a sensation of balancing to and fro, as when water,.

In a few days (after menses) had a sick headache, which formerly always proceeded or followed the menses, until within the last six months (after taking Veratrum Album Veratrum).

it was accompanied this time by throbbing in the top of the head, as of a vein too full in the brain, and a palpitating sensation in the stomach, extending through the oesophagus, as if a nerve was quivering, and gave, at times, a sensation of suffocating, as if something rose in the throat like a valve.

sensations seemed like those in hysteria,.

Pressure in both frontal eminences, after rising and dressing, in the morning, after a quarter of an hour, extending over the whole forehead to the vertex, and becoming more intense, and after twenty minutes changing to a pressive pain from within outward.

on going downstairs, the pain increased so much that I involuntarily pressed the palm of the hand on the painful spot, which momentarily relieved the pain, but it was only decidedly relieved in the open air.

about 2.45 P.M. it changed to a dull pressure, which lasted till 8 P.M. (second day),.

Dull, pressive sensation in the frontal eminences, which, after eight minutes, spread over the whole forehead, and, after half an hour, to the vertex.

relieved by pressure of the hands, and also in the open air, but again aggravated on descending steps.

the violent pain only disappeared after 4 P.M. when it changed to a dull, pressive pain in the frontal eminences as at first, lasting till 6 P.M. (third day),.

Slight prickling in the left frontal eminence, which, after a quarter of an hour, shifted to the right, and, after four hours, changed to a dull pressure.

this was not relieved in the open air, and was gradually increased in both these places.

about 1 P.M. the pressive sensation became less, and after 3 P.M. disappeared (from 20th dil.),.

Pain in head more acute, of a beating character, seated in the back part of the head an neck, gradually extending to the sides and forehead, the pain being almost insupportable, and greatly aggravated by moving or stooping.

these acute pains lasted about thee hours, when they gradually abated, but having periodical returns through the day, brought on by stooping,.

Tension and warmth in the epigastric region came on soon after the first dose, increased on the second day, diminished on the third, and disappeared on the fourth.

returned on the ninth and increased to a distressing sensation of pressure and heaviness, which seemed to start from the epigastric region and extend over the whole abdomen, becoming a griping.

especially severe in the morning and evening, and at times associated with an inclination to vomit.

this whole condition reached its greatest severity on the twelfth day, but afterwards gradually diminished in spit of increasing doses, till there was only a sensation of slight tension in the epigastric region,.

Awakened from an uninterrupted sleep of five hours by rumbling and griping in the abdomen, which is full and tense.

violent attack of colic for ten or fifteen minutes, always relieved by emission of flatulence.

very greatly relieved after a copious evacuation of the bowels, so that the colic was only distressing while sitting up (thirty-eighth day),.

A severe pain all over the bowels (at 2 1/2 A.M.).

had scarcely time to go to stool.

had a free and loose passage, with griping, cutting pain and severe straining.

straining lasted some time.

at same time felt sick at stomach, and a disagreeable taste in mouth, relieved by drinking cold water.

at 6 A.M., another loose, brownish-yellow stool, with colic pains before and straining during the passage,.

An extremely distressing pressive sensation in the abdomen, especially in the epigastric region, increasing to a pain on touch, usually disappearing within and hour after a dose, returning after every new dose, especially severe in the evening.

in spite of an undisturbed sleep the next night and increased appetite the next day, the pain increased until it was prevented by a walk immediately after taking the drug, or at least it was essentially diminished though each dose was increased.

but whenever to walk was omitted, either intentionally or accidentally, the distress returned in all its severity (seventh day),.