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Euphrasia Officinalis - General symptoms - T.F. Allen

Eye Bright, Euphrasia, Eyebright, Euphr.

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HPUS indication of Euphrasia Officinalis: Eye irritation

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Euphrasia Officinalis in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Headache in the left side, at 9 A.M., beginning with a ringing in the ears, and continually increasing.

with loss of appetite for dinner.

not relieved by an ineffectual attempt to sleep at noon.

on account of the burning heat of the head, cold applications of water were made, when it disappeared, and the ringing in the ears entirely ceased (sixth day),.

Sticking and burning in the external canthus, lasting several minutes, followed by increased watery secretion.

on looking into the glass the conjunctiva bulbi was not found injected, but the whole eyeball seemed swimming in water, and the conjunctiva of the lids was very red and much swollen.

the itching-burning in the left canthus and tension above both eyes (at noon with transient migraine) recurred several times during the day (ninth day),.

Distressing heaviness in the small of the back, on rising in the morning.

this developed into a pain as if sprained, so that an hour after rising I could hardly stoop forward, and not at all bend to the right side.

even stretching of the body to the right side was not easily possible on account of the increase of pain.

this pain in the small of the back gradually disappeared in the forenoon, extending into the left hip, where it caused a similar sensation of heaviness and straining.

after dinner there was much less of this pain, and in the evening it had entirely disappeared (third day),.



Indolent, hypochondriac; external objects were no incentive, had no life for him,

Weariness, in the morning (third day),

Unusual weariness (third day),

Irresistible weariness obliges her to lie down towards evening, with great heat of the hands and accelerated pulse (as she thinks).

the upper arms are as heavy as lead, and the wrists feel as though they had been forcibly squeezed.

in spite of great weariness and partial sleep she heard everything, and on closing the eyes large heads appear which make grimaces.

she wakes with chilliness over the whole body, especially the legs and knees.

afterwards pressure in the stomach, as if it were overloaded (third day),.

Spasmodic yawning. before she had completely yawned a second yawning commenced, without any sensation of weariness, with lachrymation of the eyes, bubbling in the ears and pulsation internally in the throat (it seemed as though one could hear the noise of it).

after which she saw indistinctly with the left eye.

the whole lasted about ten minutes (second day),.

For three mornings in succession he awoke every moment after 3 A.M., then fell into a stupid sleep about 6 A.M., without dreams.

on waking from this there was a pressure on the upper part of the chest, the head was dizzy and heavy.

he was nauseated and sweat broke out all over.

vertigo was increased by every slight motion, even to falling sideways.

all the limbs seemed weak and tremulous.

on rising the upper part of the body seemed much too heavy, as if the limbs were unable to carry it.

the attack gradually diminished till noon, with depressed mood,.