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Elaps Corallinus - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - T.F. Allen

Elaps, Coral-snake, Coral Snake, Elaps corrallinus, Elaps.

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HPUS indication of Elaps Corallinus: Coldness

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Elaps Corallinus in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Extremities, limbs


Cyanosis of the extremities, with reddish spots on them (fourth day),

The arm and hand are swollen, bluish, and covered with red spots, as also the right leg and foot (fourth day),

Lassitude in the limbs (first day),

Lassitude in all the limbs (sixth day),


Constrictive pain in the bend of the elbow and the popliteal space (third day),

Rheumatic drawing pain in the left arm and leg, in the afternoon (twenty-fourth day),

Upper extremities

Great pain throughout the upper extremities (fourth day),

Rheumatic pain in the left arm, afterwards in the left leg, which was also lame, lasting half an hour, at 6 P.M. (twenty-first day),

Painful drawing at the inner side of the arm, from the axilla to the wrist, especially felt at the bend of the elbow (sixth day),

Painful drawing at the inner part of the arm, from the axilla to the wrist, felt especially at the place where the prover had formerly been bled (fourth day),


Cramplike contractive pain in the left shoulder, extending to the hand, as though one had carried something heavy in the hand, at 6 P.M. (eighth day),

Bruised pain on the upper portion of the deltoid muscle, as if she had received a violent blow on the shoulder (ninth day),


Sticking in the upper arm, towards evening (eighth day),


Pains in the elbows (first to third day),

Cramplike constriction at the bend of the elbow, especially when moving it (third day),


The blood rushes to the right hand, which is blue and as if paralyzed (fourth day),

The blood becomes congested in the hand, which is blue and as if paralyzed; it has to be kept held up to prevent this effect (first to third day),

Unsteadiness, want of firmness in the hands (eighth day),

The right hand feels as if paralyzed (sixth day),

The right hand is benumbed; a prick through the thickness of the metacarpus (fourth day),

Burning in the hands while preparing the medicine (first to third day),

Drawings in the right hand, extending to the ring finger (first to third day),

Lancinations and pricking on the back of the hand (first to third day),


Redness and pain under the nails, the parts are quite raw (fourth day),

Black blood spurts from the finger at the slightest prick (first to third day),

Cramplike constriction in the phalanges of the fingers and under the nails (first to third day),

Smarting under the nails (fourth day),

Lower extremities


After continued congestion of blood to the upper extremities it seems to rush to the lower (first day),

The legs give way (first day),


Great pain all through the lower extremities (sixth day),

Rheumatic pain in the left limb (seventh day),


Stiffness and sprained feeling in the knee-joint (third day),

Pains in the knees (first to third day),

Sensation of dislocation and stiffness in the knee-joint (third to sixth day),

Lancinations in the inner side of the knee (fourth day),

Bruised pain in the knees, especially the left knee, which cannot bear a touch, and feels as if dislocated (first to third day),


Severe bruised pain on the inner side of the left leg, with sensation as if something were rising and falling in the tibia (second day),

Cramps in the calf (fourth day),

Cramps in the calves, worse in the afternoon (second day),


The left foot is blue and swollen, with red spots (sixth day),

The feet are drawn up (sixth day),

Pain in the right instep, as from overwalking (first day),

Lancinations in the soles of the feet, while sitting; they cease on walking (second day),


Acute lancinations from time to time in the left fourth toe, as if caused by a needle (fourth day),

Pricking under the toe nails (first day),

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