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Dulcamara - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - T.F. Allen

Bitter-sweet, Dulcam, Dulc.

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HPUS indication of Dulcamara: Colds

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Dulcamara in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Extremities, limbs


Trembling of all the limbs,

Violent trembling of the limbs,

Jerking of the limbs,

Slight jerking of the hands and feet,


Lassitude, heaviness, and weariness of all the limbs, compelling him to sit and lie,

He was suddenly seized with numbness in his limbs, and pains in the knees and elbows, in the evening; these symptoms increased so much in the course of three or four hours, that he could scarcely move his limbs,

Heaviness of the arms and thighs,

Pain in the limbs,

Sensation of pain in all her limbs (after third day),

Cramplike pain here and there in the limbs, especially in the fingers,

Sharp, shooting pains in left toes and thumb,

Very bruised sensation in all the limbs the whole day,

Upper extremities

Paralytic, bruised pain in the left arm, almost only during rest, less during motion, none when touched; yet the arm had the usual strength,

She could bend the arm neither backward nor forward, because it caused jerkings in it,


Drawing-tearing in the right shoulder, above the right hip-joint, and above and below the right knee-joint,

Pulsating pain in the left axilla, disappearing on motion,

Jerking pain in the right axilla,


Paralytic sensation in the right upper arm, disappearing on violent motion,

Pain in the upper arm in the evening in bed, and in the morning after rising,

Jerking in the upper arm on bending it and drawing it backward; on stretching it out, there was no jerking, but the fingers were stiff, so that she could not close them,


Corrosive gnawing on the outer side of the elbow at short intervals,


Loss of power of the left forearm, with lameness, especially of the elbow-joint,

Drawing pain in the right forearm (third day),

Dull drawing from the left elbow to the wrist, especially noticed on bending it,

Sensitive drawings in the left ulna, frequently repeated,

Slow, twisting boring, drawing downward from the elbow-joint to the wrist, disappearing on moving the arm, and immediately returning during rest,

Sudden, jerking, pinching-tearing in the middle of the left forearm (twelfth day),


A dull stitch on the right wrist, disappearing on motion,


Redness of the backs of the hands; burning pain if he becomes warm on walking, in the open air,

Trembling of the hands (in cold, moist weather),

Frequent stretching of the hands, as if they would take hold of something; hands hastily carried to the mouth, with motions like chewing or swallowing,

Violent cramps in the hands, so that he could not hold the least thing firmly,


Cramplike drawing in the ball of the left thumb, so that he could scarcely move the thumb,

Cramplike jerking in the first phalanx of the right middle finger,

Lower extremities

Inability to walk or stand,

Falling asleep and weakness of the legs,


Drawing-pinching in the right hip (after six hours),

Jerklike, isolated, severe stitches, as with a fork, just above the right hip, near the lumbar vertebrae,

Drawing-tearing in the left hip,

Pain, as from a blow above the left hip, close to the lumbar vertebrae (after half an hour),


Pain in the thigh,

Drawing here and there in the muscles of the thigh, with sensitiveness to touch,

Drawing pain on the anterior portion of the right thigh,

Paralytic drawing on the anterior portion of the right thigh,

Some small stitches on the right nates,

Drawing-tearing from the middle of the posterior portion of the thigh to the knee-joint,

Drawing-tearing pain, or constant pain, at one time sticking, at another pinching, in both thighs, disappearing on walking, then changing to weariness, and immediately returning while sitting,

Sticking as with needles, on the posterior portion of the left thigh, close to the knee,

Sticking-tearing in the whole of the thigh, not relieved by pressure,


Knees weary, as after a long walk,

Rhythmical, undulating pressure on the inner side of the knee,

Tearing in the knee-joints while sitting,

Sticking-tearing from the knee-joint up to the thigh while walking in the open air,


Puffiness and swelling of the leg and calf (not of the foot), with tensive pain and sensation of great weariness, towards evening,

Feeling of numbness in the calves in the afternoon and evening,

Pain, as from weariness in the tibiae, as after a long walk,

Violent cramps in the calves, so that the legs were drawn up against the thighs,

Painful cramp in the left calf while walking,

Cramplike, almost cutting drawing down through the left leg,

Sudden needle-like stitches in the left calf, followed by a sensation as if warm water or blood were flowing over that place,

Tearing, extending up the right tibia, in the morning,

Tearing on the posterior portion of the left calf, disappearing on moving the foot,

Pain, as from ripping, extending down the left calf, posteriorly,


Severe cramp in the inner right malleolus, waking him at night; he is obliged to walk about, when it disappears,

Tearing from the external malleolus towards the forepart of the foot,

Drawing-tearing near the right inner malleolus,


Burning of the feet,

Cutting pain in the sole of the right foot, not disappearing on steeping upon it,


Intermitting sticking-burning in the toes,

Pulsating tearing in the first and second left toes,

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