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Dulcamara - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - Hahnemann

Bitter-sweet, Dulcam, Dulc.

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HPUS indication of Dulcamara: Colds

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Dulcamara in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Extremities, limbs

She could not bring her arms forward or backward, as these movements brought on jerks in the arms.

Twitching in the upper arm, when she bent it and moved it backward; in stretching it, it did not twitch, but the fingers became stiff, so that she could not close them.

The left arm pains as if paralyzed and contused, almost only when at rest, it pains less when in motion, and not at all when touched; but the arm has its proper strength.

Paralytic sensation in the right upper arm; it goes off on violent motion.

Pain in the upper arm, in the evening in bed, and in the morning after rising.

Burning itching, externally on the right upper arm, exciting him to scratch it; the place was red and there was a burning pimple on it.

Eroding gnawing on the outer side of the elbow, with brief intermissions.

Red pimples in the bend of the elbow, visible in the morning and evening in the warmth of the room, with fine smarting itching, and burning after scratching; for twelve days.

In the right fore-arm, a drawing pain (at. 3 d.).

Obtuse drawing from the left elbow to the wrist, especially observable when bending it.

Painful drawing in the shaft of the left ulna, frequently recurring.

Suddenly jerking pinching tearing in the middle of the left fore-arm (aft. 12 d.).

A twisting boring, slowly drawing down from the elbow-joint toward the wrist; it goes off by moving the arm, but recurs at once when at rest.

Lack of strength in the left fore-arm, with paralytic sensation, chiefly in the elbow-joint.

Disagreeable itching on the middle of the right fore-arm, soon recurring after scratching it, to which it compelled.

On the right wrist, a dull stitch, which goes off on motion.

Trembling of the hands (in damp cold weather.).

Tetter-like eruption, especially on the hands.

Much sweat on the palms.

Warts cover the hands.

Redness on the back of the hand, with burning pain, when he gets warm on taking a walk.

Cramp-like drawing in the ball of the left thumb, so that the dare not move his thumb.

Cramp-like twitching in the first phalanx of the right middle finger.

On the right buttock, single small stitches.

Drawing tearing in the left hip.

Drawing pinching in the right hip (aft. 6 h.).

Falling asleep and weakness of the lower limbs.

Twitching of the lower limbs.

Pain in the thighs.

Shooting tearing in the whole thigh, not going off by pressure.

Pricking as with needles, on the posterior side of the left thigh, close to the knee.

Drawing tearing pain or constant pain, now shooting, now pinching, in both thighs, which vanished in walking, then changed into weariness and at once returned on sitting down.

Drawing in the muscle of the thighs, here and there, with sensitiveness to the touch.

Drawing pain on the anterior side of the right thigh.

Drawing tearing from the middle of the posterior side of the thigh to the knee-joint.

Drawing paralytic sensation on the front side of the right thigh.

Shooting tearing, extending from the knee-joint up on the thighs, when taking a walk.

Burning itching on the thighs; he has to scratch.

Knees feel tired out, as after a long foot-tour.

Tearing in the knee-joint, when sitting.

On the inner side of the knee, a rhythmical, undulatory pressure.

On the outer side of the right leg, itching, ending with itching lancination.

Itching on the outer side of the left leg, recurring after scratching.

Cramp-like, almost cutting drawing, extending down through the left leg.

Distention and swelling of the leg and the calf (but not of the foot) with tensive pain and sensation of great weariness toward evening.

Tearing, extending up the right tibia, in the morning.

Pain as of weariness in the tibia, as after a brisk walk.

A ripping pain draws down the left calf on the poster side.

Tearing pain on the back of the left calf; it went off on moving the foot.

Sudden pricking as of needles in the left calf, and then sensation as if warm blood or water flowed down from that place.

Sensation of numbness in the calf, in the afternoon and evening.

Painful cramp in the left calf, when walking.

Burning in the feet.

Severe cramp on the inner ankle of the right foot wakes him up at night, he had to walk about, and it then went off.

Drawing tearing, beside the inner ankle of the right foot.

Tearing from the outer ankle toward the front of the foot.

Cutting pain in the sole of the right foot, not going off by treading.

Pulsating tearing in the left big toe and second toe.

Intermitting, shooting burning on the toes.

Slight twitchings on hands and feet.

Convulsions, first in the muscles of the face, then in the whole body.

Cramp-pain here and there in the limbs, especially in the fingers.

Pain in the limbs.

Pains, as if from a cold, in various parts of the body.

Dull stitches here and there in the limbs and other parts of the body, mostly outward.

Violent trembling of the limbs.

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