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Dioscorea Villosa - Modalities Etc

Wild Yam, Dioscor, Dioscorea, Dios.

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HPUS indication of Dioscorea Villosa: Colic
Common symptoms: Colic, Diarrhea, Dry mouth, Flatulence.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Dioscorea Villosa in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Morning), Early, rheumatic symptoms; early, diarrhoea.

(Afternoon), Dull, etc.

(Evening), Smarting of eyes, on lying down, all symptoms.

(Night), Rheumatic symptoms.

(After midnight), Restlessness.

(Ascending stairs), Pain in knees.

(Getting cool), Itching over hips.

(Doubling up), Pain about navel.

(While eating), Dizzy.

(Inhalation), Pain in region of liver.

(Lying down), Colic; numb feeling; all symptoms.

(Lying on right side), In bed, pain in left hypochondrium.

(Motion), Fatigue; pain in left hypochondrium; during first hour, the pains.

(Pressure), Pains along side of forehead.

(Sitting down), After riding or walking, feeling in stomach; colic.

(Sitting still), All pains.

(Sitting up in bed), Faint feeling.

(During stool), Feeling in head.

(Stooping), Pains in temples; pains at epigastrium; lameness of lumbar, etc.; regions; pain in lumbar region; pain in lumbo-sacral region.

(Walking), Pain in temples; soreness of bowels; pain in bowels; lameness of hip; weakness of knee; pain at head of fibula; pains in umbilical region; pain in lumbar region.


WORSE, evening and night; Lying down, and Doubling up.

Doubling up


Tea; eating


(Open air), Especially when moving, all symptoms.

(Contact), Soreness, etc., of tibia.

(Eating), Pain in epigastrium; weakness in small of back.

(Elevating feet), Pain in legs.

(Exercise), Rheumatic symptoms.

(Exhalation), Pain in region of liver.

(Deep inspiration), Distress across chest; pain through lung.

(Lying down), Colic.

(Lying upon back and pulling hair in front of ears), Faint, numb feeling.

(Motion), All pains; pain over eye; pain at epigastrium; pain in left hypochondrium; pain about navel; pain below navel; lameness of back; pain in lumbar region; lameness of shoulder; pain below axilla; pain in knee; pain in little toe; weakness in legs; after first hour, the pains; all pains.

(Pressure), Pain in temples; pain in occipital protuberance; pain in eye; sensation at epigastrium; pain about navel; pain in lung; soreness, etc., of tibia.

(Rest), Lameness of hip.

(Riding or walking), All symptoms, except those of abdomen.

(Rubbing), Pain occipital region; pain in bowels, etc.; sensation through thighs, etc.

(Sitting erect), Pain in epigastrium.

(Standing erect), Pain at epigastrium; sensation at epigastrium; pain in umbilicus, etc.

(After supper), Bowels feel hot, etc.

(Urination), Pain in hypogastrium region.

(Walking), Colic; weakness in small of back; restlessness.


BETTER, standing erect, motion in open air; pressure.

Stretching out or bending back

Motion; in open air (Magnesia Carbonica Mag-c)

Hard pressure


Appetite very much increased,

Eructation and Hiccough.

Eructations of wind, at 7 P.M. (thirty-seventh day),

Eructations tasting of rotten eggs (second day),

Raising of bitter wind (fourteenth day), (part of S. 495),

Raising sour bitter wind (fourteenth day), (part of S. 511),

Raising sour, bitter wind, with shuddering (one hour after fourth dose, fourteenth day),

Raising, belching, and gulping enormous quantities of tasteless wind (sixty-first day), (part of S. 537),

Belching of wind (first and twenty-fifth days), ; (after one hour and a half first day),

Belching of wind, with shuddering and bitter taste in mouth immediately (thirty-fourth day),

Belching of wind, and bitter mouth, the bitter seems to be worse on the sides of the tongue, and back part of it during evening (twenty-first day),

Belching of large quantities of wind (thirty-second day), (part of S. 494),

Belching of large quantities of wind, with a feeling as if both temples were in a vice (six hours after third dose, fifteenth day),

Belching of large quantities of tasteless wind, relieving the distress at the stomach for a minute (six hours and three-quarters after second dose, tenth day),

Belching of bitter-tasting wind (twelve hours after first dose, eleventh day),

Belching of wind, slightly bitter, causing or accompanied by shuddering (six hours and a half after first dose, thirteenth day),

Belching of sour wind (one hour and a half after second dose, fifteenth day),

Belching of bitter sour wind, during the evening (after dose, twelfth day),

Continued belching of wind, tasting bitter and sour, with pain in epigastrium and left hypochondrium, in the evening (after fourth dose, fourteenth day),

Belching of sour water (fifteen minutes after first dose, fifteenth day),

Belching of acrid wind (fourteenth day), (part of S. 591),

Belching of quite acrid wind, at 5 P.M. (thirty-second day),

Acid stomach (one hour and a half after second dose, fifteenth day),

Acid stomach, with burning (thirty-fourth day),

Stomach slightly sour, with burning, in the evening (eighty-sixth day),

Sourness of stomach (seventy-eighth day); (fifteen minutes after first dose, fifteenth day), etc.,

Sourness and burning in the stomach, in the evening (fifty-first day), (first dose, sixty-second day),

Sourness and burning in the stomach, all the evening, at times extending to the throat and roof of the mouth, in the evening (thirty-third day),

Hiccough (sixty-first day, (part of S. 537),

Felt sick at the stomach, for half an hour (after 50 drops, 15th dil., thirty-eighth day),

Feeling of weakness in the epigastrium, with desire to sit down; sinking in the abdomen; abdomen feels stirred up; at 6 P.M.; all relieved after supper (after four hours),

Position etc

Pains, except headache, are usually relieved by motion. Stooping, bending 19, 31. Motion 29, 33. Lying down 19. Sitting up 33. Stretching 19. Walking 19.

Morning 11, 17, 20.