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Digitalis Purpurea - Genitals Etc symptoms - T.F. Allen

Foxglove, Digitalis, Digital, Digit, Digitalinum, Dig.

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HPUS indication of Digitalis Purpurea: Anxiety
Digitalis Purpurea
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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Digitalis Purpurea in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



In every case a falling off in the quantity of urea, and chlorides, and salts, which resist calcination, but invariably an increase of the phosphoric and sulphuric acids,

It brings on a diminution of the main constituent parts of the urine, such as urea, chlorate of soda, phosphates, and sulphates; uric acid alone is increased in quantity, but the degree of acidity of the urine remains the same; the specific weight of the urine is decreased,

Like the pulse and the amount of urine, the urinary constituents varied considerably when small doses were taken; but when the dose was large, the pulse fell, the urine increased, its specific gravity was diminished, the urea was increased, and the Po5 and Cl were diminished,

Urine very red and burning (fourth day),

Urine dark, without urging to urinate; it becomes very red, and deposits a sediment (after fourteen hours),

He observed while taking the medicine that the urine was of a brownish color, and a heavy, disagreeable smell,

Acid urine,

Urine thick, with dense white sediment (fifth day),

Urine, 1430 c. c, acid; sp. gr. (evening), 1030 (second day). 950 c.c.; sp. gr., 1022, neutral in the morning and afternoon (third day),

Urine 1460 c.c.; sp. gr., 1018.5 (first day). 1360 c.c.; sp. gr., 1024 (second day). Neutral in the evening, not after dinner, both days,


Urine increased (apparently in consequence of the much cooler temperature), (twentieth day),

Amount of urine increased, although less than usual had been drunk the previous evening; I was awakened between 4 and 5 A.M. by desire to urinate, with passage of a large quantity, followed by violent erections (twenty-eighth day),

Abundant and limpid urine (third night),

Urine abundant, and causing heat in passing (fifth day),

Urination rather more copious,

Very copious urination, without pain in renal region (after eleven hours),

The amount of urine evacuated was large, although very little has been drunk the previous evening; urine clear, but of an unusually strong odor, somewhat like freshly baked bread, in the morning (twenty-first day),

Digitaline produces in the physiological organism a diminution of the quantity of liquid secreted by the kidneys,

Urine diminished (eighth day),

The urine seems to be diminished in quantity; that passed in the evening is unusually dark but clear (third day),

No marked increase in total quantity of urine, and in one case a diminution,

Urine was remarkably diminished on the eleventh day,

Urine small in quantity (although a glass of beer had been drunk in the evening), almost as brown as beer, though not turbid (fifth day),

Urine scanty and red (after twelve hours),

Urine scanty, reddish-brown, with much brickdust sediment,

Urine has been passed only three times to-day, and in a very small quantity (ninth day),

No action of the bladder (second day),

Urine entirely suppressed (after fourteen hours),

In very large doses it occasionally causes not only diminution, but total suppression of urine,

No urine in the bladder (after seventy-two hours),

Kidneys and Bladder.

Function of kidneys completely suspended,

Contractive pain in the bladder while urinating, with difficult discharge of urine,

Dragging sensation in the bladder, as though it were distended; not relieved by frequent micturition (second day),


Pressing burning in the middle of the urethra, as if it were too narrow, while urinating; it, however, disappears even while urinating,

Urging to urinate,

Urging to urinate, even to inflammation of the neck of the bladder,

Urging to urinate, with much urine of a healthy color (after eight, nine and ten hours),

Urging to urinate, with copious micturition, lasting from 10 A.M. (two hours after second dose), till 3 P.M. of the next day,

Frequent urging to urinate, ,

Frequent urging to urinate, with only a dribbling discharge of reddish urine, with burning in the urethra and glans penis,

Constant urging to urinate at night, and, on rising, in consequence, dizziness and vertigo,

Incessant urging to urinate, and passage of only a few drops at time; urine dark brown, hot, burning, while passing (ninth day),

Incessant desire to urinate, without passing much at a time, though the aggregate amount was large (first and second days),

The fits are often preceded by frequent ineffectual desire to urinate,

Awakened about 3 o'clock at night by the necessity to pass urine, which, however, was passed in only a very small quantity (first night),

Violent, fruitless efforts to urinate,

Urine increased,

Quantity of urine increased (eight and ninth days),

Quantity of urine increased (fifth day),

Increased secretion of urine (first and second days),

Increased secretion of watery urinate, which did not collect in large quantities in the bladder, but provoked constant micturition,

Increased discharge of urine, with increased desire to urinate and inability to retain it,

Increased discharge of urine; pale, light-colored urine, not scanty, was passed every hour from 3 to 6 P.M. (after six hours),

Excessively increased discharge of urine day and night, for forty-eight hours, with great exhaustion (after two hours),

Profuse discharge of urine,

After profuse discharge of urine there follows retention and nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea,

Urine was more abundant and deeper in color (sixteenth day),

Urine much more abundant (fourteenth and fifteenth days),

Quantity of urine excreted much greater than the quantity of fluid drank (first day), very abundant (second day),

Urine was secreted in such large quantities, that she passed more in two hours than usually in twenty-four; therewith the thirst was not increased (two hours after dose, fourth day),

Urine copious

voiced at least every two hours during the afternoon (third day),

passed six times between 3 and 10 P.M. (usually but twice in the same period); urine showed no especial change, but after several hours deposited a thin brownish sediment (fourth day),

Urine copious, and depositing a mucous sediment (nineteenth and twentieth days),

Urine more copious than usual during the afternoon (second day),

Urine profuse; evacuated every hour during the afternoon (first day),

Urine more profuse than usual, lasting till noon of the third day (second day),

Urine more profuse than usual; after 10 A.M., constant urging renewed immediately after micturition; this urging, however, caused no real pain, and the urine, which was darker colored than usual, caused no burning during micturition (fifth day),

After seven hours (after 3 P.M.), it seemed as though the kidneys became very active, and secreted urine rapidly, followed by urging to urinate, and copious discharge of normal urine (third day),

Frequent urinating, and more urine, also at night,

Frequent passage of watery urine,

She is obliged to rise every night to urinate,

Inability to retain the urine,

Involuntary micturition,

Involuntary discharge of urine and faeces (after seven days),

Quantity of urine lessened; it was clear and of a pale color (twenty-second day),

Urine less abundant, and of a red color (third day),

Scanty, dark urine,

Very painful discharge of scanty, red urine for six days,

Urine seemed to be scanty in the morning, remarkable, as, quite late on the evening previous, tea had been taken, which could not have been evacuated the same evening, as usual when it was taken at 7.30; sp. gr. 1031 (third day),

Urine seemed to be rather more scanty than during sixth provings,

Micturition seldom, only twice during the day, and scanty, though without difficulty; but after forty-eight hours frequent, with cutting drawing in the bladder,

Retention of urine; bladder distended, and could be felt above the pubis (second day),

Secretion of urine suspended,

Urine almost suppressed,

Suppression of the urine (for nearly three days,)

Urine suppressed for fifty hours,

Passage of dark urine, amounting from noon till 10 P.M. to 1 1/2 lbs.,

Quantity of urine, 1873.6 centimetres; sp. gr., 1014.32; total solids, 63.74 grams.; inorganic solids, 30.15 grams.; organic solids, 33.49 grams (second day),

Quantity of urine 1624.9 c.c.; sp. gr., 1020.04; total amount of solid matter, 67.29 grams., of which 33.19 were inorganic, and 34.10 organic (third day),

Micturition difficult, as though there were almost no urine in the bladder, and yet there was great urgency to urinate; after micturition, pressure in the bladder and burning in the urethra for half an hour (third day),

Decided action on the kidneys, shown in increased secretion (after one hour),


Continued erections in the morning on rising, which were remarkably unpleasant, and almost painful on account of the urinary troubles (third day),

Frequent sensation at night as though an emission would occur without one; in the morning a glutinous moisture at the orifice of the urethra,

Very profuse emission at night about 1 o'clock, and on waking a smarting pain in the urethra (third night),


Itching irritation in the glans penis; (part of S. 460),

Pain, as from a bruise in the right testicle,

Emissions, followed by pain in the penis,



It exercises an energetic influence upon the sexual organs by depressing them, and it may momentarily arrest entirely the activity of the sexual system,

An emission at night, without waking (fourth day),

Irritability of the genital organs after different doses,

Constant irritability of the genital organs, almost painful erections, especially disturbing sleep (fourth day),

Very noticeable and persistent erections in the morning, not only in bed, but also after rising (fourth and subsequent days),

Awakened at night by almost chordee-like erections, and at same time, urging to urinate, with, however, very scanty urine, much out of proportion to the urging (third night),

When Digitalis (or Digitaline) is administered for some time to a man in full possession of sexual powers, these become gradually reduced, the propensities disappear, formation of liquor seminis diminishes, and may at last cease altogether,

Genitals become so weak and flaccid, that they are hardly felt to exist; heat, tension, congestion, and erection of the parts, pleasurable feelings, and sexual desire, are no longer experienced,

Great irritation of the genitals, ; (part of S. 59),

Very excited lascivious fancies, with voluptuous images day and night, and frequent erections,

Excited sexual desire, with frequent erections during the day,

Emission, without dreams and without waking, during the night (an extraordinary symptoms, which I had not experienced for more than a year), (second night),

Emissions almost every fourth night, always with voluptuous dreams,

Three emissions within four nights, followed by great exhaustion on the following day, but with violent erections every morning on and after rising (after ten days),

Copious emission at night (first night),


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