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Cyclamen Europaeum - General symptoms - T.F. Allen

Sow-bread, Cyclamen, Cycl.

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HPUS indication of Cyclamen Europaeum: Fatigue

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Cyclamen Europaeum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



The mind is in a constant state of stupefaction.

he at times seems to be slumbering.

is unable to either rejoice or to be sad, although he constantly feels as though he had just suffered from an overwhelming affliction.

only when he becomes excited is his mind somewhat clearer, and then he acts like one who has just awakened from slumber, and only half understands what is going on about him (second day),.

Remarkable contraction of the pupils, followed by dilatation.

the prover seemed to be able to see the fibres of the Irisas through a magnifying glass.

contraction and dilatation alternated every second and seemed to be dependent on the respiration, occurring in the moment after inspiration or expiration.

this condition continued half an hour, but in a less degree (from application of the 1st dil.), (sixth day),.

Flickering before the eyes, commencing in the morning with a headache, continuing uninterruptedly in the right eye for six days, and disappearing entirely on the seventh day.

in the left it was less severe, but lasted three weeks.

the power of vision also diminished daily.

objects at first seemed quite obscured, but afterwards, on the seventh day (after the last dose), the contour of even large objects was very indistinct, and he was unable to read either day or night.

the light appeared like a luminous ball.

these symptoms disappeared from the right eye after eight days and the former visual power returned, but the symptoms continued nearly a month in the left.

he also noticed that, with the eyes open as well as closed, he seemed to see at a distance of about two feet a dark disk as large as a two-groschen piece, which seemed frequently to be pierced by brilliant lightnings.

this disappeared after lasting eight days.

after this it seemed as though he constantly saw with the left eye through a dark blue glass,.

Constant distension of the stomach and abdomen, although wind was raised from the stomach.

especially distension like a ball in the intestines on the right side beneath the liver.

this distension could be distinctly felt, together with a sensation of creeping and crawling, as from something living in the abdomen, which she tried to alleviate by rubbing or pressing with the hand, then the crawling changed into the breast and she had a feeling as though air streamed out of the nipples (eighth day),.