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Cornus Florida - General symptoms

Cornus, Corn-f.

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HPUS indication of Cornus Florida: Exhaustion

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Cornus Florida in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



C. Florida, L.

Natural order, Cornaceae.

Common name, Dogwood.

Authority. Inaug. Dissert., by John M. Walker, Philad., 1803, experiments on pulse.

30 grains pulv. cort. rad. Cor. flor. Pulse 62, soft, natural at time of taking.

62, slight change (after five minutes).

63, full, heat at stomach (after ten and fifteen minutes).

65, quick and full (after twenty minutes).

66, full and strong (after twenty-five minutes).

68, full and strong (after thirty minutes).

69, tense (after thirty-five minutes).

70, flushed face (after forty minutes).

70, tense, heat increased (after forty-five to sixty minutes).

68, full, regular (after seventy-five and eighty-five minutes).

65, reduced in fulness (after ninety-five minutes).

63 (after one hundred and five minutes).

12 grains of the resin of Cor. flor. Pulse 62, soft, natural at time of taking.

62, slight disgust (after five minutes).

61, nausea (after ten minutes).

61, in a slight degree quick and fuller (after twenty minutes).

63 (after twenty-five minutes).

63 (after thirty minutes).

66 (after thirty-five minutes).

68 (after forty minutes).

70 (after forty-five minutes).

72 (after fifty minutes).

73 (after fifty-five minutes).

71, slight headache (after sixty minutes).

69 (after sixty-five minutes).

67 (after seventy minutes).

68, irregular (after seventy-five minutes).

65 (after eighty minutes).

63 (after eighty-five minutes).

60, small (after ninety-five minutes).

12 grains extract of Cor. flor. Pulse 68, natural and soft, on taking the drug.

68, full (after five minutes).

69, and full (after ten minutes).

70 (after fifteen and twenty minutes).

72, agreeable heat (after twenty-five minutes).

73, tense and regular (after thirty and thirty-five minutes).

74, and regular (after forty minutes).

76 (after forty-five minutes).

77, fuller and tense (after fifty to sixty-five minutes).

flushed face (after fifty-five and sixty minutes).

76, hard and tense (after seventy-five minutes).

12 grains of gum of Cor. flor. Pulse 62, natural on taking the drug.

62, slight change in fulness (after five minutes).

63 (after ten minutes).

65, full (after fifteen minutes).

66, full (after twenty minutes).

67, full (after twenty-five minutes).

70, fuller and regular (after thirty, thirty-five, and forty minutes).

71, moderately tense (after forty-five minutes).

70, moderately tense (after fifty and fifty-five minutes).

69, moderately tense (after sixty and sixty-five minutes).

68, soft, but full (after seventy minutes).

64 (after seventy-five minutes).

2 ounces decoction of Cor. flor. [right] Pulse 66, natural, on taking.

67 (after five minutes).

68 (after ten and fifteen minutes).

70 (after twenty minutes).

72 (after twenty-five and thirty minutes).

77 (after forty minutes).

80 (after fifty minutes).

increase in strength and fulness (after five to fifty minutes).

80, bounding (after sixty minutes).

78, slight pain in the head and flushing of the face (after seventy minutes).

77 (after seventy-five minutes).

74 (after eighty minutes).

73 (after ninety minutes).

67, quick and soft (after one hundred minutes).

2 ounces of infusion of Cor. flor. [right] Pulse 72, natural, on taking.

73 (after five minutes).

74 (after ten and fifteen minutes).

75, fuller (after twenty minutes).

76, fuller (after twenty-five minutes).

78, full and tense (after thirty minutes).

79 (after forty minutes).

81, full and tense (after fifty minutes).

84, full and tense (after sixty minutes).

84, strong (after seventy minutes).

83, strong (after seventy-five minutes).

81, strong (after eighty minutes).

79, flushing of face (after eighty-five minutes).

78 (after ninety minutes).

75 (after one hundred minutes).

Weak and depressed

Liver symptoms, with aching eyeballs Dark, foul stools, with burning at anus


Sallow skin

Sleepy before the chills, with the heat and after meals

Old malarias

Dogwood. N. O. Cornaceae. Tincture of fresh bark.

Hale commends Corn. f. in obstinate intermittents where quinine has been abused and where the following group of symptoms is present For days before chill sleepiness.

sluggish flow of ideas.

dull, heavy headache. Paroxysms attended with nausea.

vomiting and sometimes watery or bilious diarrhoea. In the chill, cold, clammy skin.

in the fever, violent headache, with throbbing, stupor, confusion of intellect and vomiting. He also commends it in old cases of dyspepsia where the chief symptom is acid pyrosis. Corn. f., which has had a separate proving, has some very remarkable neuralgic pains in arms, chest, and trunk, and a sensation as if broken in two. It has been used successfully in a case of pneumonia on the indication of the stitches in the chest.


Dyspepsia. Intermittent fever. Pneumonia.





Digestive tract

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