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Conium Maculatum - Modalities Etc

Poison Hemlock, Conium, Coninum, Conium Mac, Con.

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HPUS indication of Conium Maculatum: Lightheadedness
Conium Maculatum
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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Conium Mac in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(On ascending steps), Cramp in calves.

(On drawing off boots), Vertigo, etc.

(Forenoon), Sticking headache, etc.; pressure in eyes.

(Noon), Pain in forehead.

(In open air), Tearing along lower leg.

(On going into open air), Pressure in the head; sparks before eyes.

(While walking in open air), Depression, etc.; dimness of vision; spots before eyes; stitches in chest; drawing in nape of neck; pain in elbow; pain in muscles of thigh; stitches in hamstring; tearing in tibia.

(After walking in open air), On going in headache, etc.

(In bed), Sensation, etc., in surface of lower leg.

(After breakfast), Eructations; weariness, etc., of abdominal muscles.

(On deep breathing), Tension in side of abdomen; cough; stitches above heart.

(Eating cold things), Drawing in hollow teeth.

(Exposure to could wet), Pains, etc.; in joints, etc.

(On cutting with shears), Fingers become stiff, etc.

(On descending stairs), Vertigo.

(After dinner), Roaring in ears; nausea, etc.; while sitting, colic.

(While drinking), Sticking in ear.

(After drinking), Dullness in head; soon, drawing through chin towards ear; sensation in abdomen; palpitation.

(While eating), Pain in temples; roaring in ear; bad taste in mouth.

(After eating), Headache in temporal region; sour water in mouth; mouth acid; sour eructations; rising of acidity; nausea, etc.; inclination to vomit; cutting in stomach; soon, pain in abdomen; immediately, accumulation of flatulence; oppression, etc., on sternum; weakness, etc.

(On eating and drinking), Sweat.

(On becoming erect), Vertigo; cracking of knee.

(After erections), Pain in testicles; griping, etc.; in testicles.

(Exerting head while sitting), Roaring in ears.

(Inspiration), Pressure in pit of stomach; stitches in chest; pressure on sides of chest; pain in right chest.

(After sleeping in heat of sun), Immediately, blindness.

(While laughing), Pain in abdomen.

(While lying), On waking from sleep, tearing in joint of great toe.

(Lying down), Vertigo, cough.

(Lying in bed), Roaring in ears.

(Lying on front of chest), Pressure on sides of chest.

(After every meal), Tension in head, etc.; nausea, etc.; griping in lower abdomen.

(At end of evening meal), Chilliness.

(After milk), Flatulent distension of abdomen.

(Motion), Pressure in pit of stomach; sticking in abdomen; stitches above heart; pain up and down arm; shivering.

(Moving eyes toward affected side), Headache.

(Moving arms), Pressure beneath scapulae.

(On trying to walk with eyes open), Giddiness, etc.

(Pressure), Pain in abdomen.

(Raising arms), Tension beneath scapula.

(Reading), Pressure in eyes.

(During rest), Pain in nape of neck, etc.; drawing in side neck; tension in muscles beneath scapula; sensation in joints; pain in upper arm; tearing, etc., in upper arm; pain in bend of elbow; drawing in forearm; pain in wrist; stitches in finger-joints; drawing in thigh; appearance of the pains.

(On rising from seat), Vertigo; dim slight; tendency to vertigo; pain in ischia.

(In room), Symptoms generally; sticking in forehead.

(After midday sleep), Distension of abdomen.

(While standing), Difficult breathing; stitches in small of back, etc.; drawing through lumbar vertebrae; sticking in heel.

(On stepping), Headache; pain in knee.

(After stool), Immediately, colic; palpitation; tremulous weakness.

(On stretching out limbs while sitting), Pressure on tibia.

(After supper), Pain in abdomen.

(Swallowing), Pain shooting out at ear.

(On waking), Confusion, etc.; loss of power.

(While beginning to walk), Stiffness, etc., in tendons under knee.


Night, morning, fasting, early on awaking, touch, motion, turning eyes toward affected side, debauch, after a, after eating, talking, after walking from siesta, walking in open air.

WORSE, lying down, TURNING or rising in bed; Celibacy; before and during menses, from taking cold, bodily or mental exertion.



Raising arms

After exertion



Sexual excesses

Cold; taking


Old age

Lying; head low


(Open air), Vertigo, etc.

(Morning), Lively, etc.

(In open air), Tremulous weakness.

(Walking in open air), Pain in lower abdomen.

(Closing eye), Drawing in head.

(Eating), Drawing in head, etc.

(Becoming erect), Sensation in occiput.

(Leaning head on hand), Headache.

(Motion), Drawing in thigh.

(Pressure), Stitches in right chest.

(Stooping), Headache.


Stooping, external pressure lying closing eyes.

BETTER, while fasting, in the dark, from letting limbs hang down, motion and pressure.

Letting part hang down

Desires and aversions

Craving coffee, salt, or sour things.

Loss of appetite.



Appetite increased,

Great longing for salt and salty things,

Great desire for acids,

Diminished appetite (first four days),

Loss of appetite,

Complete loss of appetite, and great weakness in the stomach,



Much thirst every afternoon,

Violent thirst,

Excessive thirst the whole day (after seventy-four hours),

Great longing for coffee,

Eructation and Hiccough.

Eructations, especially towards evening,

Up to a dose of 50 drops he only noticed some eructations; and sometimes, after taking it, rumbling in the bowels, which passed into gripings, or pressure in the epigastrium,

Frequent eructations,

Incomplete eructations after breakfast,

Incomplete eructations, followed by pain in the stomach,

Many empty eructations, without taste or smell,

Frequent empty eructations, especially in the morning,

Sour eructations in the evening,

Sour eructations after eating,

Sourish eructations, with burning in the stomach,

Offensive eructations,

Acidity rises from the stomach after eating,


Hiccough on beginning supper,



Heartburn in the evening,

Rancid heartburn,

Decrease of appetite (the first 4 d.).

Lack of appetite.

Total lack of appetite and great weakness of the stomach.

Appetite at once diminished, both for food and for smoking.


Much thirst, every afternoon.

Violent thirst, the whole day (aft. 74 h.).

Great desire for coffee.

Much appetite for sour things.

Much desire for salt and salty food.

After taking a little milk, rapid inflation of the abdomen.

Position etc

Motion downwards 2. Walking 2, 5, 28, 33, 34, 36. Walking in open air 1. Rising 2. Standing 31. Turning in bed 2. Preventing motion 33. Inclined to sit 36. Knee-elbow position 17. Lying down 2, 3, 27, 36. Sitting 28.

Morning 3, 21, 36, 37, 40. Noon 3. Afternoon 40. Evening 1, 27. Night 8, 17, 21, 24, 27, 37, 40, 47. Day 27, 47.