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Conium Maculatum - Abdomen symptoms

Poison Hemlock, Conium, Coninum, Conium Mac, Con.

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HPUS indication of Conium Maculatum: Lightheadedness
Conium Maculatum
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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Conium Mac in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Stomach; Soreness about the root of tongue

Painful spasms of the stomach

Severe aching in and around the liver

Chronic jaundice, and pains in right hypochondrium

Sensitive, bruised, swollen, knife-like pains

Painful tightness.


behind lower ribs

behind lower ribs; as if bandaged


after period

must walk in open air

Sensation as if diarrhoea would come on


noon; after sleep



after eating

after drinking milk



rear of abdomen (mesenteries)


Sensation of fullness


behind lower ribs




after eating




hardness mesenteric glands (back of abdomen)



As if something were in abdomen (movements, lumps, etc.); complaints from movements of the foetus; disturb sleep

Abdominal muscles; twitching and jerking

Noises from abdomen


gurgling; sides



morning; after eating


night; in bed

from constipation

during cough

as if diarrhoea would come on

after drinking

from laughing

in women; during period

in women; after period

in women; during pregnancy

on movement


while sitting

during stool

while walking

extending to other parts; to chest

extending to other parts; to thigh

region of hip

while walking

behind lower ribs; right

behind lower ribs; on breathing in

lower part of abdomen

during period

comes on suddenly

extending to other parts; thighs

right side, above hip

groin region

hernia; as if a hernia would appear



before period

while walking



on coughing

on breathing in

while walking


cramping, griping; morning

cramping, griping; after eating

cramping, griping; during period

pressing; during stool

pressing; after stool

pressing; lower part of abdomen

during period

cutting; morning

cutting; before stool

cutting; liver; sides

cutting; liver; right

cutting; navel; around navel

dragging, bearing down

before period

during period

when standing

before stool; with urging to stool


groin region

groin region; extending outward


after drinking

after sitting

while walking

behind lower ribs


stabbing, piercing


behind lower ribs

behind lower ribs; right

lower part of abdomen; downward


sore, bruised, tenderness, etc.; behind lower ribs; right

sore, bruised, tenderness, etc.; navel

sudden, sharp (sticking, etc.)

before period

extending to other parts; chest

behind lower ribs

behind lower ribs; right

behind lower ribs; morning

behind lower ribs; morning; in bed

behind lower ribs; night

behind lower ribs; on breathing in

behind lower ribs; while sitting

around hip; left

around hip; during period

groin region

groin region; on rising

groin region; while walking


liver; on breathing

liver; before period



spleen; when coughing

tearing; behind lower ribs


tearing; lower part of abdomen

tearing; liver

tearing; spleen

Complaints of the pancreas

Protrusion; navel

Complaints of spleen

Skin; itching


mesenteric glands

groin region



In children, wasting, swollen lymph nodes in back of abdomen (tabes mesenterica)


on deep respiration

behind lower ribs




catarrh mucous-pus (see urine, sediment containing pus)

constriction; cervix

fullness; after urinating



cervix of bladder

cervix of bladder; at close of urination

cervix of bladder; after urination

aching; cervix of bladder

burning; cervix


cutting; cervix

pressing, pressure

pressing, pressure; sitting down

pressing, pressure; before urination

pressing, pressure; while walking

pressing, pressure; cervix; stitches, with, walking

pressing, pressure; cervix; after urination

pressing, pressure; cervix; while walking in open air

spasmodic; cervix; closure at cervix of bladder

sudden, sharp, stinging

sudden, sharp, stinging; sitting

sudden, sharp, stinging; while walking

sudden, sharp, stinging; cervix

sudden, sharp, stinging; cervix; sitting

sudden, sharp, stinging; cervix; after urination

paralysis; in aged people


retention of urine (see urination delayed); from enlarged prostate

urging to urinate (unhealthy desire); night

2 a.m.

urging to urinate (unhealthy desire); constant

urging to urinate (unhealthy desire); ineffectual

with headache

urging to urinate (unhealthy desire); painful

urging to urinate (unhealthy desire); after urinating

urination; dribbling (by drops)

involuntary; after urinating

urination; frequent; morning

urination; interrupted (intermittent)

urine flows better when standing

urination; involuntary, incontinence; night, bed wetting

urination; involuntary, incontinence; after straining at stool

urination; delayed, difficult; flows better while standing

urination; unsatisfactory (see incomplete and fullness, after urinating)


inflammation; acute (see albumen)

pain; if desire to urinate be delayed

pain; ureters (tubes between kidneys and bladder); extending to other parts; penis and testes

pain; cutting; ureters (tubes between kidneys and bladder)

pain; sudden, sharp, stinging, sticking; after eating

suppression of urine


appetite; reduced

appetite; easily satisfied

appetite; lacking, no appetite; morning


morning, in bed


desires, cravings; bread

desires, cravings; charcoal

desires, cravings; coffee

desires, cravings; salt things

desires, cravings; sour, acids, etc.

distended (swollen from inner pressure); while eating

distended (swollen from inner pressure); lying on abdomen

distended (swollen from inner pressure); after milk

burping, belching; morning

burping, belching; afternoon

burping, belching; evening

burping, belching; after breakfast

burping, belching; constant

burping, belching; difficult

burping, belching; after eating

burping, belching; ineffectual and incomplete

morning; after breakfast

burping, belching; painful

burping, belching; during stool

burping, belching; burping, belching suppressed

followed by pain in stomach

burping, belching; on waking

burping, belching; empty; morning

burping, belching; empty; late morning

9 a.m.

burping, belching; foul

burping, belching; loud

burping, belching; sour; evening

burping, belching; sour; night

burping, belching; sour; after eating

burping, belching; clear, salty liquid from stomach in mouth (waterbrash); after eating

heartburn; evening

after going to bed

heartburn; after eating

heartburn; after burping, belching

heartburn; during pregnancy

heat, flushes; after eating

inflammation; indurated stomach walls (hard from inflammation)

pain; morning; in bed

pain; morning; after stool

pain; night

pain; while eating

pain; after eating; 2 or 3 hours after eating

pain; after suppressed burping, belching

pain; knee-elbow position

pain; in women; during pregnancy

pain; during stool

pain; after stool

pain; extending to other parts; back

pain; extending to other parts; throat

pain; cramping, griping, constricting; morning

in bed

pain; cramping, griping, constricting; afternoon; 1 to 2 p.m.

pain; cramping, griping, constricting; during pregnancy

pain; cutting; after eating

pain; pulling

morning; after stool

extending to throat

pain; pressing; while eating

pain; pressing; after eating

pain; pressing; breathing in

pain; pressing; movement

pain; sudden, sharp; evening

pain; sudden, sharp; night

pain; sudden, sharp; breathing in

pain; sudden, sharp; movement

pain; sudden, sharp; comes on suddenly

pain; tearing

thirst; afternoon

thirst; during heat

without thirst


better from eating and worse a few hours after meals; acidity and burning; painful spot the level of the sternum.


after eating (including certain foods)

after eating (including certain foods); after dinner

after eating (including certain foods); after drinking milk

pulling; after dinner


aversion to certain foods or drinks; bread

aversion to certain foods or drinks; breakfast

aversion to certain foods or drinks; all drinks; during heat

aversion to certain foods or drinks; all food; morning

aversion to certain foods or drinks; tobacco

burping, belching; food (regurgitation)

burping, belching; tasting like food

loathing of food (see nausea)

nausea; after eating; after dinner



morning; on waking




cramping, griping; from passing flatulence

cutting; passing flatulence


Terrible nausea, acrid Heartburn, and acid eructations; Worse on going to bed


nausea; morning

nausea; morning; on waking

nausea; afternoon

nausea; evening

nausea; night

after lying down

nausea; with chilliness

nausea; during chill

nausea; closing the eyes

nausea; after eating

nausea; during headache

nausea; from looking; looking steadily

nausea; from looking; after exertion of vision

nausea; in women; during period

nausea; in women; during pregnancy

nausea; movement of eyes

nausea; while reading

nausea; seasickness

nausea; stool

nausea; when using the eyes

nausea; while walking


Pain; with vomiting, blood and mucus in stool (intussusception); pain in region of liver


vomiting; morning

vomiting; night

vomiting; on coughing

vomiting; after drinking

vomiting; forcible

vomiting; frequent

vomiting; during headache

vomiting; during heat

vomiting; in women; during period

vomiting; in women; during pregnancy

vomiting; strong and sharp (acrid)

vomiting; bitter

vomiting; black

vomiting; blood

vomiting; chocolate coloured

vomiting; like coffee beans

vomiting; frothy

vomiting; mucus; afternoon

vomiting; mucus; from cough

vomiting; sour

vomiting; water

vomiting; yellow

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