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Colocynthis - Rectum, Anus, Stool symptoms - T.F. Allen

Bitter Cucumber, Colocy, Colocynth, Coloc.

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HPUS indication of Colocynthis: Colic-like pain

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Colocynthis in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Pain in the lower part of the rectum, as from swollen haemorrhoids, while sitting, walking, and urging to stool,

Ineffectual pressing toward the rectum,

Stitches in the rectum,

Rectum and anus




Diarrhoea (after half an hour),

Diarrhoea day and night, with nausea, without being able to vomit,

Diarrhoea (twelve stools daily),

Diarrhoea, fifteen stools in eighteen hours, with gradual relief of the colic,

Diarrhoea followed by much flatulence, and an unpleasant not very marked sensation of weakness,

Slight diarrhoea, preceded by griping in the umbilical region,

Violent diarrhoea, with colic,

Copious fecal diarrhoea, accompanied by great discharge of wind,

Greenish-yellow diarrhoea, with a feeling as if he had taken cold,

Looseness of the bowels,

Great looseness,


Several small evacuations a day, with frequent inclination to stool,

Several pappy stools a day,

Several thin pappy stools every day,

Three copious discharges from bowels at short intervals, each followed by temporary relief of the abdominal pain (after five hours),

Three very soft brown stools (after five hours),

Three pappy stools,

Three fluid mucous, but painless stools,

Quite liquid evacuation three times in the evening, and once the following morning,

Two pappy stools (after each dose),

Two pappy evacuations daily (after three days),

Contrary to his usual habit, two pappy stools a day, with slight griping in the upper abdomen,

Two pappy stools, with discharge of flatulence,

Two pappy yellow painless stools in the forenoon,

Two, almost fluid, yellowish stools in the afternoon,

Two unsatisfactory stools,

A second stool at 4 P.M., with slight subsequent burning at the anus,

The usual normal stool was soon followed by one of pappy consistence and subsequent burning in the anus, and at the same time prickling in the orifice of the urethra after urinating,

A stool in the morning and another after dinner, hard and unsatisfactory,

Stools at first watery, slimy, then bilious, at last bloody,

Stools dark-green, thin, mushy, but not watery,

Pappy stools, with burning at the anus,

Stools gradually became more pasty and thinner, always very brown; together with much rumbling in the abdomen,

Stools consistent, remarkably brown, often quite blackish-brown,

Dysenteric stools, with passage of blood and remarkable burning pain in the sacral region (after five hours),

Bloody stools, ,

Diarrhoeic stool after dinner, without colic or tenesmus,

A yellow diarrhoeic stool, without tenesmus or pain, after dinner,

Diarrheic evacuation, with tenesmus,

Liquid evacuation (soon),

Watery stool, with griping, followed by continued and almost irresistible tenesmus,

Fluid stool after eating, with discharge of flatulence and painful feeling in the abdomen the whole afternoon, which was only removed when he got warm in bed,

Fluid stool, with rectal tenesmus,

A soft, fluid, rapidly discharged stool, after a continual gentle pressure, and the passage of a quantity of slippery flatus at noon,

A semifluid stool, accompanied by a perfect storm of flatulence, and followed by a considerable discharge of wind,

Thin, frothy, Crocus Sativus saffron-yellow stool, of a musty odor, smelling almost like burnt gray blotting-paper (after twelve hours),

Soft but not copious stool,

A very slippery soft stool at about 11 A.M.; tensive pressure over the whole forehead at its evacuation. The same symptoms returned in the afternoon, and were succeeded by pressure upon the bladder, alternating with pressure upon the anal sphincter,

Stool soft, pappy, leaving behind it tickling in the rectum,

Pappy stool immediately after dinner,

Pappy stool, with shivering over the head and back, immediately after dinner,

Pappy stool after eating, with subsequent burning at the anus,

Pappy evacuation followed by slight intermitting griping, accompanied by a feeling of having taken cold in the umbilical region, and rumbling in the bowels,

An almost formed stool, accompanied by slight tenesmus,

Was obliged to retain the stool with great exertion in order not to pass it involuntarily at night,

Disturbances in relation to the character and time of the stools, which were either absent, or, instead of coming, as normally, in the morning, appeared in the afternoon and were either too soft (diarrhoeic), or too hard and unsatisfactory,

Stool hard and unsatisfactory; on another occasion the evacuation which began knotty and dry ended in a diarrhoea,


Constipation (secondary),

The bowels were sluggish, acting only every other day, but the stools were not particularly hard,

The intestinal canal was torpid during the whole time he was taking from three to five drops; the evacuations were hard, and took place, contrary to his usual habit, only once in two or three days,

Viscid, soft, scanty stool every three days,

Scanty, tenacious, and slimy faeces,

A hard, unsatisfactory evacuation about 5 P.M., discharged with difficulty,

Stool hard, with slight urging (after forty-eight hours),

A very hard evacuation, as if he were passing stones,

Very hard stool passed in pieces (after five and six days), (secondary action),

The usual morning stool was absent,

No evacuation the whole day,

Blind haemorrhoids,

A small painful haemorrhoidal knob in ano (sixteenth day),

Moisture at the anus and perineum,

Soon after dinner, when walking in the open air, oozing at the anus and discharge of moisture from the rectum, instead of the expected flatulence. This oozing continued the whole afternoon; at 6 P.M. another pappy stool, with much mucus and subsequent burning of the anus,

Discharge of blood from the anus,

Discharge of blood from the anus, which after more than a year still continues in greater or less quantity daily, with violent sticking and burning pain in the small of the back and anus (during the first days), (Before this proving he had never had a discharge of blood from the anus.)

Sensation at the anus as if successive slippery bubbles were escaping,

Burning at the anus,

Burning and sticking in the anus,

Burning and excoriated pain, with moisture at the anus, as after diarrhoea,

Slight burning and moisture at the anus, as after diarrhoea,

Occasional pressing at the anus, as if a quantity of faeces were about to be discharged, with escape of only a little mucus,

Frequent pressure at the anal sphincter, which ceased at once on the escape of the slightest quantity of wind or mucus,

Violent itching sticking in the anus and rectum (after one hour),

Violent itching sticking in the anus when at stool,

Twitching and burning at the anus and in the rectum in the afternoon,

Prickling and oozing from the anus,

Stools caused great soreness of anus and surrounding parts,

Sensitiveness around the anus, with frequent urging to stool, which was unsatisfactory and diarrhoeic, but painless,

Itching at the anus, and at the orifice of the urethra,

Itching in the anus all day,

Severe itching at the anus for several days,

Violent itching at the anus,


Urging to stool twice the first day,

Urging to stool (which, however, was under control),

Urging to stool and a soft evacuation after dinner,

Urging to stool without an evacuation, which appeared an hour afterwards in single pieces of a stony hardness,

Frequent urging to stool, without any evacuation,

Violent urging to evacuate the bowels, demanding instant attention (after five hours),

Excessive urging to stool, which was copious, yellowish-brown, partly thin, as from a purge, and with a sourish offensive odor, followed by transient relief of the colic,

Frequent excessive urging to stool, with sensation in the anus and lower portion of the rectum as if the parts were weakened and relaxed by long-continued diarrhoea,

Ineffectual urging to stool,

Repeated inclination to stool, which, however, was easily resisted,

An easily resisted inclination to stool (after one hour), and subsequently a half watery half solid evacuation,

Urgent almost irresistible inclination to stool (after five hours), and, in quick succession, two abundant, first pappy, then fluid evacuations, with ulcerative pain in the bowels, ameliorated by bending forwards, aggravated by an upright position,

Sudden tenesmus, soon followed by a copious pappy evacuation, succeeded by griping, and sensation as if taking cold in the abdomen; sleepiness, disinclination to study,


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