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Colocynthis - Modalities Etc

Bitter Cucumber, Colocy, Colocynth, Coloc.

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HPUS indication of Colocynthis: Colic-like pain

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Colocynthis in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Noon), Pain in middle finger; sleepiness.

(Night), Cramp in stomach; umbilical region painful; towards morning, rumbling in abdomen, etc.; colic, etc.; prepuce drawn back; cough; dyspnoea; when lying in bed, drawing in shoulder; towards morning, cramp in leg; sweat; towards morning, palpitation.

(Before midnight), Oppression of chest.

(Midnight), On waking, tearing in tibia, etc.

(After midnight), On waking, as he lay on right side, pressure, etc., in left side of forehead.

(Open air), Coryza.

(Walking in open air), Weakness of all limbs, etc.

(Ascending stairs), Weariness of thighs.

(Beer), Headache; bitter taste in mouth.

(Bending forward), Pain of head, etc.; sensitiveness of head, etc.; pressure in eyeballs; aching in forehead; pain in lower abdomen.

(Bowing head), Painfulness of head, etc.

(After breakfast), Immediately, rising of liquid.

(Coffee), Sticking in joints of feet.

(Coition), Cramp in calves.

(Eating), Eructation; sensation in epigastric region; cutting in umbilical region, etc.; pain in abdomen, etc.; pressure in intestines; cutting in abdomen; colic.

(Eating fruit), Griping around the navel.

(On getting out of bed), Drawing in popliteal region; pain in umbilical region; cutting in abdomen; oppression of chest; sticking in chest; stitches beneath scapula.

(On going out), Weakness.

(On intellectual exertion), Feeling in all limbs.

(Loud laughing), Pain in umbilical region.

(Lifting), Sticking in umbilical region.

(Lying on left side), Sensation in lumbo-dorsal region.

(Lying on back), Headache in forehead; sticking in loin.

(After meals), Griping in epigastric region.

(Motion), Drawing in femur, etc.; pain in hollow of knee.

(Moving head), Headache along sagittal suture; headache.

(Moving upper eyelid), Pain through brain.

(Potatoes), Colic, etc.

(Pressure), Pain in groin.

(Rest), All symptoms; cutting in eyelid; pain in cheeks; pain in scapula; drawing in joints; pains in arms; sticking in bend of elbow; pains in palms; twitching in calf; cutting in calf; stitching on back of foot; tearing in sole; pressing on great toe; debility.

(On rising up), Empty eructations.

(On rising from stool), Eructations.

(Every shock), Pain from upper abdomen.

(When standing), Boring, etc., in calves.

(After stool), Griping, etc., in umbilical region.

(Stooping), Headache along sagittal suture; headache in forehead.

(Stooping while sitting), Pressure in intestines; oppression of chest, etc.

(After supper), Abdomen full, etc.; abdominal pains.

(Treading), Pain in temple.

(Turning head), Painfulness of head, etc.

(On suddenly turning head), Vertigo.

(Urinating), Sensation in temple.

(Wine), Sticking in joints of feet.


Night, in bed.

WORSE, from anger and indignation.





Lying on painless side

Night, in bed


Taking cold


(Evening), On getting warm in bed, cutting in abdomen.

(Night), The pains.

(Violent agitation of body), Colic; griping in intestines.

(Open air), Sensitiveness of head, etc.

(Walking in open air), Headache; drawing in upper arm.

(Beer), Pains in lower extremities.

(Bending forward), Pain in bowels.

(Black coffee), After dinner, some of the symptoms.

(Becoming erect), Twitches in intercostal muscles.

(Movement), Pain in cervical muscles; pain in sacrum; pain in toes.

(Pressure), Pain in abdomen; constriction of viscera.

(Rest), Pain in ankle; pressure, etc., in leg.

(Rolling about), Griping in intestines.

(Sitting), Sensation in temple; stitches in hip; all pains.

(Sitting up and moving head), Headache.

(Smoking), Colic pains.

(Standing still), Colic.

(Touch), Stitches in temple.

(Walking), Stiffness in knee; tearing in knee; contused sensation, etc.; the symptoms; feeling of warmth in abdomen.


After rising, gentle motion in warm room.

BETTER, doubling up, hard pressure, warmth, lying with head bent forward.





Gentle motion

After stool or flatus

Desires and aversions

Canine hunger, with longing for bread and beer.

Aversion to food, with scraping in the throat.

Diminished appetite, without thirst, still great inclination to drink; succeeded by a putrid taste in the mouth.


An enormous appetite, at noon,

Canine hunger,

Canine hunger, with particular longing for bread and beer,

Little appetite at noon,

Little appetite at noon, none in the evening,

Loss of appetite,

Loss of appetite, in the evening,

Appetite all gone,

Strongly marked aversion to the drug,


Unusual thirst,

Violent thirst,

Unquenchable thirst,

Feeling of thirst in the throat,

Great desire to drink, without thirst; the mouth is constantly watery; drink is relished but immediately after every drink there is a flat taste in the mouth,

Eructation and Hiccough.

Eructation, immediately,

Eructations of bilious substances,

Violent eructation, immediately,

Violent eructations, lasting about half an hour (soon),

Violent eructation, after eating,

Frequent eructations,

Frequent, for the most part empty eructations, on rising from stool,

Frequent eructations of breakfast,

Sobbing eructations,

Empty eructations, , etc.

Empty eructations, which lasted almost the whole day,

Empty eructations, frequently returning,

Empty eructations, frequently repeated, and sometimes amounting almost to sobbing,

Empty eructations, in the morning,

Empty eructations, on rising up,

Empty eructations, with burning in the pharynx,

Inodorous eructations (soon),

Sour eructations (after a few minutes),

Bitter eructations (immediately), ; (soon),

Bitterish eructations from the stomach,

Rising of a bitter, white, frothy liquid, immediately after breakfast,

Hiccough (third day),

Frequent hiccough (after one hour and a quarter),

Heartburn, after voracious hunger (after one hour),

Lack of appetite.

Diminished appetite, though the food tastes properly.

Feeling of thirst in the fauces.

Violent thirst.

Much appetite for drinking, without thirst; the mouth is always watery, the liquid drunk tastes very good, but immediately after every drink a flat taste comes into the mouth.

Empty eructation.

Empty eructation, causing palpitation of the heart and cramp in the fauces, and provokes a constant tendency to retching and vomiting.

Belching up of a bilious fluid.

Frequent hiccup (aft. 1 ¼ h.).

Position etc

Rest 8. Walking 33. Motion 8, 31. Moving the head 31. Turning the head 2, 31. Moving the upper eyelid 3. Stooping 3, 5. Bending double 17, 19, 23, 24. Bending the knee 33. Lying on back 3, 31. Lying on effected side 33.

Motion generally relieves drawing, tearing and burning pains.

Morning 20, 26. Afternoon 33. Evening 17, 26, 31. Night 17, 27, 40. Before midnight 26.