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Colocynthis - Head symptoms - T.F. Allen

Bitter Cucumber, Colocy, Colocynth, Coloc.

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HPUS indication of Colocynthis: Colic-like pain

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Colocynthis in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Confusion of the head,

Confusion of the head, for an hour,

Confusion of the head, especially of the forehead,

Confusion of the head, in the frontal region,

Confusion of the head, most perceptible in the right frontal region, continuing the whole day,

Confusion of the head, with pressure in the orbits, in the afternoon,

Confusion of the head, most severe after dinner, nearly disappearing towards evening,

Confusion and gloominess of the head,

Confusion and dulness of the head, as after a debauch,

Confusion and heaviness of the head, with feeling as if a catarrh were coming on,

Confusion in the forehead,

Confusion of the forehead,

Confusion of the right side of the head, especially in the temple (after half an hour),

Head befogged,

Almost giddy for a few minutes, after dinner,

General Head.

Head a little affected, soon after the dose,

Dulness of the head, early in the morning, especially in the frontal region; returning in the forenoon, when walking,

Stupefied feeling in the head, after dinner, lasting a few minutes,

Heaviness of the head,

Boring in different parts of the head, right side (twenty-second to thirty-first day),

Boring in the bones of the skull, especially on the right side (fourteenth to fifteen day),

Drawing and boring in the head, when walking (thirteenth to fifteenth day),

Pressure within the head, paroxysmal, slight, now here, now there,


Confusion of the left side of the head; with pressing-burning pain in the left orbit, temple, and nose, on the dorsum nasi, and in the upper teeth; it seemed as if the eye and nose were swelling (these symptoms were clearly marked and persistent),

Painfulness of the whole head and eyes, very much aggravated by bending forwards,

Painfulness of the whole head, most troublesome in the frontal region, aggravated by stooping or turning the head, with incapacity for mental exertion, continuing a few hours,


Slight headache, early, in bed,

Considerable headache, in the evening,

Violent headache,

Violent headache, lasting half an hour (after three-quarters of an hour),

Headache very violent, as from a draft of air, disappearing on walking in the open air,

Transient headache,

Pressing-pinching pain in the upper part of the brain,

Sensitiveness of the head, during the whole day, as though it were compressed; especially in the forehead and temples, with painfulness of the eyeballs, aggravated by bending forwards; better in the open air,

Painful tearing digging through the brain, which became intolerably severe on moving the upper lid (after a few hours),

Pain in the head, occupying the space of about half a crown, in the region of the linea semicircularis, about its middle; it felt like a kind of pressure,

Pressing headache,

Pressive headache along the sagittal suture, more violent on moving or shaking the head, and on stooping,

Tearing headache in the whole brain; in the forehead it becomes a pressure, as if the forehead would press outward; more violent on moving the head,

The headache and pains in the knees and foot came on daily at about 8 A.M., and continued until afternoon, when a soft stool took place,

Burning pain in the skin of the forehead, above the eyebrows,

Pain in the vertex and left eye, as if a nervous pressure (immediately),

Drawing, one-sided headache (after one hour and a half),

Frequent attacks of painfulness and aching in the forehead and eyeballs,

Severe boring-burning pain on the right side of the forehead (eighteenth day),

Transitory headache in the left side of the forehead,

Boring and tearing pains in the forehead, very frequently during the day, also in the evening (fourteenth to fifteenth day),

Severe boring pains on the right side of the forehead (twenty-second to thirty-first day),

Tearing-boring pains in the forehead during a walk (sixteenth day),

Pressing-drawing pain in the left side of the forehead,

At 1 P.M. a pressive pain in the left side of the forehead, occasionally slightly vibrating; it was clearly traceable in an arch which defined the lateral and superior boundaries of the left frontal sinus,

Pressive headache in the frontal region (after half an hour),

Pressive headache in the forehead, most severe when stooping, and lying on the back; lasting six hours,

Drawing-pressing pains in the forehead (twenty-first day),

Sudden stickling pain in the forehead, towards the nose,

Dull stickling pain internally in the forehead, in the morning, after rising (after a quarter of an hour),

Violent pressing-throbbing headache in the forehead. Although the pain went off on sitting up and moving his head, still his head was very much confused all the forenoon,

Tensive headache in the right temple,

Pressive painful digging in the temple,

Dull pain in the right temple, aggravated by stepping; with a gloomy mood,

Pressing and drawing pain in the right temple (after three hours),

Pressive headache, early, in the temples,


Roots of the hairs are painful,

Biting burning on the left side of the scalp,

Drawing in the scalp,

Soreness of the skin on the vertex, as though the hair on this part were constantly pulled upward, accompanied on the second day by a drawing-pressing pain in the occiput; both symptoms disappear towards evening,

Itching of the scalp,

Outer head

Crawling and itching on the whole left side of the head, compelling him to scratch,


Tearing on the right side of the vertex (twelfth day),


Boring and drawing in the right side of the head, in the forehead (twentieth day),

Tearing in the head, left side (tenth day),

Tearing in the left side of the head, towards the forehead (twelfth to fifteenth day),


Heaviness and stupefaction of the forehead,

Heaviness and pressure in the forehead, towards evening (seventeenth day),

Boring on the left side of the forehead (twenty-second to thirty-first day),

A great deal of boring in the forehead (fourteenth day),

Frequent boring on the right side of the forehead (sixteenth day),

Drawing in the forehead (twelfth day),

Pressure in the forehead,

Waking after midnight, he perceived, as he lay on the right side, pressure and weight in the left side of the forehead,

Pressing in the forehead and at the root of the nose, as though a violent catarrh were coming on; continuing three hours,

Violent pressing over the forehead, from the temples towards the nose, with feeling of dryness in the latter (after half an hour),

Tearing in the forehead, during the evening,

Tearing in the forehead (tenth day), in the left side (eleventh to thirteenth day), in different parts of the forehead, in the morning (twelfth day),

Tearing in forehead, right side (seventeenth day),

Severe and frequent tearing on the right side of the forehead (seventeenth day),


Aching in both temples, aggravated at first in the open air, then entirely disappearing,

Boring in the right temple; severe boring in the left temple, continuous and frequently repeated, at 2 P.M. (fifth day); severe boring, as if from a plug, in the left temple, in the evening (eleventh day); boring in the temples (twelfth day),

Pressure in both temples,

Sensation of violent pressure in the left temple, continuing the whole afternoon (migraine?), better while seated, worse when standing and walking, but especially when urinating,

Feeling as if the temples were screwed into,

Boring stitches in the right temple, disappearing on touch,

Tearing in both temples several times repeated (fifth day); tearing in the right (seventh day); frequent tearing in both (eighth day); severe and frequent tearing in the right and above it (seventeenth day),

Tearing and pressing in the right temple (second day),

Pressing and dull throbbing in the left temple, growing gradually acute and cutting; with a similar sensation about the left shoulder-joint,


Boring on the right side of the occiput (tenth day),

Violent, long-continued pressure in the lateral occipital protuberances,

Pressing and tension in the occiput, most sensibly felt at the inferior lateral protuberances,

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