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Colocynthis - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - T.F. Allen

Bitter Cucumber, Colocy, Colocynth, Coloc.

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HPUS indication of Colocynthis: Colic-like pain

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Colocynthis in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Extremities, limbs


Contraction of all the limbs, so that he resembled a hedgehog,

Twitching of different parts of muscles in the limbs,

Weakness of all the joints, especially of the knee and elbow,

Weakness of all the limbs on walking in the open air, as after a long walk, with great trembling of the lower legs, especially of the right, so that sweat broke out over the whole body (after eleven hours),

Disagreeable feeling in all the limbs on making any intellectual exertion,

Tired sensation in the joints (nineteenth day),

Migrating pains in the joints of the fingers and feet (tenth day),

The rheumatic gouty pains came on more violently than ever before, sometimes in the joints, and sometimes in the bones of the upper and lower extremities, but did not last long,

The rheumatic pains in the limbs and joints are the more important phenomena, and with greater certainty ascribable to the drug; inasmuch as I had never experienced the like before or since,

Some of the joints feel as if they were compressed by a tight ring (twenty-sixth day),

Boring and burning pains in the muscles of the extremities and of the buttocks (twenty-fifth day),

Boring and drawing in the joints of the fingers, in the shoulders, in the knees, in the shin-bones and ankles (thirteenth to fifteen day),

Drawing pressing-boring pains in the wrist, fingers, knees, muscles of thighs, in the morning after rising, and again in the evening (fifteenth day),

Drawing in different parts of upper and lower extremities when walking (twenty-second to thirty-first day),

Drawing and pressing in all the joints; more when sitting than when walking; lasting the whole day (sixteenth day),

Transitory drawing in the upper and lower limbs towards evening,

Transient drawing in various joints of the upper and lower limbs, especially of the fingers and toes, disappearing instantaneously on motion, and as rapidly recurring in rest,

Towards evening the pains increased in the extremities while sitting, and are especially severe in the knees, feet, and shoulder-joints; it is a pressing-drawing pain, a sensation of tiredness (thirteenth day),

Tearing-drawing in both thighs and in the left arm down to the finger joints,

Pressing in several of the finger and toe joints, especially during rest,

Tearing drawing-pressing in different joints and parts of the head, especially boring behind the right ear and on the right side of the head (nineteenth day),

Pressing and boring pains in the joints of the toes and fingers at 9 P.M. (eleventh day),

Pressure in the joints of the hands and feet after rising (eleventh day),

A great deal of pressure in the knees and wrists when sitting; also in the thighs (sixteenth day),

Feeling of pressure in the joints,

Tearing in the joints of the arms and legs, more when resting; during the night very little pain in the joints (tenth day),

Bruised feeling in all the joints (twentieth day),

Bruised sensation in the knees, arms, shoulders, when sitting (seventeenth day),

Upper extremities

Sensation of weakness in the arms (seventeenth day),

Sensation of swelling in the arms,

Pain in the left arm, soon disappearing (after one hour),

Pressive-drawing bone-pains in the long bones of the arms during rest, especially painful on the head of the humerus and across the wrist, where it seems as if the pain were in the periosteum, on raising the arm,

Paralytic pressing in the whole of the left arm,

Stitches in the arms from time to time, now here, now there (after four hours),

Paralytic bruised pain in the arms from time to time (after five days),

Pulsation in the left arm,


Axillary glands swollen and painful (twenty-third to thirty-first day),

(Suppurating swelling of the axillary glands),

A drawing aching came on in both shoulders in the afternoon,

Boring in the shoulder (twelfth day),

Boring in the right shoulder, then in the left knee, then in the right one (twelfth day),

Painful tension in the right shoulder on first waking, continuing and becoming worse from using the arms,

Drawing and burning in the muscles of the left axilla down the arm; after a while also in the right axilla (seventeenth day),

Drawing and boring in the shoulders and joints of the hands (twelfth to fourteenth day),

Drawing and tearing in the right shoulder-joint in the morning, lasting all day,

Drawing in the right shoulder when lying in bed at night,

Transient drawing in the right shoulder,

Pressing in the shoulders when sitting (twenty-second to thirty-first day),

Tearing in the shoulders,

The arm is painful behind the right scapula, as if sprained, during rest and motion,


Prickling-burning pain on motion of the right upper arm,

Drawing in the right upper arm the whole day, and continuing into the next forenoon,

Slight drawing in the right upper arm, remarkably increasing after dinner, and becoming almost painful, but decreasing again when walking in the open air,

Pressing in the joints of the upper arm (twelfth to fifteenth day),

Flying stitches in the humeri in the evening,

Tearing in left upper arm (eleventh day),

Frequently repeated throbbing, finally twitching pain in the right upper arm in the region of the insertion of the deltoid, whence it extended through the shoulder to the upper teeth, and as far as the region of the temples and vertex. The pain was in the periosteum, and, after it had frequently returned, the muscular parts of the arm there became painful on pressure as if sore,


Drawing in the right elbow-joint,

Pressure in the elbow-joints (eleventh day),

Fine itching sticking in the bend of the right elbow during rest,

Frequently returning stitches in the right elbow and forearm,

Tearing and burning pain in the right elbow (fourteenth and fifteenth days),


Stiffness of the right forearm, with painfulness of the extensors; continuing the next day,

Falling asleep of the right forearm,

Occasional violent pains in the right forearm in the morning,

Tensive pain in the right forearm (after twenty-seven hours),

Very crampy pain in the left forearm,

Pressing drawing in the forearms (sixteenth and seventeenth days),

Drawing pains in the left forearm, persisting at the elbow,

Transitory drawing sticking in the periosteum of both bones of the forearm,


Boring and pressing in the wrists and forearms, (seventeenth day),

Severe boring in the wrists (seventeenth day),

Severe and frequent pressing in the wrists (fourteenth and fifteenth days),

Drawing-pressing pains in the wrists when sitting (sixteenth and seventeenth days),


Feeling of stiffness in the hands,

Cramplike pains in the palms, so that the fingers can only be opened with difficulty; worse during rest than motion,

Frequent drawing in the hands and fingers (twelfth to fifteenth day),

Many drawing and pressing pains in the joints of the hands, fingers, and shoulders (tenth day),

Pressing in the palmar joints (twenty-first day),

Pressing pains in the joints of the hands (eleventh day),

At 7 A.M., while writing, exceedingly painful, long stitches in the right metacarpus, frequently repeated in the course of a few minutes, and somewhat embarrassing the operation of opening the hand and stretching the fingers. The stitches appeared during both rest and motion, a symptom which I had never had before. At 8 P.M., while reading, the symptoms recurred, only the pain was more continuous the stitches more intense and longer. The same symptoms were repeatedly felt at different times on subsequent days,

Tearing in the joints of the left hand,


Unusual burning of some pin-scratches on the fingers, also in the face and head,

Burning pain in one point in the right middle finger,

Tensive pain in the left thumb, impeding its motion,

Violent drawing pains in the right thumb as if in the tendon, commencing in the ball and disappearing in the tip of the thumb (after five hours),

Pressure in the right fingers (tenth day),

Rather violent pressing pain in the left little finger about 6 P.M., particularly towards the middle joint, soon disappearing; then the same pain in all the right toe-joints, except those of the great toe, lasting eight minutes,

Drawing-tearing pains in the finger-joints of the left hand, ,

Bruised pain in the right middle finger at noon,


Lower extremities

His legs were unusually weak; going upstairs was hard work,

Heaviness of the lower limbs,

Severe boring pains in the joints of the lower extremities, worse towards evening, more frequent when sitting than when walking or standing (twenty-seventh day),

Pressing-throbbing pain on the upper part of the inner side of the right leg, extending to the posterior side of the thigh upwards towards the ischium (when sitting and walking),

Pains in the lower extremities increase until noon, so as to be frequently troublesome in walking,

The pain in the lower extremities disappeared after drinking beer; the headache was aggravated,


Transient stiffness in the hip-joint,

Pains in the hips and knees, in the morning (tenth day),

Boring in the right hip-joint (ninth day),

Drawing twitching with dull throbbing in the region of the left hip, and in the right loin over the crest of the ilium, towards the buttock,


Weariness of the thighs, especially perceptible when going upstairs,

The right upper thigh is painful, only when walking, as if the psoas muscle which raises it were too short (after thirty-two hours),

Burning and drawing in the muscles of the thighs (fourteenth day),

Boring in the muscles of the thighs (tenth day),

Cramp on the middle of the left thigh (after three hours),

A drawing tension in the right thigh,

Drawing in the inner side of the left thigh, as far as the flank,

Drawing in the inner side of the left thigh, the whole afternoon,

Drawing in the external condyle of the right femur, in the elbow, fingers, toes, but especially in the knees, on motion,

Transient drawing in the left trochanter, followed by drawing pressing in the left metatarsus, and when this ceased, drawing in the teeth, in the forenoon,

Drawing pain on the outside of the right thigh, during which there was a toothache in the left upper molars,

Drawing pain in the right thigh, as far down as the knee, continuing with nearly equal intensity through the next three days,

Pressure in the middle of the left thigh,

A great deal of pressure in the muscles of the thighs (sixteenth day),

Severe pressing pains in the muscles of the thigh, when sitting (twenty-seventh day),

Burning-pressing pains in the muscles of the right thigh, so that he can only walk with difficulty (fourteenth day),

Drawing-pressing pains in the muscles of the thighs (twenty-first day),

Long stitches on the inner side of the left thigh, from the ischiatic tuberosity towards the knee, in the forenoon, when walking; frequently repeated for several minutes,

Sticking tearing in the thighs, while sitting and standing,

Clucking in the left buttock,


Stiffness in the left knee, when sitting, disappearing when walking, yet frequently recurring,

Heaviness in both knees; tearing in the left knee, disappearing when walking, in the evening,

Tired feeling in the knees, aggravated by sitting (tenth and eleventh days),

Continuous pains in the left knee-joint, impeding walking,

Paralytic pain in the knee, when walking, as if the joints were tightly bound,

Painful feeling of tension in the left patella, in the evening; the next day the pain became so considerable that walking was painful; patella hot and somewhat swollen on undressing in the evening, with an indistinct pulsation in the swelling,

Troublesome cramp pain in the knee and calves,

Drawing in the right knee-joint, in the forenoon, and on this ceasing, drawing in the right thigh,

Drawing and feeling of stiffness alternating between the right and left knees, frequently recurring (after half an hour),

Drawing and pressing in the knees and shins (eleventh day),

Boring in the right knee, at 6 P.M., several times repeated (first day),

Boring and drawing in the knees (twentieth day),

Boring and pressing in the knees, when sitting (seventeenth day),

Drawing in the left popliteal region, as if the tendons were too short, on getting out of bed,

Towards noon, when walking, drawing and tension in the interior of the right knee-joint, disappearing and recurring several times,

Drawing pains in the knees (fourteenth day),

Drawing and pressing pains in the knees, when sitting; with bruised sensation and general malaise (ninth day),

Frequently repeated pressing in the right knee, in the evening (twenty-second day),

Pressing pains in the knees and ankle (fourteenth and fifteenth days),

Drawing-pressing pains in the knees, when sitting (twenty-first day),

Sticking in the right patella comes on when walking, and disappears on continuing to walk,

Sticking pains, as with needles, in the hollow of the knee, only on motion; they at last became itching sticking,

Bruised feeling in the knees, when sitting (twenty-second day),

Pulsation in the left popliteal space,


Weakness of the legs as from fatigue,

The legs feel as if asleep,

Compressive squeezing around the middle of the left leg, as from a narrow ribbon,

Cramp in the legs,

Drawing in the legs and feet (twenty-first day),

Drawing in the right leg, when sitting (ninth day),

During a walk, drawing in the legs, in the knees, bruised sensation; the same symptoms when sitting (sixteenth day),

Drawing-sticking pain on the outer side of the leg, while walking,

Itching-stitching in the right leg, even on motion,

Dull stitches in the left leg,

Bruised sensation in both legs (ninth day),

The hitherto painless varices of the legs become painful,

Tensive pain in the tibiae, even while sitting,

Cramp in the muscles near the tibia, at night, towards morning, aggravated by bending the knee,

Frequent drawing in the tibia (twelfth to fifteenth day),

Sticking drawing along the left tibia into the ankle-bones, accompanied by burning pressure in the left eye; these pains disappeared again in five or six minutes, in the evening,

Itching-stitching in the right tibia, most violent during rest,

Tearing in the left tibia and ankle, on waking at midnight,

Twitching in the right calf, during rest, disappearing on motion,

Feeling as if asleep, longitudinally along the outer side of the right calf, as though in the track of a nerve. This feeling increased in extent, as if the nerve were swollen in its periphery, passed gradually into a dull pressing-constrictive sensation and slowly disappeared. Soon afterwards, the same feeling on the dorsum of the first joint of the great toe of the same side, and a similar but weaker sensation under the nail of the left great toe,

Cramp in the left calf,

Violent cramp in the calves, especially after coition,

Boring pressing-pinching in the muscles of the calves (sixteenth day),

Boring and pressing in the calves, when standing (twenty-second to thirty-first day),

Drawing in the calf and thigh,

Drawing in left calf and tibia; the pains are worse and more frequent when sitting (twenty-first day),

Drawing and burning in the muscles of the calves and thighs, while walking, so that flexure of the lower extremities becomes painful, a symptom several times repeated during the day, and rendering walking difficult (seventeenth day),

Cramplike drawing in the right calf,

Pressing in the calves (twenty-second to thirty-first day),

A sharp cutting in the left calf, on the inner side, during rest,

Itching-stitching in the right calf, not disappearing on rubbing,

Stitches in the calves (tenth day),

Tearing in the left calf, as far as the heel,

Tearing pain at times in the calves, while sitting and standing,


Pain in the ankle, coming on when walking in the street, as if from a false step, ceasing when at rest,

Drawing in right ankle (eleventh day),

Drawing in the a right ankle towards the internal malleolus,

Pressure and tearing in the ankle, while sitting,

Pressing and drawing in the right ankle (ninth day),

Severe pressing in the left ankle (tenth day),

Boring pressing in the ankles, during walking, neither originating in nor increased by walking, but felt just the same when sitting (sixteenth day),

Tearing-sticking pain about the right internal malleolus,

Stitches in the ankle,


Increase in size of both feet, so that all his boots were too small in the instep,

Trembling of the feet, as after great fright, with shaking chill,

Feeling of numbness, swelling, and heat in the left foot, which gradually encroaches on the whole leg, with itching and tickling, and lasts for a considerable time,

The left foot goes to sleep, even during rest,

Sensation as if the left foot would go to sleep, evening, when sitting,

As the attention (as if asleep) in the left foot began to decrease, the same feeling came on in the right,

Falling asleep of the feet and knee-joints, when stooping down, so that it was troublesome to get up again, in the evening,

Drawing aching in the left foot,

Feeling of burning in the left foot along the tibia (when walking),

Boring and drawing in the joints and dorsum of the foot, when walking, frequently repeated (twentieth day),

Gnawing-pressing pain in the inner ball of the left foot, in the evening,

Sticking-cutting pain in the right foot, as if a nail were driven through,

Frequently recurring tearing in the right metatarsus, towards the great toe-joint, in the evening,

Constrictive pressing in the dorsum and ankle of the left foot, and in the right upper arm,

While writing he perceived in the dorsum of the right foot, more on the left side towards the great toe, a painful pressure, with slight numbness of the right leg (after one hour); the whole was less perceptible when walking, and spontaneously disappeared (after a quarter of an hour),

Transitory stitches in the dorsum of the right foot, foot-joint, and left great toe,

Itching-boring stitch on the back of the right foot, most violent during rest,

Tearing pain in the dorsa of the feet (eleventh day),

Violent tearing on the back of the left foot,

Twitching pains in the dorsa of both feet towards the tibia, when walking in the street,

Drawing in the soles (seventeenth day),

Transient stitches along the external border of the left sole,

Tearing in the sole of the right foot, most severe during rest,

Tearing in the periosteum of the heel,


Very remarkable feeling of stiffness in the left great toe,

Pain in the right second toe and knees, alternately appearing and disappearing for almost four hours,

Boring in the right toes (eleventh day),

Boring in the joints of the toes, then in the shoulders (thirteenth to fifteenth day),

Threatening of cramp pain, alternately in the right second toe, and in both knees, with feeling of stiffness,

Cramp pain in the second toe of the right foot, extending towards the metatarsus (after two hours),

Sudden cramp pain in the right great toe, in the evening, extending toward the metatarsus; waking accidentally in the night, he found the whole right foot, especially the metatarsus, swollen; this continued the whole of the next day, but was only painful when stepping on it, or making strong pressure,

Drawing in the right toes (tenth day),

Pressing on the right great toe, lasting nearly all day, most perceptible during rest,

Pressing in some of the toes, and in the calves, in the afternoon,

Pressure in the posterior joint of the right great toe, when moving about, lasting all the evening,

The sensations of pressure and drawing in the posterior joint of the right great toe and ankle and knee-joints, as well as in the left hip, returned in short paroxysms, especially when walking about,

Frequent stitches, as with needles, on and below the nails of the toes (twenty-sixth day),

Sprained feeling in all the toes of the left foot, when going upstairs, in the evening,

Tearing pain under the nail of the left great toe,


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