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Colocynthis - Abdomen symptoms - Hahnemann

Bitter Cucumber, Colocy, Colocynth, Coloc.

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HPUS indication of Colocynthis: Colic-like pain

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Colocynthis in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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In the stomach, a pressure as from a stone.

Pressive stomachache.

Violent stomachache, precordial pressure (at once).

Sensation of pressure in the gastric region, especially after eating, with sensation of hunger, not relieved by repeated eating, every day.

Colic of the most violent kind.

Indescribable colic.

Excessive pain in the abdomen on a small spot below the navel, which after the night-sweat spreads through the whole abdomen.

Violent bellyache, alleviated by smoking tobacco, but leaving behind a long-continued sensation, as if he had taken cold.

Colic, with restlessness of the whole body, while through both cheeks runs a shudder, ascending from the abdomen and disappearing at once after a more severe pain.

Constant bellyache through all the intestines; this is composed of pain as from a bruise and from pressure.

Pressure in the bowels, which sometimes seems to come from emptiness, but is rather increased by eating, especially while bending forward when sitting, for six days in succession, particularly in the evening.

Pressure in the abdomen, as from fullness.

Great distension of the abdomen from time to time.

Dull, tensive pain in the abdomen, going off by pressure.


Cramp-like bellyache, so that he can neither sit still, nor lie, nor walk; with ineffectual urging and tenesmus to stool after eating.

Squeezing in the abdomen, as if the bowels were squeezed between stones, and threatened to gush out, sometimes with a rush of blood to the head and face, with a breaking out of sweat on those parts; at the abatement of the pains, these parts felt as if blown upon by a cool breeze.

Squeezing bellyache, as if the bowels were pressed in, with cutting toward the os pubis, with such violence below the navel that it distorted the facial muscles and closed the eyes; this pain was only allayed by pressing on the abdomen with the hand, and by the drawing in of the abdomen.

Forcing together the abdominal intestines round about the region of the os pubis.

Constriction of the abdominal intestines, increasing in intensity every ten to twenty minutes, which goes off by a strong counter-pressure with the hands.

Grasping in the bowels, as if whole abdomen was griped together violently; he could neither lie down nor sit, and could only walk when bent double; the pains were not diminished by lying still, but by rapid motion or rolling around.

Grasping and pinching in the abdomen (aft. 21 h.).

Pinching pains in the abdomen, which terminated above the mons veneris.

Pinching bellyache, without stool (aft. 34 h.).

Cutting pains in the abdomen.

Cutting in the abdomen, with grumbling and creaking.

Constant cutting in the hypogastrium, so that he had to walk bent forward, at the same time lassitude in the whole body, making walking a trouble, with dread of the work before him.

Cutting in the epigastrium, quickly passing off.

Periodical attacks of fearful cutting in the abdomen, starting from the left renal region and spasmodically drawing the thigh toward the stomach, so that she had to bend double as far as possible.

Sore cutting in the hypogastrium, which commenced when walking and increased in violence with every step (aft. 5 d.).

Stitches under the last ribs.

Shooting pain in a small spot of the umbilical region, which compels him to bend double, and is most aggravated by lifting anything (aft. ¾ h.).

Boring pain in the left iliac region, close to the bones of the pelvis.

Digging, tearing pain in the umbilical region, more violent during expiration and when laughing aloud.

Pain as from a bruising in the hypogastrial intestines, felt most while walking and while sitting bent forward.

Movement in the abdomen, as if he were still fasting in the afternoon (aft. 8 h.).

Emptiness in the abdomen, s if there was nothing in it.

Emptiness in the abdomen, as after a severe diarrhoea.

Constant pressure in the region of the os pubis (aft. 8 and 10 h.).

Tensive pain in the right inguinal region, more violent on pressure.

In the inguinal region, pain as if a hernia was being forced out, and on pressure pain as if a hernia was being reduced, for half an hour in the afternoon, and recurring the next day at the same hour.

Continual grumbling and croaking in the stomach, sounds as from frogs.

All the abdominal pains from colocynth passed away on drinking a cup of coffee, but the then had to go to stool at once.

After eating a single Solanum Tuberosum potato, violent pain in the abdomen, and hurried stool.


Vomiting twice, only of the food, without bad taste or nausea (aft. 10 m.).

Pain in the abdomen, as from catching cold, or from a variety of articles of incongruous food eaten together.


Distension of the abdomen, with passage of flatus and colicky pain of the abdomen.

Pressive cutting in the epigastrium, as from flatus, during inspiration.

Forcing from both sides of the hypogastrium toward the middle of the pubic region, like flatus which will not pass off, exciting to seminal emission.

Very severe cuts and stitches in the intestines, from flatus which will not pass off; these even wakes person up at night.

Obstructed flatus which remains behind.

Abortive efforts to pass flatus; later on a violent discharge of flatus.

Frequent noisy discharge of flatus.



Nausea for two hours (at once).

Nausea for six hours, till going to sleep at night; recurring in the morning on awaking.

Nausea for eight hours (aft. 5 min.).


Vomiting, very frequent.

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