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Coffea Cruda - Generalities symptoms - T.F. Allen

Coffee, Unroasted Coffee, Coffea, Coffea crud, Coff.

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HPUS indication of Coffea Cruda: Sleeplessness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Coffea Cruda in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Walking in the open air affects him extremely; it forces water from his eyes, and he soon becomes very weary (after six hours and a half),

Sleep and dreams



Frequent deep yawning,

Much yawning and sleepiness (first day).

Very weary with sleep (after twelve hours),

Overpowered with sleep; he dreaded apoplexy,

Sound sleep.

Talking immediately after falling asleep, in a girl six years old.

Unconscious tossing about at night in sleep, so that in the morning he was lying turned about in bed,


Sleeplessness on account of excessive mental and physical excitement,

Sleeplessness after midnight (from 2 to 7), with colic-like incarceration of flatus under, the ribs, which causes anxiety and sensation of heat, over the whole body, without sweat, excepting under the nose, without thirst, and with desire to be uncovered,

Very wide awake in the evening.

At first he is wide awake, but soon afterwards sleepy,

Light sleep,

Sleep at night uneasy; he was obliged to turn from side to side,

Frequent waking from sleep at night, as from fright,

He slept until 3 A.M., after which he only dozed, but on waking did not come to his senses,

Waking, with starting.

Frequent waking towards morning,


Dreams at night,

Very long vivid dreams at night,

Interrupted fancies at night while half asleep, busied with thoughts from which he cannot free himself and which deprive him of sound sleep.


Perspiration, towards morning,

Sweat of the hands, while writing.

Sweat of the feet, with soreness of the toes.


He became extremely excited as soon as the Coffea Tosta Coffea was taken in the evening; all movements were performed with unusual lightness (after twelve hours),

Great mobility of the muscles; every motion was easy, rapid, and performed with a certain consciousness of vigor,

Trembling motion, together with warmth in the back and between the shoulders,

Disinclined to work; he lost the desire to work, even while busy,

Inclination to lie down and close the eyes, without ability or desire to sleep,

The greatest mental and physical exhaustion (after forty-five hours),


Dulness of internal sensibility on account of supernatural speculations (secondary action).

Great weariness on ascending steps, soon disappearing,

Pain in the whole body, so that he had little rest,

Aversion to the open air,

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