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Coccus Cacti - Mouth symptoms - T.F. Allen

Cochineal, Coc-c.

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HPUS indication of Coccus Cacti: Spasmodic cough

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Coccus Cacti in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



General Mouth.

Odor from the mouth, as from a disordered stomach,

Sourish odor from the mouth,

Slight burning in the mouth and throat (third day),

Rawness in the mouth,

Rawness of the mouth and throat,

Rawness in the mouth and pharynx,

Gums and teeth

Drawing in the left teeth,

Sudden drawings in the teeth,

The toothache continued for several days, so that he was obliged to have the old roots taken out; although this relieved the pain somewhat there remained an aching in the cavities for some time; he noticed that they bled much longer than usual in such cases,

Very sore pain in the teeth and gum of the left upper and lower jaws, with great sensitiveness to touch, which waked him from sleep; he had scarcely changed his position (he was lying on the left side) when the pain disappeared,

Sensitiveness of the lower row of teeth, with sensation as though they were too long,

Increased sensitiveness of the teeth for cold things,

Great sensitiveness of the teeth, on rinsing the mouth with cold water,

Great sensitiveness of the teeth to cold water, in the morning,

Constant drawing in the right lower incisors,

Sudden drawing in the incisors and right meatus auditorius,

Sensation in the lower row of the teeth, as if one of the lateral incisors were grasped by cold fingers and forcibly drawn upward (6th dil.),

Momentary jerking pains in the left lower canine teeth, after smoking,

Slight pain in the last teeth of the left lower jaw,

Toothache in the hollow roots of a left upper third molar, which had been broken off a year before; this pain became a simple aching, relieved by neither warmth nor cold; the place was very sensitive to every touch (twentieth day),

Slight burrowing dull pain in the upper posterior right molars, in the morning on waking,

Drawing in the right back teeth,

Drawing in the left back teeth in the forenoon,

Awoke in the morning earlier than usual, after which he fell into a doze, which was interrupted by frequent painful shootings in the right hollow molar back tooth (second morning),

The toothache, which awoke him two mornings in succession, increased in severity on the third day,


Biting-sticking in the gum of the right anterior incisor, with great dryness of the mouth and frequent itching in the left external meatus auditorius,


Dryness of the mouth,

Dryness of the mouth, causing much thirst (sixth day),

Dryness of the mouth, with accumulation of mucus on the uvula (fourth day),



Increased salivation (first day),

Accumulation of saliva,

Accumulation of saliva in the mouth (eleventh day),

Increased accumulation of saliva in the mouth and erratic appetite, which obliged him to eat at a very unusual hour (noon), (first day),

Mouth seemed full of water the whole day (second day),



Small vesicles on the tongue,

Tongue coated white, ; (fourth day),

Tongue dry, coated brown, on waking in the morning,

Great dryness of the tongue and whole mouth, with much thirst and desire for cold water,

Biting sensation on the anterior part of the tongue, as from pepper,


Biting-sticking on the left side of the tip of the tongue, with accumulation of much tasteless saliva in the mouth,

Accumulation of tasteless saliva in the mouth,

Constant desire to spit, with metallic taste in the mouth (second day),


Sweetish taste,

Taste sweetish, bitter, slightly aromatic, on the second day; after 10 drops and after larger doses, bitter, causing nausea,

Pasty taste,

Nauseous, flat taste,

Nauseous, flat taste in the mouth,

Nauseous, offensive taste (1st trit.),

Metallic taste,

Metallic taste, with accumulation of water in the mouth,

Metallic taste confined to the tip of the tongue (third day),

Metallic taste, especially annoying when smoking (sixth day),

Unpleasant metallic taste (first day),

An unpleasant, almost metallic, and pasty taste (fourteenth day),

An unpleasant, sweetish, metallic taste in the mouth,

(The first dose caused a bitter taste in the mouth),

Bitter taste throughout the day,

Bitter, nauseous taste,

Unpleasant, bitter, often nauseous taste,

Extremely offensive, bitter, sour taste at the root of the tongue and entrance of the fauces, lasting the whole forenoon,

Sharp, bitter, sour taste, especially towards the root of the tongue, provoking vomiting,

Very offensive, sweetish, resinous taste in the mouth after a glass of water,

Was able to eat but little dinner because the food was distasteful,


The arch of the palate and fauces as far as visible slightly red; on the right arch of the palate pustules as large as mustard-seed,

Sensation as though the mouth and fauces were covered with velvet, immediately, lasting some hours,

Great sensitiveness of the mouth and fauces, so that rinsing the mouth caused cough and vomiting of thick masses of mucus,


Tongue became so rough and dry that rubbing it against the palate caused an audible noise,

Slight redness of the arches of the palate (seventh day),

Dryness of the palate, with great thirst (fourth day),

Dryness behind the arches of the palate,

Tension in the arches of the palate,

Tensive pain in the arches of the palate on attempting to swallow, relieved by water,

Sticking and burning in the palate and tongue (sixth day),

Scraping in the arches of the palate,

The arches of the palate became very irritable, so that loud speaking, or brushing the teeth, causes cough and vomiting,

Tickling irritation to vomit, in the palate in the morning; on rinsing the mouth with cold water it increases to real vomiting of mucus,

Talking or swallowing aggravated the painful sensation in the soft palate (fifth day),

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