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Coccus Cacti - General symptoms - T.F. Allen

Cochineal, Coc-c.

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HPUS indication of Coccus Cacti: Spasmodic cough

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Coccus Cacti in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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(Morning), Confusion of head, etc.

on rising, confusion in forehead, etc.

on waking, dizzy confusion of the head.

on waking, headache. after waking, headache.

on waking, headache above right eye.

soon after rising, pain in temporal region.

on waking, pressure, etc.

in vertex. while lying in bed, headache in parietal bone.

on waking, biting between eyeballs and lids.

sensitiveness of teeth to cold water.

after waking, worse on inspiring air, or holding a cigar with the teeth, toothache.

on waking, pain in right molars.

irritation in throat. burning in fauces.

irritation in palate. thirst.

nausea, etc. on waking, sensation of nausea.

on waking, retching, etc.

immediately after rising, distension in the stomach, etc.

on waking, griping in abdomen.

at 5 o'clock, pain beginning in right kidney.

urging to urinate. at 4 o'clock, frequent micturition.

on waking, sexual desire.

lasciviousness, etc. at 5 o'clock, emission.

hoarseness. dry cough.

after waking, cough. at 6 o'clock, cough.

after rising, short, etc.

cough. immediately after rising, especially on deep inspiration, pain in right lung.

on waking, pain in clavicular region.

on waking, tension in cervical muscles.

after waking, pain in sacro-iliac region.

after rising, sensation in limbs.

weakness, etc. on rising, itching of scrotum.

coldness of feet, etc.

at 3 o'clock, dry heat, etc.

on waking, heat in cheeks.

general sweat. perspiration on lower legs, etc.

(Afternoon), Towards evening, confusion of head.

at 6 o'clock, in a warm room, pressure, etc., in occiput.

the symptoms are most frequent and most violent.

hawking of mucus. heartburn.

lying down, pain in stomach.

frequent micturition. towards evening, hoarseness.

voice hoarse, etc. towards evening, stitches in left chest.

pain in loins, etc. pain in small of back.

while sitting quietly, pain in region of kidneys.

while sitting, pain in tibia.

weariness. itching on legs, etc.

sleepiness. chilliness.

between 3 and 5 o'clock, chilliness.

thirst. towards evening, febrile symptoms.

at 5 o'clock, heat in cheeks.

(Evening), Apprehensiveness.

confusion of head, etc.

after walking, confusion of the head.

pressive headache. after lying down, pain from eyebrow into forehead.

difficulty in swallowing.

great thirst. eructations of air.

itching at orifice of urethra.

strangury. at 9 o'clock, urine thinner, etc.

irritation to cough. short hoarseness.

cough. pressure upon chest.

pain in the loins. in bed, pain in lumbar region.

pain in small of back.

sensation in lower legs.

after a short walk, weariness of the feet.

weariness, etc. in warm bed, tearing, etc.

chilliness. on going to bed, chilliness.

chill. at 9 o'clock, shivering.

in bed, sensation of heat.

(Walking), After smacking, heartburn.

deep respiration. difficult respiration.

soreness in apices of lungs.

pains in rectum. copious stools.

pain in left chest. stitches at left ribs.

stitches in left thorax.

sensation in heart. pain in tendo Achillis.

pain in foot. sensation on surface of thigh.

sensation of heart of chest, etc.

sensation of heat of lungs..

Sensation as though a hot constricting band extended from one mastoid process across the occiput to the other.

this region seemed tense and constricted.

the condition became worse, until at last it affected the whole skull, in which the pain seemed to fix itself, and it seemed as though the bones became drawn closer and closer together, also involving the whole scalp (in which the pain appeared to be seated), and which seemed to be drawn tighter and tighter about the skull (second day),.

Violent, pressive, throbbing pain in the left mastoid process, which at times increases to a burrowing from within outward, when warm in bed before midnight.

when most severe it extends into the left ear, in the left occipital region, the last back teeth of the lower jaw, and along the sterno-cleido-mastoid muscle to the left claviculo-pectoral region.

on touch the parts pain as if suppurating,.

Jerking toothache, especially severe in the left upper incisors and eye tooth, in the morning after waking, with a sensation as if cold air were blowing upon the teeth.

this sensation continued the next day, increasing in severity, aggravated by inspiring air, or holding a cigar with the teeth.

on the third day the teeth became very painful on biting them firmly together,.

Tickling in the throat, in the morning, not allowing him to lie in bed, causing loud violent paroxysms of cough without expectoration, although there seemed to be considerable mucus collected in the throat.

only after warm drinks the mucus was loosened and expectorated in large loose masses.

the irritation to cough seemed to be especially in the uvula, the soft palate, and the mucous membrane covering the posterior wall of the fauces, and was characterized by only occurring in the morning, in bed, and being loosened after breakfast (consisting of weak coffee and milk), so that throughout the forenoon there was only a slight hawking, with expectoration of loose mucus (second day),.

After the throat symptoms had lasted eleven days, I was obliged to take Lachesis Lachesis as an antidote.

within five minutes after the 7th dil., I experienced relief.

with the paroxysms of coughing, easy expectoration of lumpy mucus, followed by relief, quiet night.

swallowing was quite free.

the next morning the roughness of the throat had disappeared,.

Awoke at 6 A.M., cough intermitting for several minutes, at first barking, clear, and dry, afterwards becoming looser, with expectoration of some tenacious mucus, the hawking of which provoked vomiting several times.

with sensation of soreness in the throat and pressive frontal headache.

the cough was relieved on rinsing the mouth with cold water and drinking a few swallows, which was very refreshing to the sensation of heat in the throat.

this latter, however, returned after half a cup of warm milk, but was not as severe as before.

although the weather was very unpleasant, yet did not cough in the street, and only a few times on going into a very hot room (fourth day),.

Cough returned punctually at 6 A.M., as yesterday.

it troubled him through the day and about 3 P.M. (an hour after eating), vomiting resulted in consequence of incessant coughing.

previous to this he had drunk a glass of cold water without relief.

after this renewed vomiting, followed by relief.

there was considerable tenacious expectoration (fifth day),.

Sudden, extremely violent pain in the region of the kidneys, in the afternoon while sitting quietly, it streamed out from both sides.

this pain was distinguished from the other kidney pains by its spasmodic character and its extent, as well as its drawing or pressive nature, and could only be compared to the cramplike pain which is experienced after an injury of the testicles.

he endeavored to ameliorate the pain by springing from his seat, by sudden motion, by bending up, and by rubbing the abdomen, but it only disappeared after a few minutes, on the passage of much flatus,.

Great appetite for dinner, which, however, was eaten without relish and with speedy satiety.

the food, though light and easily digested, caused discomfort and pressure in the stomach, and frequent eructations, which did not relieve.

the stomach was only somewhat relieved after repeated uprisings of food, whereby portions of it were thrown off (second day),.

Stool normal, first and second days.

hard, third day. much pasty stool, fourth day.

one normal, another thin, after four hours, fifth day.

an unsatisfactory hard stool in the afternoon, sixth day.

the same, seventh day.

no stool, eighth day. very copious pasty stool, ninth day.

scanty hard stool, tenth day.

no stool, eleventh day.

the stools before the proving were very irregular, sometimes hard, sometimes thin pasty.

(normally they occurred twice a day),.

The quantity of urine during the proving was diminished, indeed soon after taking 15 to 20 drops in a day and a half.

the diminution remained the same, even with the largest doses, from 100 to 400 drops and more in one day.

(fourth day) there was relative increase in the quantity of urine (45 ounces).

the diminution amounted to half the normal quantity,.

Pain in the right patella, during a long walk, especially marked in its inner margin, and so much aggravated by motion and pressure that, in the evening, walking was impossible.

in the night, both knees and toes were swollen and hot to touch, the pain was pressive and prevented any motion, he was obliged to go to bed.

this gradually disappeared during the next three days,.

Slight drawing-pressive pain in the left tendo Achillis, only when walking, and then noticed when stretching out the foot.

touch of the painful part (about an inch above the insertion of the tendon into the os calcis) showed no morbid change, the tendon could be pressed or pulled here and there, or stretched without pain.

when the foot was quiet in any position, the pain immediately disappeared, but returned on walking, and then only on stretching out the foot (twentieth day),.

The pain in the tendo Achillis did not appear through the whole night, was only slightly felt on walking about the room.

walking in the street was very difficult, so that he limped.

he was obliged to turn the foot outward, frequently stop and hold it up in order to moderate the pain, was only able to walk slowly and with short steps.

the next day the pain continued so that he was unable to go out.

pressure upon the tendon was somewhat sensitive.

ascending steps was especially painful.

the following day the pain became somewhat less.

after this it gradually improved until the twenty-seventh day, when he noticed very decided cracking in the tendon on moving the foot up and down.

it seemed as though the tendons were dry.

he was unable to stretch out the foot completely, and walking for some time caused pain.

the trouble lasted some days and gradually disappeared,.



General excitement on waking in the morning; the pulses beat so violently that it seems as though he himself hears them,

General mental and physical excitement first four days, followed by a half-stupid condition,

Great indolence (fifth day),

Disinclined to all exertion, indolent, exhausted and tired, but to-day not ill-humored (ninth day),

Disinclination to rise, and after rising weariness and lassitude (second day),

Great weakness, so that it was impossible to take the usual morning walk (first day),

Great weakness and sleepiness, in the morning,


Prostration of the whole body,

An attack of uneasiness; even in bad weather he was forced to go into the open air, while usually he preferred to be quiet,


Weariness, prostration, and fretful mood, with great irritability after a short nap after dinner,

Great weariness the whole afternoon (seventh day),

Great weariness the whole afternoon, without cause (seventh day),

Great weariness, with yawning, in the evening (sixth day),

Great weariness and much yawning (sixth day),

Sensation of weariness (first day),

Fulness and heaviness of the whole body, as if he were stuffed (first day),

Sensation as if the whole body were swollen while half awake at night; it seems as if his body were adherent to a woollen sack; everything that he touched seemed to be thicker than natural,

Sudden sensation, as though something were distending within me, together with a severe sticking, apparently in the rectum (?); after the sensation of distension increased, warmth extended over the whole abdomen (ninth day),

Drawings and tearings, here and there in the body, especially in the neck, between the shoulders and in the forearms,

Painful tensive-pressive sensation in the bones, just above and behind the left ear, especially in the mastoid process, coincident with accumulation of tasteless saliva in the mouth,

Sticking-tearing pains, here and there in the muscles, especially violent in the right hip-joint; often intolerable on rising or on sudden motion,

Tearing or drawing sticking as from splinters, especially in the warm bed, in the evening and at night when at rest, sometimes from slight exertion of certain muscles, as for example, holding a book in the hand caused them in the upper arm,

Frequent biting stitches in various places in the body, in the scalp, concha, right side of the neck and throat, on the margin of both rami of the lower jaw, near the nipples, in the back, pit of the stomach, axillae, bends of the thighs (inguinal region).

all of which symptoms were completely relieved as soon as he left the warm bed,.

Chilliness all over, on going to bed, especially in the back, with thirst.

the accustomed bed coverings seemed too cool for him.

after half an hour dry heat of the head, with red face, while the rest of the body was chilly.

after a while this dry heat became general and lasted till midnight, when sweat broke out, but only on the upper part of the body, which lasted till 5 A.M. (third night),.

Great swelling of the pudenda, especially towards the front.

they are very sensitive.

it seems as though there were a swelling in these parts, for the orifice of the urethra seems so contracted that the urine flows slowly over the sore parts, often with very severe burning.

frequent discharge of fluid which is very painful.

it, however, does not seem to be leucorrhoea, since the discharge is very thin (first day),.