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Clematis Erecta - Modalities Etc

Virgin's Bower, Clemetis Erecta, Clematis Virginiana, Clematis Clem.

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HPUS indication of Clematis Erecta: Nervousness
Common symptom: Itching..

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Clematis Erecta in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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BETTER, in open air. WORSE, at night, and warmth of bed (washing in cold water; new moon - (monthly worse).


Heat of bed


Cold washing


Moon, worse and better with (Phellandrium Phel)


Merc Viv Mercury



Desires and aversions

Long-lasting satiety; can eat, and with relish, yet immediately feels it is too much.

Aversion to beer.


Appetite increased, ; (first day), ; (second day),

Appetite increased; the prover ate double his usual amount, with haste (third day),

Appetite rather increased,

Constantly increasing appetite for some days after the proving,

Appetite exceptionally good (first day),

The more violent the attack was at the time of eating the greater the appetite seemed to be (eighth day),

Great hunger, towards evening (third day),

Appetite unnaturally great (twelfth day),

Ravenous appetite towards 2 P.M., followed by discomfort after eating (second day),

Diminished appetite (second day),

Little appetite (sixth day),

Very little appetite (fourth day),

Complete loss of appetite, ; (third day),

No appetite at noon, ; (first day),

No appetite at noon, on account of weakness,

No desire for breakfast, ; (second day),

Very little appetite for supper (first night),

Does not relish tobacco (sixth day),

Does not relish the accustomed cigar (seventh day),



Thirst, with longing for ice, which does not refresh him (third day),

Thirst increased, ; (after three-quarters of an hour),

Thirst increased in the afternoon (second day),

Increased thirst, in the evening,


Frequent eructations for several minutes (first day),

Three eructations, immediately,

Empty, tasteless eructations,

Eructations of air (after 300 drops),

Long-continued satiety; he could, indeed, eat at meals, and had a relish for food; but he felt at once that it was too much for him, and that he had still no need of food.

Position etc

Walking 3, 26. Ascending 26. Closing the eyes 5. Bending 18. Sitting 3. Lying 33, 36; on painful side 8.

Morning 5, 11, 37, 40. Evening 33, 37. Night 10, 24, 37, 40. Day 22, 37.