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Cina - Modalities Etc

Worm-seed Cina.

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HPUS indication of Cina: Restless sleep

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Cina in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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(Morning and evening), The attacks.

(Afternoon), Towards evening, stitches near navel; at 4 o'clock, paroxysms of stretching, etc.; heat, etc.; daily fever.

(Evening), By the light, dryness of lids; in the light, burning in lids; when looking sharply, everything appears as if seen through gauze; stoppage of nose; cough; in bed, while lying on side, spine seems broken; heat.

(Night), Pressure in stomach; restlessness; itching of skin.

(Every day), At same hour, fever, etc.

(Walking in open air), Headache; pain in muscles of lower leg.

(In bed), When lying on back, spine pains.

(Bending the part), Pain in muscles of forearm.

(After dinner), Eructations.

(After eating), Immediately, pain within head; pain in navel.

(Expiration), Stitches near sternum; pain in side of chest.

(Inspiration), Pains in side of chest.

(After a meal), Pressure across upper abdomen.

(Mental labor), Pain witching head.

(Pressure), Drawing in temples; pain on vertex; pressure on margin of orbit; pain in malar bones, pain in ramus of jaw; sticking in left side; pain in navel; stitches near sternum.

(Reading), Headache; pain within the head.

(Reflecting), Headache.

(Rest), Pain below gluteal muscles.

(On rising from bed), Blackness before eyes, etc.

(While sitting), Pain in forehead, etc.; stitches in side; tearing in muscles of limbs; stitches in trunk.

(While standing), Pain in muscles of thigh.

(Stretching out the part), Pain in hand.

(Touch), After eating, pain in scapulae.

(While walking), Pain in great trochanter.

(When writing), Pain on sternum.


WORSE, looking fixedly at an object, from worms, at night, in sun, in summer.




Looked at


Full moon




(Walking in open air), Stitches in muscles of thigh, etc.; tearing in muscles of limbs.

(Inspiration), Stitches near sternum.

(Deep inspiration), Sticking in left side.

(Lying down), Blackness before eyes.

(Motion), Pain in upper arm; tearing in muscles of forearm; pain in little finger; pain in thigh.

(Moving head), Pain in temporal region.

(Moving neck), Stitches in cervical muscles.

(Moving body), Pain in middle of spine.

(Pressure), Pain above navel; in side.

(Sitting), Pain in lower leg.

(Standing), Pain in lower leg.

(Stooping), Headache.


Lying on abdomen

Wiping eyes


Desires and aversions

Desires many and different things.

Desires for bread; great hunger after eating.


Position etc

Motion 31. Walking in the open air 3. Rising from bed 5. Lying down 5.

Morning 3, 27. Evening 1, 7, 27, 40. Night 10, 17, 27, 36, 40. Before midnight 1. Whole day 21.