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Chloralum - Generalities symptoms - T.F. Allen

Chloral Hydrate, Chloral, Chloralum hydratum, Chlol.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Chloralum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Sleep and dreams

Lies quiet; is gaping (55 grains, after six minutes),

Inclination to drowsiness,

For three weeks there was felt a painful sense of drowsiness,

Drowsiness came on in a quarter of an hour, followed by natural sleep, which began forty-five minutes after taking. Sleep continued in one case for two hours and a half, without waking, and an hour and a half at intervals afterwards. In the other case, with the same, amount, sleep only lasted one hour and a quarter (45 grains),

Sleepiness (10 grains),

Very sleepy in evening, and retired early; did not feel refreshed on waking, next morning,

Sleep (1 scruple),

Went to sleep (soon after),

On being brought back to bed, he at once went to sleep, passed the night quietly, and continued in a drowsy state all next day (60 grains),

The symptoms having continued from the time of taking, 11 P.M., till 6 in the morning, the subject, apparently from sheer exhaustion, became quiet and fell asleep, and slept for two hours, when he awoke with a most violent headache,

Without any trouble he fell asleep as soon as he laid down. Sleep quiet, natural, not disturbed by any dreams or hallucinations. Forcibly awakened, clear consciousness returned easily, and he replied promptly to any question. Left again to himself, he fell immediately again into his natural sleep, which lasted for ten hours, a thing which had not happened to him during his whole life,

Sleep, on each occasion, occurred within half an hour of taking, and continued for upwards of eight hours, the result being that of having passed a sound refreshing night's sleep, with no unpleasant after-effects,

Sleep came on in half an hour, and continued for four hours. It was, however, somewhat interrupted, and the patient was roused and made to answer questions without much difficulty (75 grains),

Fell asleep (after half an hour), and slept for two hours. Then she awoke with a scream, jumped out of bed and sat on the edge of it, semi-conscious. Recovered in five minutes, and was got back to bed, where she lay quietly for an hour, and then fell asleep again. In two hours more she awoke with much epigastric pain,

In the first case, the patient did not go to sleep for two hours, and then only slept one and one-fourth hours. Whereas, the other fell asleep in an hour, sleeping heavily two hours, and at intervals for from two to three hours more (60 grains),

In no instance did sleep come on in less than half an hour after taking,

At 10 A.M., quiet sleep,

Dropped into a quiet sleep, lasting about one hour (after fifteen minutes). When she awoke, she complained of a slight headache, and was somewhat restless for half an hour, after which she dropped again into a quiet, natural and refreshing sleep (30 grains),

Sleeps quiet; is snoring (55 grains, after fifteen minutes),

Natural quiet sleep, lasting from four to six hours,

Deep sleep, lasted thirty-six hours,

He suddenly fell into deep sleep (after one hour),

Deep sleep, with red face, the veins of the neck fuller than usual; deep respiration, pulse 100 (after one hour and a half),

Sound deep sleep, with loud snoring (after three to seven hours),


Profuse sweating (especially on second or third day),

A cold perspiration flowed from him, wetting his pillow and sheets (soon after),

A singular dryness of the skin (1 ounce),

Perspiration in large beads on the forehead (3 drachms, after ten minutes),



Literally, she resembled a living skeleton; appeared in a maudlin, semi-narcotized condition, and was only temporarily roused to consciousness by loud and repeated questionings; when roused, her answers were incoherent, her manner wild and uncertain, evincing altogether a state of mind closely bordering upon idiocy,

In several parts of the field of the microscope, besides garnet-colored amorphous particles, a number of red-colored globules (double the diameter of white corpuscles, and many smaller) were seen; some of these were dark-red,

Almost jumping and springing, he changed from one bed to another (soon),

With very great muscular agility, he was steady and sure, and with great talkativeness his speech was correct (soon),

Was observed to grow quiet, his eyelids drooping (after five minutes),

Inaptitude for exertion,

General state one of great depression (20 grains thrice daily),

Became unaccountably depressed and very weak, especially in the lower limbs, this weakness increasing until he was compelled to give up his daily walks from sheer inability to put one leg before the other,

Marked decubitus, with not merely indisposition, but at times manifest incapacity for exertion,

Utter prostration of muscular strength, the limbs extended, the head low, and he had at times the aspect of impending dissolution,

Lipothymia (especially on second or third day),

Getting restless (after thirty minutes),

Has become restless (55 grains, after twenty-five minutes),

Most extreme restlessness (3 drachms, after ten minutes),


Marked cutaneous anaesthesia (two cases, 60 grains),

Completely and profoundly anaesthetized (after forty minutes),

The feeling of muscular languor was so decided after each dose as to call for special remark,

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