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Chloralum - Eyes symptoms - T.F. Allen

Chloral Hydrate, Chloral, Chloralum hydratum, Chlol.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Chloralum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Redness and watering of the eyes, lasting for two days,

Eyes bloodshot and constantly watering,

Eyes bloodshot, and as if starting out of their sockets (3 drachms after ten minutes),

Eyes suffused and half-covered by the drooping eyelids (1 ounce),

Eyes became inflamed and weakened, and there was burning lachrymation (3ss. daily for two months),

For three weeks the eyes were much inflamed, and unable to bear the light without pain,

The disk after the dose was seen to have a transparent appearance resembling white wax; the retina was always found paler than before taking; the central artery and vein and their branches were darker in appearance, and seemed to stand out more prominently,

A state of capillary congestion was found in the left disk on two occasions; once it came on very soon after the light was thrown on the retina, on the other occasion it was observed front the first (1 scruple),

A general haziness of the fundus was noticed on one occasion in both eyes, when sleep had been produced (1/2 drachm after one hour),

Stared wildly about (soon after),

Eyes set and glassy (after twelve hours),


Great fulness over eyes, with pressing headache (after one hour),


Eyelids became red and swollen; conjunctiva injected,

Eyelids closed, and with some little difficulty opened (after four hours),

Temporary ptosis (in an overworked man),

Lachrymal Apparatus.

Lachrymation (after one hour and a half),


Redness, swelling, and secretion of the conjunctiva,

Conjunctiva congested (after twelve hours),

The conjunctivae were more congested after the effects of the drug were fully manifested,

Whole conjunctiva injected (after four hours),

Injection of the conjunctiva, with turgescence of the face,


Slight throbbing pain in left eyeball, aggravated by leaning forward, at 11.20 A.M. (second day),


Pupils dilated,

Pupils dilated, with sensitiveness to the light,

Both pupils somewhat dilated,

Pupils contracted, ; (after half an hour),

Pupils contracted, insensible to light (after twelve hours),

Pupils contracted to size of pin's head (after forty minutes),

Pupils became at first contracted, the right more than the left, followed by dilatation of the pupils, with subsequent alternations of myosis and mydriasis,

Pupils became elliptical in form, soon followed by angular contraction of the left pupil, at first directed downward and outward, afterwards outward and upward (although there were no senechiae in the eyes),

Pupils thought to be more sensitive to light,


Dimness of sight,

Once, after total cessation of chloral, temporary loss of vision, lasting with intervals for two days,

After the sleep, diplopia in its worst form, succeeded in fifteen or twenty minutes by muscae volitantes; ("everything appears double, and flies, or dark spots, pass before her eyes"),

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