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Cinchona ( China ) Officinalis - Mouth symptoms - T.F. Allen

China, Peruvian Bark, Chinchona, China Officinalis, Cinchona Officinalis , Chin.

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HPUS indication of Cinchona ( China ) Officinalis: Debility

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of China in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



General Mouth.

After an agreeable surprise much bright blood came suddenly into the mouth (after twenty-four hours),

Towards morning, an offensive odor from the mouth, which disappears as soon as she eats anything,

Acidity in the mouth,

Feeling as though there was an offensive exhalation from the mouth,



Swelling of the gum and lips,

Gums and teeth

The teeth are loose and painful, only when chewing,

Toothache, with looseness of the teeth (after three hours),

Toothache, dry catarrh, and lachrymation,

Drawing toothache comes on easily in the open air and in a draft,

Pressive drawing toothache in the left upper teeth, with sensation as if the gum or inner portion of the cheek were swollen (after one hour),

Toothache, like a pressive drawing, in the left side of the lower jaw,

While smoking tobacco (to which he was accustomed) drawing-tearing toothache upward and downward in the upper jaw, followed by an attack of faintness,

Throbbing toothache,

Drawing pain in the incisors in the morning,

Toothache, sticking from within outward in the front teeth,

Pain in the lower incisors, as if they had been knocked against something,

Digging in the upper back teeth, relieved for a moment by biting the teeth together, and pressing upon them (after forty hours),

Pressive pain in the crowns of the right back teeth, when biting the teeth together,

Drawing, pressive toothache in upper back tooth, with sensation as if it were benumbed, in the morning (after twenty-four hours),

Picking pain in an upper back tooth,

Small fine stitches, with tearings in the right upper back teeth, neither relieved nor aggravated by touch, or inhaling fresh air (after two hours and a half),

Jerking-tearing in the upper back teeth of the left side (after five hours),



Dryness of the mouth, with thirst,


Accumulation of saliva, with nausea,

Much saliva in the mouth, with nausea (after two hours),

Contractive sensation of the salivary glands; flow of saliva,

Watering of the mouth (70 drops after one hour),

Mucus in the mouth, in the morning after waking, and after making some exertion; it seems to him as thought it was offensive to those near him; he believes there is an offensive odor from his throat,



Painless swelling on the side of the back part of the tongue,

A vesicle beneath the tongue, which is painful to move,

(Yellowish tongue, not coated with four),

Tongue very much coated, especially in the afternoon (after seven hours),

Tongue coated yellow,

Tongue covered with a thick, dirty, white coating (after a quarter of an hour),

Tongue coated very white, in the morning,

Sensation on the tongue as if it were dry, and covered with mucus (after one hour),

Fine stitches in the tip of the tongue,

Burning stitches on the tongue,

Biting on the middle of the tongue, as if it were sore or burnt,

Biting on the tip of the tongue, as from pepper, followed by accumulation of saliva at this place,


The mouth is slimy, and the taste watery and flat,

A sensation in the mouth, causing a coagulation of saliva, as if he had smelled of too strong vinegar,


Flat, insipid taste, after drinking,

Sweetish taste,

Taste at first sweetish, then sour; profuse saliva,

Nauseous taste in the mouth, as after cheese,

A nauseous, at times bitter taste, especially in the morning; the food had an unpleasant though not a bitter taste,

Very nauseous taste (in consequence of his having taken large doses of bark in powder for intermittent fever, a year and a half previously), (18 drops),

Slimy taste in the mouth, which disgusts him with butter,

Bitter, slimy taste (70 drops after one hour),

Salty taste,

Sweetish, salty taste in the mouth (after three hours),

Frequently a sour taste in the mouth, as if his stomach had been disordered by fruit,

Bitter taste in the mouth; evening the tobacco tastes bitter while smoking,

Bitter taste in the throat, which obliges him to swallow saliva (immediately),

Bitter taste in the morning,

Bitter taste in the mouth, while drinking coffee,

Constant bitter taste in the mouth,

All food tastes unusually salt, afterwards bitter,

Bitter taste of food, especially of wheaten cakes (after six hours),

Although he had no bitter taste in his mouth by itself, yet everything tasted bitter; after swallowing food there was no bitter taste,

Tabacum Tobacco tastes sweetish while smoking,

Black bread tastes sour (after three hours),

Coffee tastes sourish,

Beer tastes bitter and mounts to the head,

Bread tastes good while chewing, but bitter on swallowing,

Bitter, salty taste of bread and butter; dryness of the palate and throat; when not eating, no unnatural taste in the mouth, only dryness and thirst,

Supper has little taste,

No taste from smoking tobacco,


Painless swelling of the arches of the palate and uvula (after three hours),

Dry palate, with thirst, in the evening, an hour after the fever,

Tabacum Tobacco-smoke causes an unusually acrid and biting sensation in the posterior part of the palate (after twenty-four hours),

Scraping on the palate, even when not swallowing (eighth day),

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