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Cinchona ( China ) Officinalis - Modalities Etc - T.F. Allen

China, Peruvian Bark, Chinchona, China Officinalis, Cinchona Officinalis , Chin.

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HPUS indication of Cinchona ( China ) Officinalis: Debility

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of China in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Forenoon), Before dinner, while walking in open air, cold sensation on ankles, etc.

(Noon), Dizziness.

(Afternoon), Headache; towards evening, when walking, pain in abdomen; towards evening, suffocative attack; mostly while sitting, drawing in femora; chilliness, at 5 o'clock, when walking in open air, coldness, etc.; from 5 to 7 o'clock, heat of body; at 3 o'clock, warmth of face, etc.

(Before midnight), Pressure in jaws.

(After midnight), Loss of sleep.

(Open air), Pressive headache; toothache; weak, etc.; creeping chill; cold hands, etc.

(Walking in open air), Headache, etc., stitches in calf; chilliness, etc.; chilliness in back etc.; chill on chest, etc.; heat of body; profuse sweat; sweat on hair.

(Draft of air), Toothache; stitches in throat.

(Ascending steps), Giving way of knees.

(Fixed attention), Headache.

(Bending body), Pain in region of kidney.

(Sitting bent), Pressure across chest; pressure upon sternum.

(After bread and butter), Eructations.

(During chill), Pain in lower abdomen.

(After chill), Thirst.

(While drinking coffee), Bitter taste.

(Compressing the part), Biting in nostril.

(Coughing), Pain in chest, etc.

(After dinner), Weariness, etc.; inclination to lie down, etc.

(After drinking), Flat, etc., taste; pain in abdomen; stitch in praecordial region; shivering, etc.; cold sensation in upper abdomen.

(After eating), Eructations; nausea in pit of stomach; anxiety in pit of stomach; fulness; pressure in stomach; pain below navel; distension of abdomen; colic; coughing; pressure on sternum; weariness; sleepiness.

(While eating and drinking), Pain in side of abdomen; stitches in side, etc.

(Expiration), Stitches in region of liver.

(Eating fruit), Fermentation in abdomen.

(After the heat), Thirst.

(Inspiration), Stitches in pit of stomach; stitches in upper abdomen; pain in left chest; stitches beneath rib; tearing in region of scapula.

(Lying), Pain of the joints.

(After drinking milk), Eructations.

(Motion), Pain from temples, etc., to orbits; tearing in head; headache in vertex; pressure above navel; in daytime, stitches in right side; palpitation of heart; pain in back; pain in small of back; pain in elbow-joint; pain in joints; heat.

(Moving the part), Pain in ulcer.

(Moving head), Vertigo; tearing in head.

(After midday nap), Pain in rectum.

(Pressure), Pain below rib.

(Raising arm), Pressure on sternum.

(Rest), Especially while reading, stitch in chest; stitch in cervical muscles.

(Rising from sitting), If he had at for some time, pain in thigh; trembling in knees; pain in knee; sensation of weakness.

(Rising from sleep), Stiffness in joints.

(Rising after stooping), Contraction of intestines.

(In room), On coming from open air, heat of face.

(During sleep), Sweat.

(After stool), Crawling in rectum.

(Stooping), Pain from temples, etc.; to ribs.

(Stretching or bending up foot), Cramp in calf.

(After supper), Weakness, etc.

(Deep thought), Headache.

(Smoking tobacco), Toothache.

(Turning eyes), Headache, etc.

(While sitting unoccupied, or when occupied with something in which he is not interested), Digging headache.

(When walking rapidly), Stitches in chest.

(On standing by window), Tearing etc.; in arm.

(Walking in wind), Headache.

(While writing), Trembling of hands.


(Bending backward), Tearing below navel.

(Bending body forward), Pressure in region of liver.

(On bending head backwards), Drawing pain in occiput disappears.

(Bending leg), Pain in tibia.

(After eating), Nausea, etc., disappeared.

(Becoming erect), Pressure across chest; pressure upon sternum.

(Lying on back), Pressure in stomach.

(Moving the parts), Pains in upper arm; pains in joints.

(Pressure), Drawing headache; pressure from middle of sternum.

(Rest), Pressure above navel; stitches in chest; sticking in tibia.

(Rising from bed), Pain in joints.

(Rising from sitting), Griping in abdomen; colic in epigastric region.

(In room), Chill ceases.

(Sitting), Drawing in nates, etc.; pain in knee; drawing in back of foot.

(Standing), Pain in abdomen; colic; pain across lower chest; pressure across chest; pressure over middle of sternum; pressure on right chest; drawing in hip-joint, etc.; drawing in sternum; pressure on right chest; drawing in hip-joint, etc.; drawing in thigh; drawing in tibia; crawling in foot.

(Stooping), Pain in right neck.

(Walking), Drawing headache; pain in abdomen; colic; pain across lower chest; pressure across chest; pressure on right chest; drawing in hip-joint, etc.; drawing in thigh; trembling of knees; drawing in tibia; crawling in foot.


Rather an increase of appetite (second day),

Very good appetite (70 drops),

Appetite unusual, so that I ate nearly as much again as usual, for eight days (after four days),

Great appetite for sour cherries,

He has an appetite for various things, but does not exactly know what,

Voracious appetite, longing for something, he does not know what,

Hunger in the afternoon at an unusual hour,

Hunger, though without relish,

Great hunger and appetite at 8 A.M., without knowing what he wishes to eat,

Ravenous hunger, with insipid taste,

Frequent longing for indefinite substances,

He relishes supper but is immediately satiated, and hence can eat very little,

Less appetite (70 drops),

Little appetite,

Little appetite at noon, from a sensation of satiety,

No appetite all day (140 drops),

He does not relish tobacco when smoking,


More thirst every morning than in the afternoon,

Thirst and hunger, in the evening, an hour after the fever, then, after he had eaten, coldness and rumbling in the bowels,

Thirst after the chill, without subsequent heat,

Thirst, after shivering through the skin,

Thirst after the fever, during sweat on the back and forehead,

Very great thirst for an hour (after nine hours and a half), followed by burning heat over the whole body, with throbbing in all the veins, without sweat and without thirst, with violent burning of the ears and forehead, though with only the usual warmth of the cheeks, hands, and feet, all of which parts seem in the internal sensation of being too hot (after ten hours and a half),

Excessive thirst for cold water, with chill and heat, especially in the morning just after walking,

Unquenchable thirst, during a chill and intermittent fever,

Great desire for wine,

Little thirst,

No thirst when eating,

No thirst with the heat immediately after midnight, only dry lips,

Aversion to water and longing for beer,

Aversion to beer,


Eructations (immediately),

Eructations (directly after),

Eructations, without taste or smell,

Eructations until going to sleep (immediately after),

Four eructations, with a taste of bark (36 drops after fifteen minutes),

Some eructations (2 ounces),

Sundry eructations (1 ounce, soon after),

More frequent eructations (70 drops),

Constant eructations (70 drops after one hour),

Empty eructations of only air (after two hours),

Tasteless eructations till toward evening (directly after),

Tasteless eructations after eating,

Bitter eructations after eating (after two hours),

Continued bitter eructations (18 drops after one hour and a half),

Incomplete sourish eructations, after drinking milk (after one hour and a half),

Bitter, sourish eructations, after bread and butter,

A sobbing-like tendency to eructations, something half way between sobbing and eructations (after three-quarters of an hour),

Frequent rising of badly-tasting mucus,

Hot risings from the stomach, soon followed by a decided taste of China, beginning at the root of the tongue and spreading through the whole mouth,