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Cinchona ( China ) Officinalis - General symptoms - T.F. Allen

China, Peruvian Bark, Chinchona, China Officinalis, Cinchona Officinalis , Chin.

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HPUS indication of Cinchona ( China ) Officinalis: Debility

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of China in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Morning), On waking, anxious thoughts, etc.

head confused. on waking, heaviness of the head.

on waking, dull headache.

weight in forehead. between 6 and 7 o'clock, bleeding of nose.

pain in incisors. toothache in back tooth.

tongue coated white. after waking and after making some exertion, mucus in mouth.

nauseous taste. bitter taste.

thirst. just after walking, thirst, etc.

sensation of soreness in pit of stomach.

in bed, while lying on side pressure in stomach.

distension of abdomen.

in bed, pressure in upper abdomen.

irritation to cough.

stitches in chest. in bed, pain in joints.

at 5 o'clock, chilliness, etc.

shivering. cold hands, etc.

while asleep, sweat. at 3 o'clock, after waking, sweat, etc.

oily sweat. as soon as he had risen, sweat on face.

(Evening), Full of plans.

headache in temples. an hour after the fever, dry palate, etc.

an hour after the fever, thirst, etc.

while sitting, griping below side of navel.

in bed pressure in umbilical region.

while sitting, pain in abdomen.

while sitting, pressing colic.

pinching colic. in bed, itching in glans.

in bed, pain in testicle, etc.

sensation in chest, etc.

while sitting, drawing in thigh.

while sitting, crawling in foot.

in bed, crawling in scrotum.

itching on arms, etc.

on lying down, chill. coldness of the feet.

cold hands, etc..

(Night), Forepart, until 2 o'clock, lively.

on waking, anxiety. on waking, dizzy.

headache. on waking, eye seems swimming in water.

towards morning, odor from mouth.

on waking from sleep, suffocative attack.

while lying on back, pressure over anterior chest.

in bed, burning-itching under knees, etc.

pressive headache. towards morning, heat in head, etc.


(Sitting), Vertigo in occiput.

heaviness of head. drawing headache.

headache in forehead. digging in side of head.

drawing pain in occiput.

pain in abdomen. stitches in abdomen.

colic in epigastric region.

griping-drawing in abdomen, etc. pain in rectum.

pain in perineum. pain across lower chest.

pressure on right side of chest.

reading, stitches in side.

stitches in left chest.

drawing in hip-joint, etc.

drawing in bend of thigh.

drawing in nates. pain in muscles of thigh.

pressure in nates. pain in tibia.

drawing in sole. on stretching out lower leg, pain in tibia.

stitches in tibia, etc.

pain of joints.


(Standing), Drawing headache.

pain in upper jaw. pressure in region of liver.

pain in hypogastric region.

drawing beneath ribs. pain in side of neck.

pain between scapulae.

sensation in thigh, etc.

burning, etc., in thigh.

drawing in nates, etc.

stitch in thigh. pain in lower legs.

drawing on back of foot.

weakness of knees, etc..

(Touch), Headache.

pressure in frontal eminence.

sticking in side. stitches in fraenum of glans.

tearing in upper limbs.

tearing on top of shoulder.

drawing on coronoid process of ulna.

tearing in ulna. tearing in metacarpal bones, etc.

tearing in thighs. tearing in knee-joint.

pain in patella. pain in bones of leg.

pain in lower legs. tearing in metacarpal bones, etc.

bone-pain in joints..

(Walking), Vertigo.

pressive headache, etc.

tearing in head. headache above orbits.

stitches in spleen. pain in side of abdomen.

stitches in hypogastrium.

pain between glans and prepuce.

pain beneath ribs, etc.

pain below rib. tension in muscles of thigh.

pain in thigh. pain in knee.

sticking in tibia. exhaustion of body.

chilliness. chill over thighs..

At 3 A.M., awakened by considerable palpitation of the heart, which was not lessened by any change of position, but was increased by lying on left side.

at 4 the palpitation subsided, and at 5 he fell asleep again.

at 9 the palpitation returned with diminished force, and increased with increased motion of the body (120 drops, second day),.

(Thirst during the chill), thirst during the heat," 1187.

for the "thirst during the transient heat," 1194, does not denote completely developed feverish heat. Much more, however, does the thirst appear after the heat, 309, 395, 1148, or what is the same thing, during the sweat, 1228. The feverish heat, accompanied by stinging over the whole body, seemed to make an exception, see 1181, 1192..

He was unable to sleep on account of many thoughts and reflections.

each occupied him for only a short time, but in succession crowded upon him, so that through nearly the whole night no sleep came to his eyes, on account of which he became very warm all over towards morning, although he is unable to have less covering, or to be uncovered.

without thirst (after thirty hours),.

Heat of the whole body from 5 to 7 P.M., aggravated on walking in the open air, which caused sweat on the forehead, preceded and at a first accompanied by heat and great hunger, which return after the fever.

on walking there is a sensation in the abdomen as of hot water running down (a creeping of heat over the whole abdomen and down the thighs), with red cheeks, without thirst (after twelve hours),.

One grain pulv. Cort. per. rub. Pulse 66, natural, on taking.

no change (after five minutes).

67, full (after ten and fifteen minutes).

68, full and tense (after twenty minutes).

69, full and tense (after twenty-five and thirty minutes).

70, full and tense (after thirty-five minutes).

strong and regular (after forty to seventy minutes).

71 (after forty-five and fifty minutes).

72 (after fifty-five and sixty minutes).

71, slight headache (after seventy-five minutes).

70, full (after eighty-five minutes).

68, full (after ninety-five minutes).

67, nearly natural (after one hundred and five minutes).


12 grains of resin of P. bark Pulse 64, natural, on taking.

full and regular (after five to twenty-five minutes).

65 (after ten minutes).

66 (after fifteen minutes).

68 (after twenty and twenty-five minutes).

full and tense (after thirty to forty-five minutes).

68 (after thirty minutes).

69 (after thirty-five and forty minutes).

70 (after forty-five minutes).

regular (after fifty to sixty minutes).

71 (after fifty minutes).

72 (after fifty-five and sixty minutes).

full, face flushed (after sixty-five to eighty minutes).

73 (after sixty-five and seventy minutes).

70 (after seventy-five minutes).

66 (after eighty minutes).

65, diminished in fulness (after eighty-five and ninety-five minutes).


12 grains extract of P. bark. Pulse, 66, natural, on taking.

60, full and strong (after five minutes).

67 (after ten minutes).

68 (after fifteen minutes).

69 (after twenty to thirty minutes).

full (after thirty-five to sixty-five minutes).

70 (after thirty-five and forty minutes).

72 (after forty-five to fifty-five minutes).

71, full and tense (after sixty minutes).

70, full and tense (after sixty-five minutes).

68, diminished in strength (after seventy-five minutes).

67 (after ninety-five minutes).


12 grains gum of P. bark Pulse 72, natural, on taking.

no change (after five minutes).

73, fuller (after ten minutes).

75, fuller (after fifteen and twenty minutes).

tense (after twenty-five to thirty-five minutes).

77 (after twenty-five minutes).

78 (after thirty minutes).

80 (after thirty-five minutes).

fuller and stronger (after forty to fifty-five minutes).

81 (after forty minutes).

82 (after forty-five to fifty-five minutes).

full (after sixty to seventy minutes).

80 (after sixty minutes).

79 (after sixty-five minutes).

76 (after seventy minutes).

75 (after seventy-five minutes).


2 ounces decoction of P. bark Pulse 72, natural, on taking.

62, soft (after five minutes).

63, soft (after ten minutes).

65 (after fifteen and twenty minutes).

fulness (after twenty to thirty minutes).

67 (after twenty-five minutes).

68 (after thirty minutes).

considerable tension (after forty to seventy minutes).

69 (after forty minutes).

71 (after fifty minutes).

72 (after sixty minutes).

73 (after seventy minutes).

71 (after seventy-five minutes).

tense, with flushing of the face (after seventy-five to ninety minutes).

77 (after eighty minutes).

69 (after ninety minutes).

66, full (after one hundred minutes).


2 ounces infusion of P. bark Pulse 64, natural, on taking.

no change (after five minutes).

66 (after ten minutes).

68 (after fifteen minutes).

69, fuller (after twenty minutes).

70, fuller (after twenty-five minutes).

72 (after thirty minutes).

tension increased (after thirty to fifty minutes).

73 (after forty minutes).

76 (after sixty to seventy-five minutes).

full and tense (after sixty to eighty minutes).

74 (after eighty and eighty-five minutes).

full (after eighty-five and ninety minutes).

73 (after ninety minutes).

66 (after one hundred minutes),.