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Cinchona ( China ) Officinalis - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - T.F. Allen

China, Peruvian Bark, Chinchona, China Officinalis, Cinchona Officinalis , Chin.

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HPUS indication of Cinchona ( China ) Officinalis: Debility

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of China in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Extremities, limbs


Laxity of all the limbs and trembling of the hands,

Trembling of the limbs from a chill and creeping shiverings over the thighs, in the open, still not cold, air; nevertheless, he was not chilly in a cold room (after nine hours),

Trembling, loss of power of the limbs, with dilated pupils,


Numbness and deadness of the limbs,

The limb upon which he lies goes to sleep,

A paralytic stiffness in all the joints, causing mental depression, on rising from sleep in the morning and from the midday nap,

Heaviness of all the limbs, especially of the thighs, as if lead were hanging to them,

Jerking-tearing in various places on the limbs, especially the hands and soles of the feet, aggravated by touch,

A sensible though invisible trembling of all the limbs, combined with a cooling sensation,

Pain in the posterior muscles of the thigh as if they were beaten, while sitting,

Upper extremities

Weakness of the arms, noticed if he clenches the hands,

Tension in the arms and hands (after two hours),

Tearing, first in the left and then in the right arm (after three hours and a half),

Tearing and drawing in the arm, if she stand by the window,

Paralytic tearing in the upper limbs, which extends into all parts, aggravated more by touch than by motion,

Paralytic jerking-tearing in the bones of the upper limbs, aggravated by touch (after one hour),

Paralytic jerking-tearing, which extends from the head of the humerus along the muscles and bones to the phalanges, where it is painless; therewith the whole arm is weakened; the pain is increased by touch (after three hours),


Intermitting pressive-drawing pain on the margin of the right axilla, near the forepart (after three days),

Tearing pressure in the left axilla and on the anterior and inner border of the scapula,

Paralytic jerking-tearing on the top of the shoulder, which is painfully sensitive to touch; after the pain has disappeared, it is renewed by touch; even the pressure of the coat on the shoulder causes it,


Paralytic pain in the right upper arm, which begins in the head of the humerus, and loses itself in the hand as a fine and slight tearing, together with warmth of the whole body, especially of the forehead (after eight hours),

Sticking pains in the upper arm, which almost immediately disappeared on moving it (after three-quarters of an hour),

Jerking-tearing in the humerus, towards the upper and inner portion (after two hours),


Painful drawing on the coronoid process of the left ulna (in the bend of the elbow), more violent when touched,

Tearing-piercing through the left elbow-joint, frequently returning,

Stitches in the left elbow-joint,

Tearing pain in the left elbow-joint, worse on motion (after two hours),


The forearm goes to sleep when bending it (for example, when writing), with fine sticking in the tips of the fingers,

Drawing pains in the bones of the forearm, as if the periosteum had been scraped with a dull knife,

Drawing bone-pains from the elbow to the fingers, in the evening (after twenty-four hours),

Tearing and drawing back and forth, now in the right forearm, where it disappears on rubbing, now in the left (after four hours),

Tearing in both ulnae, worse on touch,


Sharp drawing-sticking across the left wrist (in the evening), (after thirteen and fourteen hours),


Trembling of the hand while writing (after one hour),

Drawing pain across the back of the hand, which is swollen, on moving the left hand,

Drawing pain in the palm transversely across the roots of the fingers,

The hand pains (cramplike drawing) on closing it,

Dull sticking in the metacarpal bone of the right index finger,

Tearing at the point where the metacarpal bones unite with the bones of the wrist (after five hours),

Jerking-tearing in the base of the hand and metacarpal bones,

Jerking-tearing in the metacarpal bones and fingers, aggravated by touch,


The knuckle of the middle finger is swollen; he cannot move it on account of pain and stiffness,

Drawing in the thumb, middle and index fingers, extending upward,

Tearing in the bones of the last phalanges of the fingers of the right hand, especially severe in the joints, without affecting motion (after half an hour),

Fine sticking-tearing in the last joint of the right thumb,

Jerking-tearing in the phalanges of the fingers (after twenty-four hours),

Jerking pain in the left little finger,


Lower extremities

Tottering of lower extremities,

Weakness and exhaustion in the upper and lower legs, as from a long walk,

Walking becomes difficult, and he feels very soon exhausted, as from a sensation of heaviness and paralysis of the legs,

The lower limbs go to sleep while sitting,

Cramplike (stickinglike) drawing in the upper and lower legs (after half an hour),

Pain, like a sticking and burning simultaneously on several parts of the lower limbs,


Weakness and unsteadiness of the hip and knee-joints, two mornings in succession, as though he had taken a long walk on the day previous; on continued motion this sensation leaves the joints, and changes to a bruised pain in the upper thigh during the first day, but more especially in the lower legs on the second day,

In the hip and knee-joints, pressive drawing when sitting, which disappears on standing and walking,


Hard swelling of the thigh, which at times extends down over the knee to the sole of the foot, becoming thinner in the lower part, reddish, and painful to touch,

Weakness of the thighs,

Sensation in the left thigh, while standing, as though there were hardened pimples in the flesh, with drawing pain in it (after two hours),

(Burning on the front of the upper part of the thigh),

A burning and crawling, as if gone to sleep, in the thigh on which he had been sitting, on rising from sitting; especially noticed in the hollow of the knee, particularly while standing,

Tension in the anterior muscles of the thighs when walking,

Cramplike paralytic pain in the right thigh and knee-joint, on rising from sitting, if he had sat for some time; also noticed while walking (after five hours and a half),

Drawing in the nates and also in the knees, while standing, which ceases while sitting.

Slow painful drawing on the inner side of the left thigh, which seems to be only in the skin,

Cramplike drawing in the right thigh, extending upward from the hollow of the knee (with sensation of pressure), just as if the lower leg would be drawn up, in the evening, while sitting; it disappears when standing and walking,

In the bend of the thigh, especially in the tendon (of the psoric muscle), a pressive drawing, while sitting,

A painful pressive drawing downward in the femora, mostly while sitting, in the afternoon,

Tearing-drawing in the left nates, while sitting,

Drawing pain in the bones of the thigh, as if the periosteum had been scraped with a dull knife,

In the upper part of the flesh of the right nates, on the pelvic bone, pulselike steadily increasing pressure while sitting, which disappears after rising,

A stitch on the posterior portion of the right thigh, extending downward, while standing,

Tearing in the femora from above downward, during rest and motion; paroxysmal, lasting several days (after seventy-two hours),

Jerking-like tearing in the thigh,

Jerking-tearing on the anterior and outer portion of the right and left thighs, only caused by touch, not by motion,

Jerking-tearing on the anterior portion of the left thigh (after two hours),

Jerking in the middle of the left thigh (after five hours),


*Hot swelling of the right knee, with drawing-tearing pain, whereby he is waked at night (at 12 o'clock),

Giving way of the knees, especially on ascending steps,

When walking, the knees give out and bend under,

Pain in the knee on bending it, preventing sleep, with nodes in the skin on it,

Slight trembling of the knees when rising from sitting, which was relieved while walking,

A sharp drawing pain in the right knee when rising from sitting and when walking, which disappears on sitting again (in the afternoon),

Rhythmical jerklike drawing in the tendons of the flexor muscles in the hollow of the knee,

Stitches in the left knee-joint,

Tearing, extending from the knee-joint up towards the thigh, combined with weakness, so that standing and walking became difficult,

A jerking-tearing on the inner side of the patella,

Paralytic tearing in the right knee-joint, which soon extends upward towards the thigh, and then extends downward toward the lower leg, with weakness of the part, aggravated more by touch than by motion,

Pain in the knee on the slightest motion, as if bruised (after three hours),

Pain on the side of the patella when touched (after two hours),

Jerking pain in the knee,


Weakness in the lower legs when walking, the whole day (after two hours),

An inner restlessness in the lower legs obliges him to bend them double and draw them up,

A severely burning tension above the tendo Achillis,

Sensation in the lower leg as if the garters were tied too tightly, and as if the leg would go to sleep and become stiff,

Painful cramp in the left calf at night, on stretching or bending up the foot, which prevents sleep (after sixteen hours),

Drawing pain in the right tibia, in the lower portion near the heel, and then in the whole lower portion of the foot, while sitting,

Painful drawing in the bones of the lower legs (second day),

Cramplike drawing on the inner side of the left sole, while sitting,

Pressive drawing in the tibia, in the evening, while sitting; it disappears on standing and walking,

A pressive drawing pain on the outer and inner portion of the left tibia, below the patella, on stretching out the left lower leg while sitting, which disappears on bending the leg,

Sticking-drawing in the heels (after forty-eight hours),

Sticking in the tibiae while walking, which disappears during rest (after five and several hours),

Stitches now in the tibia, now in the back, now in the chest, while sitting (after fourteen hours),

Severe, sharp, suddenly recurring stitches in the upper part of the calf, while walking in the open air,

Tearing in the calf,

Bruised pain in the bones of the lower (?) leg when stepping upon it, and still worse when touched; if she feels of it, shivering of the whole foot and chilliness, as if she had put it into cold water,

Pain in the lower half of both lower (?) legs, as if the periosteum were bruised and swollen, only when standing; when touched, a smarting pain, as if there were a sore bruised spot,


Very soft swelling of the soles of the feet,

Weakness of the feet, as if they were bruised (after four hours),

Violent sticking-burning in the upper part of the foot, close to the tibia (while sitting),

Contractive pinching pain on the outer side of the right sole (after six hours),

Drawing pain in the metatarsal bones of the right foot,

Drawing, with sore pain, on the back of the foot while standing, which disappears while sitting,

Very violent tearing-sticking in the soles of the feet, while sitting and walking,

Stitches in the left sole,

Stitches in the scar of a wound on the left foot,

Sticking-tearing in the sole of the foot, in the region of the heel, while sitting and walking,

Jerklike tearing in the tarsal and metatarsal bones,

Jerklike tearing in the metatarsal bones and in the toes,

Jerklike tearing, aggravated only by touch, not by motion, in the metatarsal bones and in the phalanges, especially in the joints (after thirty-one hours),

Jerklike tearing at the union of the metatarsal with the ankle-bones (after twenty-five hours),

Sticking-crawling, extending from the great toe up to the back of the foot, as if the part had been frozen, in the evening, while sitting, disappearing on standing and walking,


Boring stitches in the tips of the toes,


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