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Cinchona ( China ) Officinalis - Chest symptoms - T.F. Allen

China, Peruvian Bark, Chinchona, China Officinalis, Cinchona Officinalis , Chin.

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HPUS indication of Cinchona ( China ) Officinalis: Debility

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of China in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Some twitching and jerking here and there in the pectoral muscles,

A sensation, at first burning, then of agreeable warmth, extending from the upper part of the chest to the stomach,

An agreeable fulness of the chest, as from satiety, with a pleasant (sweetish) taste of the saliva (after one hour),

Tensive pain, especially in the internal pectoral muscles (in the morning),

Contractive pain beneath the last ribs, and a sensation as if bruised, only when walking,

Pressive-drawing pain across the lower portion of the chest while sitting, which caused anxiety; it disappeared while standing and walking,

Tearing-drawing beneath the last ribs, while standing,

Pressure upon the chest,

A burning inward pressure in the whole chest,

Pressure from within outward in the region of the last ribs (after twenty-four hours),

An intermitting cutting pressure across the chest while sitting bent, which disappeared on becoming erect, and still more when standing and walking,

Pressive pain in the chest,

Pressive pain in the chest, and sensation of soreness in the larynx, when coughing,

Oppression of the chest,

Great oppression of the chest, in the region of the pit of the stomach, as if something were burrowing about there (after four hours),

The chest seems oppressed (in the night); whistling and rattling with wheezing and rĂ¢les in the bronchi, without his being obliged to cough on account of tough mucus (after five hours),

Stitches in the chest, in the morning,

Stitches in the chest when walking rapidly, which disappear during rest,

Dull stitches in the chest, which compel expiration,

Sharp stitches between the seventh and eighth ribs,

Sharp stitches in the thorax from within outward, in the region of the sixth and seventh true ribs, without affecting inspiration or expiration (after three quarters of and hour),

Some violent stitches in the chest, just above the praecordial region while he was at rest, especially while reading (after three and a half, sixteen, and eighteen hours),

(Crawling in the chest, as if something were crawling about in it),


Drawing pain behind the sternum,

Pressure over the whole anterior portion of the chest, at night while lying upon the back,

Pressure externally upon the sternum, while sitting bent over, which cause anxiety, and does not permit sufficient inspiration; it disappears on becoming erect (after six hours),

Pressure externally on the middle of the sternum while the upper part of the body is bent over, and also while standing; it disappears on pressing upon it (after twenty-six hours),

Severe pressure on the sternum after eating, worse when sitting bent over or raising the arm,

Some stitches from the sternum toward the back, soon after drinking (after eight hours),

Sharp stitches in the forepart of the chest beneath the last ribs without affecting inspiration or expiration (second day),

(Throbbing in the sternum, in the morning and evening),


Bone-pains in the joints of the ribs, as if bruised, on inspiration,

Pressure on the left side near the ensiform cartilage,

Drawing pressure on the right side of the chest while sitting; it is relieved while standing and walking,

(Sharp pressure, with crawling in one side of the chest),

Tearing pressure below the last true ribs, on the left side near the ensiform cartilage,

Hard pressive pain in the right side of the chest, in the region of the fourth and fifth ribs,

Sticking in the right side of the chest below the arm, in the region of the fourth rib, as if it were in the diaphragm, almost like a continual stitch; it disappears on pressing upon it and bending over (sixth hour),

Sharp sticking pain on the left side near the ensiform cartilage and in the pit of the stomach, only on inspiration (after sixty hours),

A tickling-sticking in the left side of the chest, extending towards the praecordial region,

(Stitches in the side),

Stitches in the side, while sitting and reading,

Stitches in the side and back, and constant nausea, while eating and drinking (after five hours),

Stitches in the sides, with great heat, strong, hard pulse, and staring eyes,

Stitches in the left side of the chest,

Stitches in the left side of the chest (on expiration), while sitting (after two hours),

Dull stitches in the cartilages of the third and fourth left false ribs, without affecting inspiration or expiration,

Sharp stitches near the right nipple, from within outward (after ten hours),

Severe stitches in the side at night, but during the day, only on motion or on touch (after thirteen days),

A small spot below the last right ribs, in which even the slightest pressure or walking causes a sticking pain,

Pressive, fine stitches in the left side of the chest (after eight hours and a half),


Pain in the side, as if beaten, or as from a blow,

Shivering in the morning and forenoon, with cold hands, sensation of nausea, and rapid pulse,


In the evening, a sensation of oppression and uneasiness in the chest; he feels himself obliged to breathe deeply and to make a sighing expiration, whereupon the oppression is for the moment relieved; with a weak, scarcely perceptible pulse, and anxious, impatient mood,

Rhythmical dull stitches from within outward in the thorax, during rest and motion, without affecting respiration (after one hour),

A contractive pain in the right side of the chest, in a not very large spot in the middle of the chest, so that he was obliged to expel the breath suddenly and almost involuntarily,

A pressive pain in the side of the chest, which impedes breathing,

Severe stitches beneath the last ribs, on inspiration, which arrest the breathing,

Whistling and wheezing in the bronchi, on breathing (after two hours),

Snoring and moaning when sleeping, in a chill,

Snoring inspiration (through the nose) when asleep (after three hours),

Snoring inspiration and expiration, while asleep,

When asleep, a snoring inspiration soon follows, and a puffing expiration,

Inclination to breathe deeply, before dinner,

Very difficult, painful inspiration and quick expiration,

Dyspnoea, with difficult, at times rattling expiration (mostly when walking), with rawness of the chest (after four hours),

A kind of suffocative attack, as if the larynx were filled with mucus, especially towards evening, and at night on waking from sleep (after eight hours),

Larynx and Bronchi.

Accumulation of mucus in the larynx, which he constantly loosens, and which makes the voice hollow and hoarse,

Sensation of a collection of mucus in the larynx,

A kind of drawing in the air-passages below the larynx, followed by paroxysms of coughing,

Stitches and a raw sensation in the larynx,

Continual irritation to hacking cough, in the morning after rising, as from Sulphur sulphur-vapor, whereby nothing could be loosened, for several mornings,

Tickling in the evening, provoking cough, which, however, he is able to suppress,

Pain in the bronchi and in the sternum, on coughing,


An affection of the larynx, so that the tone of the voice and of singing is deeper than usual, and rough (after two hours),

Hoarse, rough voice,

Cough and Expectoration.

Cough caused by laughing,

He wakes after midnight with cough; with every paroxysm of coughing he feels a sharp sticking in both sides of the chest, still he is able to cough lying down,

Severe coughing, immediately after eating (after four hours),

Suffocative cough for a few minutes at night, about 2 and 4 o'clock (a kind of hooping-cough); she screamed on account of it after she had coughed a few times,

(Cough of bloody mucus),


Heart and pulse


Dilatation of right side of heart,

Stitch in the praecordial region after every drink,

Heart's Action.

Palpitation of the heart,

Palpitation of the heart, with intermitting pulse; intermissions of every ninth beat followed by three or four rapid beats,

Soon after dinner, considerable palpitation of the heart, increased by movement, lessened by quiet, continuing till 7 A.M. (120 drops, after four hours),

Palpitation and rush of blood to the face, which was hot and red, together with coldness of the hands (after one hour),

Palpitation, immediately followed by chill (after twenty minutes),

Violent palpitation, conjoined with anxious sensation,

Violent palpitation, with depressed pulse and coldness of the skin,


Rapid, irregular pulse (after six hours),

Rapid and hard pulse, with flushes of heat, alternating with chilliness of the back which is covered with cold sweat, which also appears on the forehead (after a few minutes), without thirst during the chill or fever, lasting five hours,

After last dose, pulse more than 70,

Pulse 80,

Pulse slow, weak (after one hour and a half),

Pulse, slow, weak, which after a while became gradually stronger and more rapid (after three-quarters of an hour),

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