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Chelidonium Majus - Modalities Etc

Celandine, Chelidonium, Chelid, Chelidon, Chelidonin, Chel.

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HPUS indication of Chelidonium Majus: Diarrhea
Common symptoms: Diarrhea, Dizziness, Nausea, Vomiting.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Chelidonium Majus in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Forenoon), On coming from the open air into the room, headache; towards noon, pressive headache; headache in occiput; sensation in eyes.; bleeding of gum; urging to stool, etc.; at 8 o'clock, thin stool; at 9 o'clock, pain in angle of scapula; tearing in upper arm; sweat on upper part of body.

(Noon), Symptoms generally returned, except chill, etc.; after dinner, tearing in forehead; semiliquid stool.

(Before midnight), In bed, restlessness; uneasy sleep; awoke frequently.

(Midnight), Pain in chest, etc.

(After midnight), Oppression of chest, etc.; towards morning, many dreams, etc.; sweat.

(Open air), Pressive headache; shaking chill.

(In bed), Pain behind and above ear; passage of much flatus.

(Beer), Heat of head; waving in brain, etc.

(Bending thorax towards left side), Pain between right ribs.

(Bending arm), Pain in elbow.

(Bending knee), Drawing in knee.

(Bending body backwards), Pain in back.

(Bending body forwards), Pains in chest.

(Blowing nose), Pressive headache; pain in chest.

(Breathing), Choking sensation in throat.

(Chewing), Pain in teeth.

(On closing eyes), Vertigo; surging, etc., in ears.

(Coughing), Pressive headache; stitches in head; hearing vanishes; pain in abdomen; stitches in thorax; soreness in lung.

(After dinner), Immediately, vertigo, etc.; difficult breathing; on inspiration, pressure on chest; weariness.

(Drawing abdomen together), Pains in abdominal walls.

(After drinking), Chilliness.

(After eating), Immediately, cutting in intestines.

(On expiration), Oppression of chest.

(Indoors), Cough.

(Inspiration), Sensation in fauces; pains in chest; pain behind sternum; pain in sternum; stitches in region of heart; pain in scapulae; pain about angle of scapula; stitches below scapula.

(Deep inspiration), Pain in pit of stomach; tension about base of thorax; pains in ribs, etc.; stitches in side of thorax; soreness in left lung; painfulness of neck.

(Lamplight), Pains in eyes.

(On looking up), Aching in eyeballs.

(Lying down), Tension, etc., in zygoma; pain in epigastric region; immediately, sweat.

(Moving head), Pain in cervical vertebrae.

(On moving eyes), Aching in eyeballs.

(Moving mouth), Toothache.

(Moving arm), Pain in sacrum; pressure in shoulder; pain in deltoid muscle, etc.

(Pressure), Pressure in stomach; cutting in epigastric, etc., regions; pain in cervical vertebrae; sore pain in vertebrae; pain in lumbar, etc.; vertebrae; pain in metacarpal bones.

(Pressbng on gum), Pain in back teeth.

(Pressing tongue against left side of palate while swallowing), Pain in fauces.

(Raising arm), Especially the right, pain in neck.

(Reflecting), Dizziness, etc.

(Rest), Pain in shoulder; pains in joints of lower extremities.

(On rising), Vertigo, etc.; headache.

(On rising from bed), Vertigo, etc.

(On rising from chair), Pain in hip.

(On rising from stooping), Fluent coryza; pain in back.

(Rubbing), Burning in eyelids, etc.

(Scratching), Pain in spots on skin.

(Sitting), Stitches in side; kind of paralysis, etc.; pain in ankle.

(Sitting bent), Pressure in back.

(On sitting up in bed), Vertigo.

(During sleep), General sweat.

(Smoking), Cardialgia.

(Sneezing), Pain in chest; soreness in left lung.

(While speaking), Pain in teeth, etc.

(Attempting to step), Cramp in sole.

(Stepping), Pain in knee.

(After stool), Constriction of anus.

(Stooping), Pressive headache; pain in chest; pain in back.

(After supper), Pain in parietal bone.

(Empty swallowing), Stitches in tonsils.

(When taken up and carried), Child cries frequently.

(Touch), Pain in temple; pain in face; pain in pit of stomach; pain in angle of scapulae; pain in shoulder, etc.; pains in thighs.

(Turning head), Drawing pain in neck.

(On waking), Heaviness of head; dryness of throat; sweat.

(Walking), Ringing in ear; sensation in stomach; difficult respiration; palpitation; stitches in lumbar region; pain in thighs; pain in knee; pain in hollow of knee; ankle painful.

(Fast walking), Headache in vertex; pain in chest.

(Warm food), Toothache.

(Warmth), Stopped coryza; toothache.

(While writing), Hands tremble.



Worse, right side, motion, touch, change of weather, very early in morning.




Change of weather

North Easters

and 4 PM

(Ignatia Ign)


(Towards evening), Symptoms disappear; improvement; all symptoms except confusion of head disappear.

(Evening), All pains except headache disappear; on waking from a nap, headache.

(Open air), Relief; feels well; indolence, etc.

(Bending body forward), Pain in small of back.

(Standing bent over), Pain in anus.

(Closing eyes), Headache; sensation across forehead; sensation in eyes; pain in eyes; pain in left eye.

(Cold air), Toothache.

(Cold water), Toothache.

(Grasping calf), Cramp in sole.

(After dinner), Symptoms relieved.

(Eating), Headache between eyebrows; sensation in stomach.

(On becoming erect), Pressure in back.

(Eructations), Nausea; pains in chest; pressure in stomach.

(After evacuation), Of a light colored, etc., stool, general relief.

(Lying down in bed), Nausea.

(Lying on left side with legs drawn up), Pain in stomach.

(Lying on stomach), Pain in kidneys.

(When lying on the part), Stitching in right temple disappears.

(Passage of flatus), Pain in stomach.

(Pressure), *Tearing in forehead.

(Rubbing), Sensation in hand; pain from wrist to finger.

(Rubbing soles), Headache.

(Scratching), Itching of skin.

(After supper), Pains in ribs cease.

(Swallowing), Pain in fauces.



BETTER, after dinner, from pressure.

Hot food

Eating; dinner



Hot bath

Bending backward

Desires and aversions

Desire for milk, which agrees.

Fond of vinegar, or sour wine; dislike to cheese; to meat.

Loss of appetite, with disgust and nausea.


Increase of appetite, ; (first day),

Increased appetite morning and noon, lasting several weeks (second day),

Appetite better and fresher than before the proving,

Very unusual appetite, so that I ate almost a double portion, and drank some glasses of beer,

Hunger greater than usual before eating (after one hour and a half),

Great hunger, which could scarcely be satisfied (soon after 30 drops),

Unnatural sensation of hunger (after half an hour),

Milk was more grateful to her than ever before (after seven hours),

Longing for vinegar and other sour things; vinegar tastes less sour than usual (fourth day),

Diminished appetite, ; (sixth day), ; (seventh day),

Less appetite for breakfast than usual (second day),

Little appetite (second day),

Loss of appetite, ; (after half an hour),

Loss of appetite the whole day (fourteenth day),

Complete loss of appetite,

No appetite for supper for six days (twelfth day),

She was unable to take anything except water during the day till evening (second day),

Aversion to cheese (ninth to thirteenth days),

Disgust (70 to 140 drops), ; (10 to 60 grains),

Slight disgust,


Thirst (after three hours), ; (first day),

Thirst, for half an hour in the evening (fourth day),

Some thirst (second day),

Much thirst, ; (fifth day), ; (fourth day), ; (sixth day),

Great thirst for cold water, which constantly returns after being satisfied,

Longing for acids (second morning),

Longing for wine (ninth to thirteenth days),

Great desire for wine, which caused neither rush of blood to the head nor headache, as it usually did when taken in similar quantity (third day),

Diminished thirst,

Aversion to coffee (fourteenth day),

Eructations and Hiccough.

Eructations, ,

Eructations always after taking,

Eructations the whole day (first day),

Eructations continue until going to sleep (first day),

Eructations in the afternoon, at one time with heartburn, which soon disappeared,

Eructations twice in the night, so bitter that they made her shiver, followed by continual bitter taste (second night),

Eructations, which afford relief,

Eructations, with heartburn,

Eructations, with yawning,

Many eructations, followed by chilliness (after one hour),

Frequent eructations until evening,

Frequent eructations, whereby the pains in the chest are relieved (fifth day),

Eructations seldom,

Empty eructations, ; (after three-quarters of an hour),

Eructations of air, , ; (after ten minutes), ; (after a quarter of an hour), ; (after twenty minutes),

Eructations of air the whole day (second day),

Frequent eructations of air, ; (after half an hour and second day),

Frequent eructations of air, with relief of the pain in the stomach,

Many eructations of wind (fourteenth day),

Sourish, or saltish-bitter, or bitter eructations,

Eructations tasting of the breakfast (after one hour and three-quarters),

Eructations tasting of juniper berries (after half an hour),

Hiccough (after twenty minutes),

Hiccough (after one hour and a half, and frequently),


Heartburn, and great weariness,

Heartburn; disappearing immediately after another dose of 3 drops,

Stomach, Objective.

Distension of the epigastric region,

Gurgling in the stomach, as though bubbles of air formed, burst, and afforded relief (after one hour and a half),

(Milk porridge, which usually did not digest easily, did her good to-day), (second day),

Needs to eructate without being able to accomplish it,

Anxiety in the stomach,

Hollow sensation in the stomach,

Sensation of hollowness and emptiness in the stomach, similar to excessive hunger, with exhaustion, while walking,

Warmth in the stomach (after three-quarters of an hour),

Increased warmth in the stomach (after one hour and a quarter),

Agreeable warmth in the pit of the stomach (after twenty minutes),

The warmth of the stomach disappears and returns after three-quarters of an hour,

Sensation of warmth in the stomach,

Sensation of coldness in the stomach (after half an hour),

Sensation of coldness in the stomach, with some distension, as if cramp in the stomach would follow,

Pain in the stomach,

Pain in the stomach, with sensation of distension,

Pain in the stomach, with eructations (fourth day),

Pain in the stomach, lasting an hour, with eructations of air, relieved by lying upon the left side, with the legs drawn up (fifth day),

Pain in the pit of the stomach,

Pain in the pit of the stomach, and opposite in the back,

Violent pain in the pit of the stomach, as if the stomach were constricted, in bed,

Burning in the stomach, with eructations (soon after taking),

Tensive pain in the pit of the stomach, on deep inspiration (after five minutes),

Contractive sensation below the epigastric region (after one hour and three-quarters),

Contractive sensation in the stomach, with qualmishness (after one hour),

Cramplike pain in the epigastric region, on lying down (after ten minutes),

Spasmodic pain in the pit of the stomach,

Spasmodic pain in the right side of the pit of the stomach,

Digging pain in the stomach,

Digging pain in the epigastric region, continuing until after eating,

Peculiar sensation in the stomach, as of gnawing or digging, relieved after eating (first day),

Pressure on stomach, , ; (after one hour),

Pressure in the stomach, lasting several hours, increased by external pressure (after three hours),

Pressure in the stomach, as from a dull body, increased by external pressure (soon after 20 drops),

Pressure in the stomach, with accumulation of gas in it (second day),

Pressure in the stomach, alternating with pain, extending to the nape of the neck, forehead, and temples,

Paroxysmal pressure in the stomach, lasting several hours (two hours after 20 drops),

Pressure in front of the stomach,

Pressure in the pit of stomach (after ten hours),

Pressure in the pit of the stomach, with oppression of the chest and difficult breathing, toward evening (eighth day),

Oppressive pressure in the pit of the stomach,

Pinching pressive pain in and below the pit of the stomach, increased by touch (after three hours),

Drinking water causes heaviness and pressure at the stomach,

Pressive pain in the epigastric region,

Pressive pain in the stomach, relieved by eructations of air, lasting an hour (sixth day),

Oppression of stomach (10 to 60 grains),

Oppression of the stomach; this oppressed sensation extended up into the chest as far as the clavicle (first day),

Oppression and anxiety in the stomach (immediately),

Oppression of the stomach, with eructations, which relieved the oppression (after ten minutes),

Oppressive pain in the upper part of the epigastric region,

Cutting in the stomach (after a quarter of an hour),

Cutting in the stomach, while yawning, at 1 P.M.,

Violent cutting in the epigastric and umbilical region, aggravated by pressure, lasting two hours (second day after 50 drops),

Sticking in the right side of the stomach (after one hour and three-quarters),

Stitches in the epigastric region,

Stitches in the pit of the stomach, then in the back, then in the right, then in the left cheek,

A sharp stitch in the left side near the pit of the stomach, in the afternoon while writing, during inspiration, and on making the body erect (first day),

A sharp painful stitch in the pit of the stomach, which extends through the body to the back, at 5.30 P.M.,

Severe stitch in the pit of the stomach,

Cramplike throbbing in the pit of the stomach, which caused anxious respiration (after five hours),

Position etc

Rest 3. Motion 3, 31, 33. Moving eyes 3, 5. Walking 34, 40. Bending forwards 31. Desire to lie down 37. In bed 5, 40. After lying down 40.

Morning 5, 27, 40. Afternoon 10, 15. 4-9 P.M. 21. Evening 5, 29, 40. Night 20, 27, 28. Before midnight 37. After midnight 40. Day 22, 23, 37.