Chamomilla - Abdomen symptoms

German Chamomile, Chamomile, Camomile, Chamom., Camomilla, Chamomila, Camomila, Chamomilla Vulgaris

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HPUS indication of Chamomilla: Irritability

Homeopathic remedies are prescribed on the basis that in a tiny dilution like cures like, so while very dilute Chamomilla may help, unprocessed Chamomilla may be best avoided.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Chamomilla in traditional homeopathic usage, not reviewed by the FDA.

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Sweats after eating or drinking

Aversion to warm drinks

Tongue yellow; tastes bitter

Pressive gastralgia, as from a stone ( Bryonia Bry.; Abies Nigra Abies N.)


Griping in region of navel, and pain in small of back

Flatulent colic, after anger, With red cheeks and hot perspiration

Hepatic colic

Acute duodenitis ( Kali Bich Kali-bich ( chronic).)



behind lower ribs


during chill


Sensation as if diarrhoea would come on

Bloated; morning



after eating

after period


trapped wind

behind lower ribs


Sensation of fullness; behind lower ribs






after stress

As if something were in abdomen (movements, lumps, etc.); movements in abdomen

movements in abdomen; around navel

Noises from abdomen; rumbling; as if diarrhoea would come on

rumbling; after drinking

Pain; morning

morning; in bed

morning; sunrise


must bend double

from catching cold

during cough

as if diarrhoea would come on

during diarrhoea (colic)

after drinking

after drinking coffee

after intense emotions; after anger

after intense emotions; after excitement

during the heat of fever

in women; before period

in women; during period

in women; after period

in women; from suppression of period

in women; during pregnancy

comes on suddenly


on sneezing

before stool

during stool

during diarrhoea

during urination

prevents urination



extending across abdomen

extending to other parts; to bladder

extending to other parts; to chest

extending to other parts; to thigh

region of hip; crest of hip

behind lower ribs; night; in bed

behind lower ribs; in bed

behind lower ribs; after dancing

behind lower ribs; after eating

lower part of abdomen; after period

lower part of abdomen; comes on suddenly

groin region; hernia; as if a hernia would appear

liver; colic, gall-stones

navel; region of navel



after drinking coffee

burning; navel; region of

cramping, griping; from drinking coffee

cramping, griping; after drinking water

cramping, griping; before period

cramping, griping; during period

pressing; on urination

cutting; when coughing

cutting; before period

cutting; during stool

cutting; navel; around navel

dragging, bearing down

during period

behind lower right ribs

groin region


behind lower ribs

behind lower ribs; right

behind lower ribs; in bed

pressing; behind lower ribs

after eating

pressing; lower part of abdomen

sore, bruised, tenderness, etc.; after period

sudden, sharp (sticking, etc.)

while walking

extending to other parts; chest

extending to other parts; transversely

behind lower ribs

behind lower ribs; right

behind lower ribs; while standing

behind lower ribs; while walking

lower part of abdomen

around hip

groin region

groin region; right



sides; right

sides; while walking

sides; between ribs and hip


around navel

Complaints of spleen

Stopped sensation


behind lower ribs

around navel

Bladder; gall stones; after operation to remove

pain; cervix of bladder

pain; burning

during urination


cervix; during urination

pain; sudden, sharp, stinging; cervix

when not urinating

urging to urinate (unhealthy desire); anxious

urging to urinate (unhealthy desire); frequent (see urination, frequent); after period

urging to urinate (unhealthy desire); frequent (see urination, frequent); when period is suppressed

urging to urinate (unhealthy desire); ineffectual

urging to urinate (unhealthy desire); in women; during period

urging to urinate (unhealthy desire); in women; after period

urination; painful or difficult urination; during chill

urination; painful or difficult urination; during fever

urination; painful or difficult urination; while perspiring

urination; feeble stream (slow)

urination; involuntary, incontinence; night, bed wetting

urination; weakness

Kidneys; pain; dragging pain along ureters (tubes between kidneys and bladder), like labour with pain urging to urinate

pain; pulling; ureters (tubes between kidneys and bladder)

weariness, region of kidneys

Stomach; anxiety

appetite; increased (hunger in general); evening

appetite; ravenous, excessive; evening


constriction; convulsive

desires, cravings; coffee

desires, cravings; cold drinks

desires, cravings; sauerkraut

desires, cravings; sour, acids, etc.

desires, cravings; vegetables

distended (swollen from inner pressure)

after eating


from excitement

after stress

burping, belching

after breakfast

after eating


during stool

strong and sharp (acrid)

bitter; during stool

like rotten eggs; smelling like rotten eggs



sour; after eating

fullness; after eating

heaviness, weight, oppression (see fullness); after eating

indigestion; after drinking coffee

indigestion; after stress

sensation of lump; stone

pain; night

pain; bending double

pain; before a coughing attack

pain; after drinking; coffee

pain; after eating

pain; burping, belching

pain; after excitement

pain; during heat

pain; in women; during period

pain; on movement

pain; after stress

pain; cramping, griping, constricting; in coffee drinkers

pain; cutting

pain; pulling

pain; pressing; after drinking coffee

pain; pressing; after eating

small amount

pain; pressing; as if heart were being crushed

pain; pressing; after stress

pain; pressing; as from a weight

retching; after drinking coffee

retching; with cough

retching; after eating


thirst; evening

thirst; night

thirst; burning, intense

thirst; during chill

thirst; during heat

thirst; during period

thirst; with the pains

thirst; before stool

thirst; during stool

thirst; unquenchable


Acid rising; regurgitation of food

Pain; after eating (including certain foods)

lower part of abdomen; after dinner

cutting; after dinner

cutting; navel; around navel; after dinner

Stomach; appetite; ravenous, excessive; without enjoying food (see aversion to food)

aversion to certain foods or drinks; beer

aversion to certain foods or drinks; coffee

aversion to certain foods or drinks; warm drinks

aversion to certain foods or drinks; all food

aversion to certain foods or drinks; meat

aversion to certain foods or drinks; soup

burping, belching; food (regurgitation)

burping, belching; tasting like food

loathing of food (see nausea)

vomiting; food

after stress


Eructations foul


Flatulence; obstructed

behind lower ribs

Pain; flatulence


Nausea after Coffea Cruda Coffee

Stomach; nausea; morning

nausea; night

nausea; during chill

nausea; after drinking coffee

nausea; after eating

after breakfast

nausea; like fainting

nausea; during fever

nausea; in women; during labour

nausea; in women; during period

nausea; during stool

nausea; after stress


Bilious vomiting

Bitter, bilious vomiting

Pain; with vomiting, blood and mucus in stool (intussusception); pain in region of liver

Stomach; vomiting; after anger

vomiting; after drinking coffee

vomiting; on coughing

vomiting; after drinking

vomiting; easy

vomiting; after eating

vomiting; during heat

vomiting; in women; before period

vomiting; in women; during period

vomiting; after opium

vomiting; after stress

vomiting; bile; after anger

vomiting; bile; during chill

vomiting; bile; during cough

vomiting; bile; during the fever

vomiting; bile; while perspiring

vomiting; bitter


during chill

after drinking coffee

vomiting; blood

vomiting; liquids

vomiting; mucus

morning; after drinking coffee

after drinking coffee

vomiting; sour

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