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Causticum - Vertigo, Dizziness symptoms - T.F. Allen

Hahnemann's Tinctura acris sine Kali, Kali hydr, Kali hyd, Caustic, Causticum hahnemanni, Caust.

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HPUS indication of Causticum: Hoarseness

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Causticum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Vertigo, as from spirituous drinks,

Vertigo, forwards and sideways,

Vertigo, in the morning on rising from bed,

Vertigo at night in bed, on rising, and lying down again,

Vertigo in the open air; everything turned about with her; persons seemed larger than usual to her; it disappears in the room,

During menstruation vertigo and whirling in the head, worse on stooping; relieved in the afternoon,

Vertigo on looking fixedly at one point,

Vertigo on looking up (to a high tower), so violent that he fell over,

Vertigo, almost like a loss of consciousness, after walking; while sitting, he nearly fell,

Vertigo, when standing,

Vertigo, reeling, with heaviness of the head, while standing and sitting,

Vertigo on stooping, which disappears on rising up, in the morning (second day),

Vertigo, relieved in the open air,

Vertigo, with weakness of the head,

Vertigo, and falling down without cause,

Momentary vertigo while sitting, as if he would stagger (after three hours and a half),

Dizziness of the head,

Dizziness of the head, with anxiety of the whole body,

Dizzy the whole week, as from compression of the head,

Dizzy in the morning, with painful confusion of the head,

Feels drunken and dizzy, with distraction of thought,

General Head.

Involuntary nodding with the head, just as if some one pressed it down (while writing),

Rush of blood to the head, with heat in it,

Rush of blood to the head, and a sensation as if intoxicated, relieved in the open air (after a quarter of an hour),

Rushing of blood into the head, in the evening,

After walking in the open air a little, the blood rushes to the head and face; it becomes dim like a cloud before the eyes,

Sensation as if the brain were loose and shaken, when walking in the open air,

Stitches in the head, with warmth in it,

Tearing in the head, neither aggravated nor relieved by motion lasting several days, more or less severe,

A sticking-tearing in the head which commences in the forehead and extends to the right side through the whole head,

Throbbing pain; very painful throbbing in the cerebral arteries,

Jerkings and severe beatings in the head every minute, in all positions, during rest and motion,

Headache at night, as if an ulcer were in it,

A morning headache, which had existed a long time, disappears (curative action),

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