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Causticum - Modalities Etc

Hahnemann's Tinctura acris sine Kali, Kali hydr, Kali hyd, Caustic, Causticum hahnemanni, Caust.

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HPUS indication of Causticum: Hoarseness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Causticum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Forenoon), Pain in all the teeth; dryness of mouth; accumulation of saliva; sore throat; waterbrash; erections; cough; on deep respiration, stitches in chest; on waking, trembling; pain in calf.

(Before midnight), Waking, etc.; chill.

(About midnight), Internal chill.

(After midnight), Bruised pain.

(Towards morning), When asleep, chilliness.

(Open air), Vertigo; lachrymation; tearing in tooth; shivering; pressure on forepart of chest; shaking chill.

(Walking in open air), Blood rushes to read, etc.; sensation as if brain were loose, etc.; shortness of breath; stitches in chest; trembling, etc., of legs; profuse sweat.

(When beginning to ascend), Trembling of the legs.

(When ascending steps), Weariness of knee-joint.

(On blowing nose), Obscuration of vision; *pain in larynx.

(After breakfast), Pressure in stomach; frequent passage of flatus; stitches in right groin.

(When breathing), Pain in abdomen.

(Deep breathing), Pressure in pit of throat; clawing in pit of stomach; distension of abdomen; stitches in chest; stitches in sternum.

(Carrying anything), Stitches in deltoid muscles.

(After coition), Drawing pain in rectum.

(Cold air striking the abdomen), Pressure in stomach.

(On coughing), Pain above left hip; stitches in left chest.

(After dinner), Itching in anus; immediately, urging to stool; especially when walking, pressure upon chest; sleepiness; coldness in open air.

(After eating), Thirst; distension of abdomen; rumbling in abdomen; griping in abdomen; cutting from pit of stomach to abdomen, etc.; short cough; oppression of chest; stitches in left chest; chilliness; warmth, etc., of face; heat in face, etc.

(While eating and drinking), Pain in hollow teeth.

(After eating and drinking), Immediately, abdomen full, etc.

(After an emission), Burning urine.

(Exerting voice), Pain near scapula.

(On physical exertion), Stitches in sternum.

(On making an exertion with head), Throat feels torn.

(Expiration), Stitches in sternum, etc.

(Extending knees), Pain in knees.

(In heated room), Pain in forehead.

(Inspiration), Stitches in breast; stitches in right chest.

(On laying down left hand), After motion, shivering.

(Leaning against table), Pressure in stomach.

(On lifting), Throat feels torn; stitches in sternum.

(On looking fixedly), Vertigo.

(On looking up), Vertigo.

(Lying), Catarrh, etc.; pain in right side of abdomen; pain in side of chest; feet go to sleep.

(After lying down), Dyspnoea.

(When lying on back), Pressive pain in liver.

(After lying down in bed), Attacks of faintness.

(After a meal), Mucus in throat; chilliness.

(Before menstruation), *Melancholy.

(On appearance of menses), *Cutting colic.

(During menstruation), Ill-humor, etc.; vertigo, etc.; face yellow; *cutting colic, etc.; pain in abdomen; pain beneath left breast; pains in back.

(Motion), Tearing in head; headache in temple; *cutting colic; especially when walking, pain in mons veneris; stitches in left chest; pain on border of shoulder-blade; pain in small of back; drawing in shoulder, etc.; drawing in great toe.

(Sudden motion), Pain in stomach.

(On moving mouth), Pain in teeth.

(On moving arm), Pain in pectoral muscles; stitches in muscles of left hand.

(Moving foot or toes), Tearing from calf to foot.

(Reading aloud), Pressure in stomach.

(Reflecting), *Painfulness of haemorrhoids.

(Rest), Stitches in legs; sensation in thigh.

(When riding), Stitches in hepatic region.

(When rising), Pain in patella.

(Rising from sitting), Feeling in limbs; tearing in hip-joint; drawing in calf; uneasiness.

(In room), Headache in forehead; lachrymation; feeling in head.

(When sitting bent), Quivering in lower abdomen.

(After midday sleep), Becomes easily violent.

(Speaking), *Cough, *arrest of breath.

(When stepping), Numbness, etc., of the heel.

(Before stool), Twisting pain in abdomen.

(After stool), Anxiety, etc.; water flows from mouth; nausea; pressure in rectum; burning in anus; pain in anus; dyspnoea; anxiety in chest; tremulous weakness, etc.

(Standing), Vertigo, *obscuration of eyes; pain in haemorrhoids.

(Stooping), Confusion of head; vertigo, etc.; sensation in head; immediately on moving arms violently, cutting in frontal bone; pressure in intercostal muscles.

(On stooping to pick up anything), *Cough.

(During a storm), Pain in legs.

(On stretching out foot), Cramp in sole, etc.

(After supper), Heartburn; nausea; trembling, etc.

(Talking much), Pressure in stomach.

(Tabacum Tobacco-smoking), Pain in forehead.

(Swallowing and hawking), Pain near scapula.

(Touch), Pressive pain in eye.

(After urinating), Pain in urethra.

(On waking), From the evening sleep, nausea.

(Walking fast), Constrictive pressure in forehead; pressure on occiput, etc.; *arrest of breath.

(When beginning to walk), *Tension in hollow of knee.

(After walking), Weariness of knee-joint; flushes of heat, etc.

(Becoming warm after being cold), Cough.

(Warmth of bed), Eruptions itch.

(In warm room), After returning from open air, headache in forehead; loss of power in hands.

(Wiping and rubbing eyes), Dim vision.

(Writing), Loss of power in right arm; trembling, etc., in forearm; twitchings of the fingers.


WORSE, dry, cold winds, in Clear fine weather, Cold air; from motion of carriage.

3-4 A




Extremes of temperature






Change of weather

from exposure to cold, dry wind. It also has rheumatic complaints aggravated in the warm, damp days, in wet weather, but this is not so striking.


(Afternoon), Vertigo.

(Open air), Vertigo; rush of blood to head; screwing-in, etc., of head; feeling in head, etc.

(Walking in open air), Weariness.

(Bleeding of the gum), Pain in teeth.

(Closing eyes), Pressure in eyes.

(Drinking cold water), Attack of spasm.

(On dancing), Oppression of chest disappeared.

(After dinner), Sore throat; pain in stomach.

(Eating), Confusion of head; headache.

(Passage of flatus), Rumbling in abdomen, etc.

(Lying down), *Pains in stomach.

(Motion), Rushing in left chest.

(Pressure), Tickling in left nostril; sensation in abdomen.

(Firm pressure), Sensation in ear.

(Rising from sitting), Tearing in thigh.

(In room), Confusion of head; vertigo.

(Rubbing), Stitches below female breast; stitches in upper arm; crawling in right forearm.

(When standing), *Stool passes better.

(After stool), Moving about, etc., in abdomen disappeared; haemorrhoids.

(On stooping), Pressure in forehead disappears.

(On resuming walking), Pain in ankle disappears.

(Continued walking), *Tension in hollow of knee.

(Applying warm stones), Pains in abdomen, etc.

(On working), In open air, pain in body disappears.


BETTER, in Damp, wet weather; warmth. Heat of bed.



Warmth; of bed

Gentle motion

Desires and aversions

Desire for beer.

Thirst for cold drinks; thirst, with aversion to drink.

Aversion to sweet things.

Sits down to the table with some appetite, but can scarcely eat a morsel.

, stomach The Causticum patient sits down to the table hungry, but on seeing the food his appetite vanishes. The thought, sight or smell of food takes away the appetite. This is a common symptom in the pregnant woman.


Hunger unusually early,

A kind of ravenous hunger,

Excessive hunger, which causes headache, relieved by eating,

He eats with too much haste,

Little appetite, but much thirst, especially after eating,

If she attempted to eat without being hungry she soon became satiated and full, as though the stomach refused everything, and she would have felt better had she not eaten,

Aversion to sweets,


Much thirst, several mornings,

Great thirst for several days (after two days),

Great thirst for something cold, from forenoon till 3 P.M. (after three hours),

Great thirst for beer,

Eructation and Hiccough.

It seems as though she would constantly eructate, which, however, does not happen, but all manner of trouble is caused thereby,

Eructations of air (after half an hour),

Eructations with an odor of musk (after fourteen hours),

Eructations tasting of the soup taken at breakfast (after one hour),

Eructations having a pleasant taste, almost like almonds, soon after taking,

Eructations, with choking in the oesophagus, so that it impedes breathing; this disappears after repeated eructations (after one hour),

Empty, tasteless eructations of air,

Frequent, loud, explosive eructations, which continue a long time,

Very frequent, mostly empty eructations (ninth day),

Suppressed eructations; they rise only to the middle of the throat, where they seem to remain,

Violent eructations, with a sour taste (after fourteen days),

Burning hot eructations, in the afternoon and evening, without bad taste,

It seems as though lime were being dissolved in the stomach, which constantly causes a bubbling-up, with a continual rolling eructation of much air (after one hour),

Gulping of water several times, with soreness in the anus,

Waterbrash, several times in the forenoon, with salty taste of the rising water (after seventeen days),

A kind of waterbrash; it seems to her, in the evening on lying down, as though cool water rose from the stomach, which she was constantly obliged to spit out,

Hiccough (after a quarter of an hour),


Heartburn in the mouth, which lasted a long time (after a quarter of an hour),

Heartburn, after supper,

Frequent burning rises from the stomach, as though he had eaten pepper,

Violent thirst, for many days (aft. 2 d.).

Several mornings, much thirst.

Severe thirst for cold drinks, from morning till afternoon.

Violent thirst for beer.

He eats too hastily.

Unusually early hunger.

A sort of ravenous hunger.

Enormous hunger, which gives him headache, removed by eating.

Little appetite, but he relishes food.

Continual sensation of satiety and lack of appetite, and an hour afterward hunger, and relish of the food eaten.

Little appetite, but much thirst, especially after eating.

Diminished taste in the food eaten.

Appetite is lacking; he has hunger, but does not relish his food, for three days.

She has an appetite, but it seems as if she did not dare to eat, but without any loathing for it.

Even if the started to eat with appetite, and began to eat, the appetite vanished at once.

He has appetite, but when eating, the at once loathes the food.

Even when the starts to eat there is loathing.

Repugnance to sweet things.

He can only eat smoked things; after eating fresh meat, he gets sick, as if he should vomit.

When she eats anything, while her hunger is lacking, she feels at once, as if sated and full, with the sensation that the stomach does not desire anything, and would feel better, if she had not eaten anything.

Position etc

At night cannot get a quiet position, nor lie still a minute.

Partly laid on feels sore, must turn often.

Lifting 30. Motion 40, 44. Quick motion 17. Can scarcely move the head 31. Walking 20, 26, 33, 40. Standing 20. Sitting 3. Must sit up 37. Rising 2, 31. Lying down 2. Must lie down 17, 37. In bed 2, 33, 40.

Morning 7, 17, 19, 25, 27, 33, 40. 4 A.M. 40. Evening 1, 25, 27, 29, 34, 40. 6 to 8 P.M. 40. Evening, till midnight 27. Night 2, 8, 16, 21, 23, 27, 34, 36, 37, 40. Midnight 40. Day 5, 23.