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Causticum - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - Hahnemann

Hahnemann's Tinctura acris sine Kali, Kali hydr, Kali hyd, Caustic, Causticum hahnemanni, Caust.

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HPUS indication of Causticum: Hoarseness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Causticum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Extremities, limbs

In the axilla, shooting burning.

The shoulder pains all the day, on moving the right arm.

Pressure on the shoulder.

Stiffness in the shoulders.

Tearing in the left shoulder-joint.

Tearing in the right shoulder, with pain as from a bruise on the inner edge of the right scapula, on moving the right arm or on turning the head to the right; if she turns the head to the left, the spot is tense.

Sharp stitches in the top of the shoulders, on the right and the left side.

Obtuse stitch in the left shoulder.

The left shoulder pains as if sprained, from morning till evening.

Paralytic pain in the left shoulder.

The left arm twitches repeatedly.

Convulsive movements in the (left, weak) arm, up and down, after some slight exertion, then great heaviness of the arm, then a sort of rumbling down in the muscles, even into the leg, like the running of a mouse, whereby the twitches vanished.

Pressive pain in the right arm.

Drawing in the right arm, which feels heavy, as if paralyzed (aft. 14 d.).

Drawing pains in the muscles of the arms.

Dull tearing in the arms and hands.

Severe tearing in the arms and the hands, extending into the back.

Arthritic drawing, here and there, in the joints of the arms and the wrists, and in the shoulders, seemingly aggravated by motion.

Single stitches in the arm, extending into the left side of the chest.

Slowly tearing stitch in the right arm, from the shoulder down into the hand (aft. 1 ¼ h.).

Tendency of the left arm to grow numb at night in sleep waking him up.

The left arm grows numb, when raised up over the head, and held up for a time; it is as if the blood in it flowed back, and in the right side of the chest there is a pain, as if the muscles were shortened.

Great heaviness and weakness in the arms.

Heaviness in the right arm, as if in consequence of a violent blow on the thickest part of the fore-arm.

Weakness in the right arm, which a troublesome crawling, in front of both shoulders.

Trembling of the right arm, if the holds anything with out stretched arm.

Weakness, almost like paralysis, of the right arm, with sensation of stiffness, especially when writing.

Itching of the arms.

The muscles of the upper arm are painful, as if sprained (aft. 7 d.).

Drawing pain in the left humerus.

Drawing pain in the deltoid muscle, extending toward the clavicle, now in the one arm, then in the other.

Drawing pain in the muscles, in the lower part of the left upper arm.

Tearing in the left upper arm and in the shoulder joint.

Tearing in the left upper arm and in the right, close below the shoulder joint (at once).

Tearing in the left humerus to elbow-joint, in which the pain is most severe.

Drawing cutting in the deltoid muscle of the right arm.

Pinching in the deltoid muscle of the upper arm, with sensation of coldness, terminating in burning.

Shooting pain in the left humerus, at the top, near its head, toward the outside.

Stitches in the deltoid muscle of the upper arm, when she carries anything.

Shooting pain in the right upper arm, on raising the arm.

Sharp stitches in the left upper arm, near the shoulder.

Acute shooting pain on the right upper arm, at times going off by rubbing.

Burning on the outer surface of the left upper arm.

The elbow-joint is painful, as if he had knocked it against something.

Pain in the bend of the left elbow, on stretching the arm, as if a tendon was too short.

Quivering on the outer side of the elbow-joint, on resting the arm on something (aft. 3 h.).

Drawing pain in the elbow-joints and the lower arms.

Boring in the olecranon process of the ulna, with a sensation as if it would bend the arm double.

Pain, as from a bruise, in the bend on the elbow and the pectoral muscles, much aggravated by external pressure.

In the fore-arm, tearing in the bones.

Tearing in the fore-arms.

Tearing in the tendons of the right fore-arm.

Tearing in the left fore-arm, down from the elbow.

Throbbing, tearing in the left fore-arm.

Contractive pain in the muscles, on the lower part of the left fore-arm.

Shooting upward in the tendons of the inner side of the right fore-arm.

Painfully drawing stitches in the muscles of the lower part of the left fore-arm.

Boring and tearing, on a small spot of the right fore-arm, just under the elbow, as if in the bone.

Burning, transversely over the fore-arm, close by the wrist.

Sensation of coldness and rigidity of the right fore-arm and the fingers; he could not warm his hand even on the warm stove.

Paralysis of the fore-arms; he could hardly raise them owing to their heaviness and sensation of rigidity.

Paralytic pain in the shaft of the right ulna.

Short, tremulous twitches on the right fore-arm, during writing (2d d.).

Swelling of the fore-arm, seemingly in the periosteum, only aching when pressed upon.

Small, itching pimples on the fore-arms.

Formication in the skin of the right fore-arm, going off by rubbing.

Itching (at times with burning after scratching) and itching pimples and vesicles on the fore-arms.

In the hands, cramp-like sensation.

Cramp-like weakness in the hands, in the morning on awaking.

Sensation of fullness in the left palm, on grasping anything.

Swelling of the hands at night, with formication in them.

Drawing pain in the wrist.

Drawing pain in the left wrist, on the outer side.

Drawing pain, extending from the right wrist-joint into the fingers.

Tearing in the right wrist.

Tearing on the dorsum, now of the one hand, now of the other.

Very painful tearing on the back of the hand, extending into the middle finger with cramp-pain.

Tearing on the inner edge of the right hand, toward the little finger, as if in the bone.

Tearing in the hands and fingers (aft. 24 h.).

Tearing in the hand, in the metacarpal bone of the left and the right thumb.

Stitches in the left palm, with tingling in the fingers.

Tingling shooting in the right wrist and the second and third fingers.

Twitching stitches in the muscles of the left hand, right across its dorsum, on moving the arms (aft. 9 h.).

Pain as from a sprain or a strain, in the right wrist, in grasping (aft. 18 d.).

A shooting pain as from a sprain, in the left wrist, while working (aft. 10 d.).

A tensive pain as from spraining, right across the left hand, on moving it (aft. 26 h.).

Coldness of the hands; in the left arm this extends almost to the elbow.

The hand goes to sleep, with tingling therein (aft. 5 d.).

Trembling of the hands (aft. 21 d.).

Great heaviness in the right hand.

Paralytic sensation in the right hand, for several weeks.

Lack of strength in the hands, in a room which is too warm.

Itching in both hands.

Itching on the back of the left hand.

Much itching in the palms.

Itching in the palms, and after scratching, itching vesicles, containing water.

The posterior joints of the fingers are tense, when they are flexed, in the forenoon.

Little twitches of the fingers, while writing.

Drawing twitches in the left fingers.

Like electric shocks, repeated dartings from the abdomen into the fingers, bending them double.

Drawing pains in the finger-joints.

Drawing pains in the joints of the left fingers.

Tearing in the fingers.

Tearing in the left little finger, with cramp-pains.

Tearing in the joints of the right index, which are also painful when pressed.

Transient tearing in the left index.

Tearing in the tips of all the fingers of the right and the left hands, with trembling of the hands.

Stitches in the little finger, which then extended upward, like stabs with a knife, with anxiety and aching about the heart (aft. 10 d.).

Contusive pain in the finger-tips, as if they would burst open, now in the one hand, now in the other (aft. 3 h.).

Contusive pain in the tip of the right little finger.

Throbbing pain as from an ulcer, in the posterior joint of the right thumb.

Burning in the finger-tips.

Shooting burning pain in the joints of the fingers (aft. 32 h.).

Tingling on the left ring-finger, with twitching on the inner side of the upper arm.

Numbness and insensibility of the fingers, with turgid fullness in them.

Dying off of the fingers; they become icy cold, white and insensible.

Frequent dying off of the fingers, especially in the morning.

Itching between the fingers.

Itching on the posterior and middle joints of the fingers of the left hand.

Stinging itching in the index.

Itching of the left index, and, after scratching, a burning, itching nodule.

A nodule on the right thumb, without sensation.

Itching tetter on the back of the ring-finger.

Ulceration of the tip of the thumb.

Under the nails of the fingers, pain on grasping anything.

Severe, burning, pressive pain under the finger-nails; but on grasping, pain as if festering underneath.

The nates pain in sitting on them, as if from being beaten, or as if turgid.

Itching on the nates and on the posterior side of the thigh.

Stinging itching on the right natis.

Itching tetter on the nates (aft. 6 d.).

In the region of the tip, a violent cramp-pain.

Pinching and squeezing in the region of the hips above the acetabulum, as if the muscles were seized with a pair of tongs, with a sensation of coldness, terminating in burning, even when at rest.

Tension in the bend of the right thigh in the morning, on rising, and on bending the knee.

Pressive pain above the acetabulum of the hip-joint, not aggravated by motion.

A drawing pressive pain in the hip, when sitting and when walking.

Tearing in the acetabulum of the hip-joint.

Tearing in the left hip, as if in the bone, both in rest and in motion; when pressed upon, pain as from a bruise.

Tearing in the hip-joint and down the whole limb, both sitting and walking (aft. 10 h.).

Stitches in the left hip, as if in the bone.

Dull stitches in the hip-joint, toward the abdomen, one every two minutes, for two hours (10th d.).

Frequently a stitch in the bend of the right thigh.

Pain as from a sprain, or as if the foot had turned, or was strained, coming by jerks in the left hip-joint, so that he had to limp for several steps; coming and going suddenly.

Pricking, burning pain in the region of the hip.

Itching in both hips.

Soreness in the upper part between the legs.

In the lower limbs, drawing pain, as if in the bones.

Drawing in the right limb, with sore throat, in the evening.

Severe drawing and tearing, during a thunder storm, in both the lower limbs, from the toes up into the thighs.

Muscular twitching in both the lower limbs.

Acute, slow stitches in the lower limbs, first down from the hip-joint, then down from the knee-pan, more painful at rest than while walking (aft. 2 h.).

Slow tearing stitch in the lower limb, from the ankle to the knee and from there to the hip-joint, but not in the knee itself (aft. ¼ h.).

Pain, as from a bruise, in the thighs and legs, in the morning, in bed.

Pain, as if twisted or paralyzed, in the muscles of the lower limb, in the afternoon and evening.

Troublesome restlessness in both lower limbs, in the morning in bed, for several hours.

Restlessness in the left lower limb at night; she knew not where to lay it.

Restlessness in the lower limbs, at evening, so severe she could not sit still.

Severe formication in the thighs and legs, as well as in the foot.

The legs are apt to go to sleep.

Much painful heaviness in the lower limbs.

Lassitude in the lower limbs, especially in the legs and knees; he always wants to take a rest while walking.

Excessive weariness of the lower limbs, in the morning on awaking, in bed, vanishing after getting up.

Painful weakness of the lower limbs, both in the thighs and legs, when walking.

Trembling of the lower limbs, when beginning an ascent e.g., of a ladder); this ceases when the stands and continues to work.

Trembling and shaking of the lower limbs, as from a chill, in the open air, when walking; it goes off in a room.

Distended veins (varices) on the lower limbs.

Itching on the lower limbs.

Skin as if marbled, full of dark-red veinlets on the thighs and legs.

In the thighs, twitching pains, down from the nates (aft. 5 d.).

Muscular twitching in the left thigh, above the knee.

Tearing pain in the middle of the left thigh, vanishing on rising from the seat.

Scratching tearing in the left thigh.

Paralytic tearing on the outer side of the right thigh.

Stitches in the left thigh (at once).

Stitches in the left thigh, extending into the chest, in the evening, in walking.

Violent needle-prick on the outer side of the right thigh, just above the knee.

Quick flush of heat on the inner side of the left thigh.

Throbbing in the tendons of the left thigh, just above the knee.

Sensation of excessive weariness in the upper part of the thigh, toward the inner side, worst when the limb is at rest, when he is compelled to continually move the limb to and fro.

Weakness of the thighs, with lack of breath.

Feels as if paralyzed in the thighs, in sitting and in walking.

Trembling or quivering sensation, like a painful sounding vibration in the fleshy part of the thigh.

Itching on the thighs.

Stinging itching on the thigh, on the outer side.

Violently itching nettle-rash, especially on the thighs, just above the knee (12th d.).

Soreness, as if rubbed open, on the thigh, on the upper inside part of the scrotum, with itching, and, when rubbing it, with excoriation (aft. 40 h.).

Painful soreness on the upper, inner part of the female thighs, where they touch in walking.

In the left knee, stiffness in walking.

Turgidity in the houghs in sitting, and when commencing to walk; better when continuing the walk.

Pain from stiffness in the patella, when rising up.

Tensive pain and stiffness in the hough, when walking.

Drawing pain in the knees, as if from fatigue in walking, more when stretching than when flexing the knees.

Drawing pain, rather above the knees.

Drawing in the knee-joints.

Drawing and twitching pain in the left patella.

Twitching in the left knee, in the afternoon.

First a drawing pain then a twitching pain in the knee.

Tearing on the outer side of the left knee.

Tearing in the right knee (aft. 48 h.).

Tearing in the left knee and from there downwards, even into the toes.

Drawing tearing in the knee and from there into the ankles, in the evening.

Tearing and shooting in the knee, so that he cannot tread on that foot, nor sleep for it at night.

A stitch in the knee, while at work (aft. 10 d.).

Painful boring in the right knee, at times with pain as from a bruise when pressing upon it.

Pain as from soreness in the knee.

Ulcerative pain on the outer side of the knee, extending up to the thigh (aft. 14 d.).

Painful cracking in the knee, when walking, as if it was broken or sprained.

Extraordinary weariness of the knee-joint and heaviness of the feet, after a walk.

Weariness of the knee-joints, more in going upstairs than while walking on a level.

Weakness in the knee, even so that it gives way.

The knees give way in walking.

Much itching on the patella.

Itching, especially in the right hough (aft; 3 d.).

In the leg, a hard pressure down the tibia.

Tension in the right calf, as if some forcibly drew together the skin, both in rest and in motion (in the evening).

Cramp in the calf, early in bed (aft. 20 h.).

Contraction of the right calf, both in rest and in motion.

Cramp-like contraction down the whole of the outer side of the right leg, both sitting and standing.

Drawing pain in the leg.

Drawing in the calf, with the sensation as if the right leg was shorter, on rising from a seat, and in walking.

Tearing on the outer side of the left leg, from the knee down, when sitting; when rising from the seat it extends up into the hip-joint; when walking and when pressing on it, pain as from a bruise in the hip, not going off when sitting down.

Tearing downward in the left calf (aft. 1 h.).

Tearing, from the outer surface of the right calf down to the outer edge of the foot, worse on moving the foot and the toes.

Violent tearing in the tendons below the right calf.

Tearing in the calf and in the dorsum of the foot.

Tearing in the left tendo-Achillis, when sitting.

Burning tearing on the tibia.

Intermittent stitches in the left calf.

Pain as from a bruise on the right calf, extending into and around the knees, the whole forenoon.

Pain as from knocking against something, on the right shin bone.

Crawling and pricking in the left calf, as if it would go to sleep, at times extending into the hough.

Dull, tingling sensation of being asleep, in both the legs and knees, in the morning (4th d.).

A red, painful spot on the shin, which extends in length, and itches when healing.

A blister on the calf, two and a half inches in diameter, almost without pain; water comes out for two days, and it heals without suppuration.

In the soles of the feet, aching, like nervous suffering.

Pressure on the dorsum of the foot.

Tension in the heel and the tendo-Achillis (aft. 20 d.).

Cramp in the sole and the tendo-Achillis of the right foot, on stretching it.

Cramp in the feet (aft. 4th and 11th d.).

Cramp in the foot, on stretching it.

Stiffness in the ankle-joint.

Drawing in the ankle-joints (aft. 12 h.).

Drawing pain in the ankle-joint, when sitting; accompanied with a sensation on treading with that foot, as if the leg would give way.

Drawing in the right foot, in the evening.

Drawing pain in the bend of the right foot, extending into the big toe, where it is only felt in motion.

Tearing in the inner border of the foot, also in the morning, in bed.

Tearing on the outer part of the ankle, in the evening.

Tearing in the dorsum of the left foot.

Tearing in the ball of the foot, behind the big toe.

Sudden tearing in the right heel.

Pain as of a sprain in the ankle-joint, when she makes a misstep, or when the foot turns; the joint also then cracks.

Pain as of a sprain in the ankle-joint when walking, or as if it was being broken.

Pain in the ankle-joint, as if crushed or fatigued, on sitting after walking; it vanishes as soon as she walks again.

Burning in the soles of the feet.

Swelling, especially of the front part of the foot, late in the evening, with heat, a burning sensation and interior itching, as if the foot had been frozen; it also pains on external pressure, as if festering internally.

Cold feet.

Always very cold feet.

Formication and itching on the heel, as if it was going to sleep; it compels scratching and then goes off.

Formication in the soles of both the feet, as if something alive was in them.

A tingling, burning formication in the soles of the feet.

The feet go to sleep while he is sitting and lying down.

Turgidity and numbness of the heel, when treading on it.

Weariness of the feet in the morning, so that he could hardly stand.

Much itching on the dorsum of the foot.

Severe itching on the dorsum of the foot (aft. 16 d.).

Violent tickling on the dorsum of the right foot, so that she could not scratch enough.

Great blisters on the feet, from some rubbing.

Corroding blister on the heel, which gradually disappears with much itching.

Ulcerated heel.

In the big toe, in the posterior joint, severe, pressive pain.

Tearing on the edge and on the outer side of the little toe.

Violent tearing in the big toe.

Violent tearing in the left big toe, toward its tip.

Burning tearing in the toes and under their nails.

Fine stitches in the big toe.

A long stitch in the big toe.

Violent needle pricks in the ball of the big toe, both during motion and without.

Violent burning stinging in the ball of the big toe, and under its nail.

Formicating burning on the ball of the big toe.

Pain in the big toe as if burnt.

Inflammatory pain behind the nail of the big toe.

Pain in the bit toe, as if suppurated.

Formication (and stinging) in the big toes, as if they would go to sleep.

Formication in the ball of the big toe.

Tickling in the toes, as if they had been frozen.

Voluptuous itching in the anterior joint of the big toe, both in motion and without.

Paronychia, digging burning pain beside the nail of the left big toe, with proud flesh (3d d.).

In the corn of the little toe, violent stitches.

Boring pain in the corn.

Burning pain in the corn.

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