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Causticum - Chest symptoms - T.F. Allen

Hahnemann's Tinctura acris sine Kali, Kali hydr, Kali hyd, Caustic, Causticum hahnemanni, Caust.

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HPUS indication of Causticum: Hoarseness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Causticum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



When coughing, great rattling in the chest (after twenty-four hours),

Anxiety in the chest after the stool, in the evening, with very much distended abdomen,

Heat internally in the chest,

Rheumatic pain in the chest and abdomen (second day),

Burning pain and sometimes stitches in the chest,

Tension about the chest that continues a long time (second day),

Sensation as if the chest were too tight,

Sensation in the chest as if the clothes were too tight,

Constriction of the chest, with hoarseness and rawness of the throat (second and third days),

Painfulness, like a drawing, after immoderate running or singing, internally in the upper part of the chest, with a heavy sensation upon it (after three hours),

Stitches in the chest, below the arms, extending to the pit of the stomach, with apprehensiveness, followed by rumbling of the bowels and griping, extending up into the chest, which were entirely relieved after passage of flatus (twenty-ninth day),

Small sharp stitches beneath the skin of the chest,

When coughing, the chest is painful, as if sore,

Scraping in the chest,

Rawness in the chest, in the morning,


A tearing pressure on the forepart of the chest, almost only, or, at least, worse, in the open air,

Sharp stitches in the breast near the middle, which always extend suddenly towards the navel, especially on inspiration,

Heat in the chest, rising up into the throat, lasting half an hour,

Pressure upon the chest, just above the pit of the stomach,

Pressure over the chest and stomach,

Pressure in the intercostal muscles transversely across the chest, on stooping,

Pressing pain in the upper part of the ensiform cartilage, extending straight upward,

Oppression of the chest (bronchi) after eating,

Painful oppression of the chest, in the afternoon, which disappeared on dancing (after sixteen days),

Sensation as of cutting in the chest, with burning, in the morning (second day),

Stitches in the chest, as with a nail,

Stitches, as with needles, in the chest, on walking in the open air,

A stitch, lasting eight minutes, at first below the sternum, on inspiration and expiration, followed by a stitch in the sternum, continuing the whole forenoon with alternating severity, most noticed on expiration, which is connected with a constant dull stitch in the left shoulder-joint, which also was most noticed on expiration,


Oppression of both sides of the chest, as if it were pressed together,

Pain in the right side of the chest, as if the lung were loosened from the pleura, almost constantly when lying,

Pressure on the right side of the chest (after twenty-four hours),

Pressive pain on the right side of the chest, in the evening,

Stitches in the right side of the chest, on inspiration (after half an hour),

A severe sharp stitch in the right side of the chest, on inspiration (after one hour),

Dull stitches in the right side of the chest, in the region of the clavicle,

Rushing in the left side of the chest, in the region of the heart, several mornings, in bed, until rising; relieved on any motion, but returning when lying,

Pain above the left hip, on coughing, as if it would burst open there,

Pain, as if sprained, in the left lower pectoral muscles, on moving the left arm (after half an hour),

A pressive pain in the chest, by the lowest rib of the left side,

During menstruation, a kind of sticking pain beneath the left breast,

When coughing, stitches in the left side of the chest,

Stitches in the left breast, below the nipple,

Stitches in the left side of the chest, after eating,

Slight stitches below the left female breast, relieved by rubbing, at 5 P.M.,

Sharp stitches above the left hip, extending to the last false ribs,

Sharp slow stitches in the left side of the chest, on a level with the pit of the stomach,

Dull stitches in the left side of the chest, above the heart, on motion,

Dull stitches in the left side of the chest, opposite the ensiform cartilage,

Violent stitches in the first false ribs of the left side, continuing a long time (after one hour and a half),

Sticking-tearing in the left side of the chest,


Tightness of the chest; she was frequently obliged to take a deep breath (first day),

Painful compression of the chest from both sides towards the sternum, with oppression of breath and weakness of voice,

Stitches deep in the chest, on deep respiration, lasting one hour, in the forenoon (fourteenth day),

Stitches in the sternum, on deep breathing and lifting,

Pressure on the chest, with difficult breathing (after one hour),

Pressure on the chest, with short or difficult breathing (after a quarter of an hour),

Frequently a sharp pressure upon the chest, which does not affect the breathing, after dinner, especially when walking (first three weeks),

Stitch in the sternum on deep breathing and on physical exertion (after sixteen days),

Bruised pain below the right mammary glands, not affected by deep breathing,

Stitches at night without impeding respiration, as with a knife, in the forepart of the left side of the chest, piercing through to the back, with great anxiety and restlessness, so that she was constantly obliged to toss about, without being able to sleep,

Severe palpitation in the evening, with great anxiety, which made the breathing very short, without any special thoughts (sixth day),

Difficult and deep inspiration,

Dyspnoea, after lying down,

Dyspnoea, worse when sitting,

Spasmodic dyspnoea,

After the stool which is first hard, then soft, at first dyspnoea, then distension and pinching in both hypochondria, especially in the right, on every step,

Shortness of breath precedes the paroxysms of coughing,

Shortness of breath in the morning, with pressive pain in the abdomen, which disappears during the day (after six days),

Shortness of breath, when walking in the open air,

Shortness of breath, with oppression of the chest,

Want of breath, with weakness of the thighs (ninth day),

Arrest of breath when speaking or walking rapidly; she was obliged to suddenly catch for breath,

Frequent attacks of suffocation during inspiration, as if some one grasped the trachea, which for the moment arrested the breathing, while sitting,

Dry sensation in the air-passages,

The muscles of the larynx do not perform their function; she is unable to speak a loud word, in spite of every exertion,

Frequent need to clear something out of the larynx,

Dryness in the larynx,

Irritation in the larynx, as in the beginning of a cold, with general febrile excitement,

Irritation to cough with every expiration,

Irritation to cough, even in the morning, in bed,

Sensitive drawing in the larynx, without cause,

Sensitive pressive pain in the larynx, on blowing the nose.



Hoarseness for several days; she could not speak aloud,

Hoarseness and rawness in the throat, in the morning,

Great hoarseness, especially in the morning and evening, with scraping in the throat,

The voice is stopped every morning, as if a wedge were in the larynx which should be expectorated,

Cough and Expectoration.

Cough caused by incessant crawling,

Cough caused by crawling in the larynx, or by stooping to pick up anything,

Cough always caused by speaking,

Cough in short paroxysms, caused by tickling in the throat from mucus,

Cough wakes her from sleep in the evening and morning; during the day, little or no cough,

Cough, with rawness in the throat in the forenoon (first day),

Cough only at night, on waking,

Cough after becoming cold, if she became warm again,

Cough, with scraping in the throat, without expectoration,

Cough, with rattling on every inspiration, as if there were much mucus in the right side of the chest, in the forenoon,

Violent cough, even at night,

Violent cough, at times quite dry, with pain in the right side of the chest,

Hollow cough, especially at night and in the morning, with tightly adherent mucus in the chest, in which there is sticking pain, very sore and ulcerated, with and without coughing, with stopped coryza and stoppage of the nose (after twenty-four days),

Hoarse cough, mostly in the morning and evening, not at night,

Hacking cough, with difficult breathing,

Frequent tickling cough (after four days),

Dry cough, caused by burning in the chest,

Dry cough at night, which disturbed sleep,

Dry hollow cough, from five to six paroxysms, with sore sensation in a streak down along the trachea, where it pains on every paroxysm of cough, and almost prevents breathing,

Continual racking dry cough in the morning, on waking, as after taking cold, which does not allow her to fall asleep again,

Constant dry hacking cough, and only seldom some expectoration of mucus,

Cough, with much expectoration, every night at 2 A.M., lasting two hours; during the day very little and only occasional cough,

Short cough, with some expectoration of mucus, especially after eating,

Expectoration of tough mucus, which at first is difficult, afterwards easy to loosen,


Heart and pulse

Great oppression of the heart, with melancholy,

Palpitation, with weariness (after a few hours),

Severe palpitation in the morning, with irregular pulse and pain in the back,

Anxious palpitation, with rhythmical constriction of the abdomen,

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