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Causticum - Abdomen symptoms - Hahnemann

Hahnemann's Tinctura acris sine Kali, Kali hydr, Kali hyd, Caustic, Causticum hahnemanni, Caust.

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HPUS indication of Causticum: Hoarseness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Causticum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



After eating, while out walking, water collects in the mouth, and there is more moisture in the nose.

After supper, heartburn.

After breakfast, pressure on the stomach (aft. 5 d.).

After eating, a severe distention of the abdomen.

After eating and drinking, the abdomen feels full at once with restlessness and drawing in it.

After eating, the stomach being too full, grumbling in the abdomen.

After drinking, the nose is moist and secretes more moisture.

After supper, trembling and anxiety.

Sensation as of a spoiled stomach, with inflation of the abdomen (aft; 15 d.).

Very frequent and mostly empty,eructation (aft. 9 d.).

Eructation tasting of the ingesta, five hours after eating.

Eructation, with smell of musk.

Violent eructation, with acrid taste (aft. 14 d.).

Abortive eructation; it only rises to the middle of the throat, where it stops.

She always feels as if she should eructate, but it does not come, causing various troubles.

Eructation, with choking in the oesophagus, so that it impedes the respiration; it goes off after another eructation.

Burning hot eructation, in the afternoon and evening, without any bad taste.


A burning sensation frequently rises from the throat, as if he had eaten pepper.

Sensation of continual ebullition, s if lime was being slaked in his stomach, with rolling eructation of air.

Belching up of water, several times, with aching in the anus.

Waterbrash, several times in the forenoon, with salty taste of the water rising up (aft. 17 d.).

A sort of waterbrash; in the evening, while lying down, cool water rises up from the stomach, which she has to spit out continually.

Qualmy and weak in the stomach, with alternating of chill and heat.

Sensation of fasting in the stomach.

Qualmishness about the stomach (aft. several h.).

Sensation of loathing in the throat.

Qualmishness (at once).

Qualmishness, with anxiety.

Qualmishness, and a half hour later, hunger, in the afternoon.

Sensation of emptiness in the stomach, although she had eaten enough, in the afternoon.

Violent pains in the stomach, in the morning, soon after rising, increased by every quick motion; with heat in the right side of the head; she has to lie down, and the pain seemed to be now in the stomach, now in the chest (aft. 27 d.).

Pains in the stomach, quieted by lying down.

Pain, as from bruising, in the stomach, observable also when pressing it.

Pressure in the stomach, in the morning, after rising from bed, and only when sitting.

Pressure on the stomach, in the morning when fasting, and soon after, a contractive sensation in the abdomen (aft. 2 d.).

Pressure about the orifice of the stomach, increased by pressing against the edge of the table, as also by reading aloud, by much speaking, by lying on the back, and when the air touches the abdomen.

Pressure in the scrobiculus cordis.

Severe pressure in the scrobiculus cordis.

A rhythmical chilling pressure in the scrobiculus cordis, as from an icicle.

A continual shooting pressure in the scrobiculus cordis.

Tensive pain in the scrobiculus cordis.

Cramp in the stomach.

Contractive, not very painful, sensation in the region of the stomach.

Sudden griping in the scrobiculus cordis.

Griping snatching in the scrobiculus cordis, when taking a deep breath.

Stitches in the stomach, for ten minutes.

Stitches in the scrobiculus cordis, which seem to contract the heart.

Formication in the region of the stomach.

Constant sensation of agreeable warmth in the stomach and abdomen.

With increasing pain in the stomach, she shudders.

In the left hypochondrium, acute stitches.

Violent stitches on the first false ribs.

Short, burning pain the left hypochondrium.

In the liver, a tensive, pressive pain, when lying on the back.

Stitches in the hepatic region, in the afternoon, for four hours (aft. 12 d.).

Stitches in the hepatic region when driving out, on a spot as large as a hen's egg, which causes lancinating pains also when touched, with great inclination to sleep and general lassitude.

Lancinating pain under the right ribs, in the evening.

Violent stitches below the last true rib, on the right side.

Painful tearing in the liver, in the evening (17th d.).

Colic, in the morning.

In the abdomen, pressure, extending up into the fauces, in the evening (aft. 10 d.).

Pressure in the stomach and abdomen, below and above the navel, with nocturnal diarrhoea, three times, and periodical stitches obstructing respiration and extending from the back forward into the right side of the abdomen (aft. 2 d.).

Pressure in the abdomen, many afternoons in succession, so severe that she could not attend to her domestic duties.

Pressure in the hypogastrium, s from a load.

Dull, pressive pain, deep in the hypogastrium, at last with fever, anguish and restlessness, so that he could neither sleep nor lie down at night; the hypogastrium was painful to the touch, as in gastric inflammation.

Pressive pain in the abdomen and short breath, in the morning, after rising.

Inflation of the left subcostal region.

Inflation on the left side of the abdomen, extending to the groin (aft. 6 h.).

Strong inflation of the abdomen, especially in the evening.

Inflated belly, with internal pressure, especially in the evening.

Full hard abdomen, in the evening.

Distended abdomen, in the evening (aft. 10 h.).

Painful distention of the abdomen, so that she has to loosen her clothes; at the same time pains in the abdomen, like cramps.

Tension in the right side of the abdomen.

Tension and pressure in the epigastrium.

Contractive tension in the stomach and abdomen.

Contractive sensation about the epigastric region.

Pain in the abdomen as if it was being drawn together with a rope, when breathing.

Jerking contraction in the abdomen, at noon (aft. 9 d.).

Pain as if constricted, in the two loins.

Pinching bellyache, with paleness of the face.

Pinching about the navel, in the morning in bed, going off after rising.

Pinching about the epigastrium, frequently recurring.

Pinching and cutting in the right side of the abdomen, as from diarrhoea.

Violent pinching and cutting in the whole belly, with yawning.

Cutting colic, in the morning, and then three soft stools, and during the whole day, a sensation in the abdomen, as if diarrhoea were setting in. (aft. 8 d.).

Cutting pain in the groin, on motion, especially on walking.

Stitches in the abdomen, one after the other, for a long time, so that he could not keep his seat.

Stitches in the right side of the abdomen, in the evening.

A stitch in the right side of the abdomen, through the abdomen and out at the sacrum.

A violent stitch in the left side of the abdomen.

A transient stitch in the left side of the abdomen.

Sharp stitches in the left loin, by the last false rib.

Sharp stitches above the left hip, by the last false rib.

Sharp stitches in the right loin above the ilium; they wind upward toward the ribs, but pass quickly, like an electric spark.

Obtuse stitches above the ilium, below the last false rib.

Dull lancinating pain in the right side of the abdomen, when lying down.

Dull stitch in the right side of the abdomen, and then pain as of bruisedness in the left lower ribs, which is also sensitive in pressing upon it.

Pricking all over the abdomen as from needles.

Pain as from a bruise and pinching in the right side of the chest, then pains shooting outward through the pudenda, frequently.

Sensation of emptiness in the abdomen, relieved by pressing upon it.

Formication in the navel, with a sensation as if diarrhoea was coming on.

Formication and moving about in the abdomen, as after a purgative.

Throbbing in the abdomen.

Sensation of coldness in the abdomen with cracking and crepitation in it.

Burning pain in the abdomen, around the region of the stomach, waking him from sleep; but transient.

Swelling of the navel, with painfulness round about when touched.

Tendency to catch cold in the abdomen; when the air touches it, there is pressure on the stomach and diarrhoea.

Quivering or muscular twitches, on the lower left side of the abdomen, when bending forward in sitting (aft. 4 h.).

Shooting burning on the right side of the abdomen, with sensation as if something was detaching itself there.

In the flanks, pain as from bruising, at times with shooting.

Shooting pain down the right flank, as if a hernia was forming, after breakfast.

Forcing toward the front from both inguinal regions, with abortive urging to urinate; when sitting.

Working about in the abdomen with cutting, going off after a soft stool.

Loud rumbling in the abdomen, when sitting, as if from emptiness (aft. 1 h.).

Audible grumbling and croaking in the abdomen, as from frogs.


After a meal she feels as if the food remained lodged in her throat.

After a meal the taste of the food long remains in her mouth.

After a meal, mucus collects in the throat.

Soon after eating, cutting from the scrobiculus cordis toward the abdomen, with the taste in the mouth of the food eaten, and eructation tasting of the ingesta, with obtuseness of the head, diarrhoea and chilliness; he had to lie down.

Immediately after dinner, a call to stool, which goes off with straining and is hard.

After dinner, itching of the anus.

After dinner, frequently a sharp pressure on the chest, without reference to respiration, chiefly in walking (the first 3 w.).

After a meal, shooting in the left side of the chest.

After meals, chilliness.

After meals, chilly.

After a meal, chilly, with heat in the face.

After a meal, warmth and redness in the face.

After a meal, much heat in the face and in the eyes (aft. 8 d.).

Eructation, as if from food remaining undigested.

Sensation of qualmishness, before a meal, with hunger.

Stomachache, with belching up, going off after dinner.

Pinching in a small spot of the right side of the abdomen, below the navel after a meal.

Cutting in the epigastrium, in a space like a small band, with soft stool; going off after dinner.

Accumulation of flatus in abdomen after a moderate meal; this causes the varices of the rectum to protude, which are painful and moist (aft. 5 d.).


Eructation of air (aft. ½ h.).

Empty, tasteless eructation of mere air.

Frequent audible eructation, long continuing.

Eructation, with the smell of the ingesta.

Eructation, with taste of the breakfast-soup.

Eructation, with agreeable, almond-like taste.


Even while eating, a cutting pinching in the abdomen, which vanished at once on the discharge of flatus (aft. 6 h.).

Inflation and distention of the belly, so that she can only with difficulty draw breath, at the same time frequent discharge of flatus.

Great inflation of the abdomen, so that she has to loosen her clothes, with frequent discharge of loud flatus, which, however, relieve only for a short time.

Cutting in the abdomen and discharge of flatus, on inspiring.

Much obstruction to flatus, with hard stool (1st week).

Rolling noise in the abdomen, with discharge of flatus.

Flatus breaks out upward and downward.

Too frequent discharge of the flatus (aft. 4 d.).

Frequent loud discharge of flatus, the whole afternoon.

Frequent discharge of flatus without troubles in the abdomen.

Frequent discharge of flatus, after breakfast.

Frequent discharge of fetid flatus, without troubles.


After eating supper with appetite, nausea.

Even while eating, nausea.

Frequent belching up of ill-tasting water, or rising of the same into the mouth, with nausea, going off on eructation.

Nausea, every morning.

Cramp in the stomach, like pressure and contraction, in the morning, on awaking from a frightful dream, with nausea and collection of water in the mouth (aft. 21 d.).


Sick at stomach, as if qualmish, without excitation to vomit.

Nausea and excitation to vomiting, all the afternoon till evening.

Sick at stomach, as if about to vomit, with frequent belching up of water into the mouth, compelling spitting continually.

Inclination to vomit, with sensation of emptiness in the stomach and sourish, bitterish taste in the mouth.

Sour vomiting, and after it still sour eructation.

Vomiting of coagulated blood, at night.

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