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Causticum - Abdomen symptoms - Clarke

Hahnemann's Tinctura acris sine Kali, Kali hydr, Kali hyd, Caustic, Causticum hahnemanni, Caust.

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HPUS indication of Causticum: Hoarseness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Causticum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Pressure of the clothes on the hypochondria painful.

Tension and shootings in the hepatic region.

Pains in the abdomen in the morning.

Pressure on the superior and inferior part of the abdomen.

Painful and tensive inflation of the abdomen.

Swelling of the navel, which is painful on being touched.

Enlargement of the abdomen in children.

Contractive pains in the abdomen.

Susceptibility to cold in the abdomen, whence results diarrhoea, or pressure at the stomach.


Putrid, greasy, rancid, or bitter taste.

Burning thirst for cold drinks and for beer.

Sensation as if lime were being slaked in the stomach.

Dislike to sweet things.

Sensation of suffering as from indigestion.

Pressure in the stomach, after eating bread.


Violent distension of the abdomen after a meal (breakfast).

Empty risings, with a taste of undigested food.

Nausea, esp. after a meal, or during one, or else in the morning.

Vomiting of food.

At the commencement of a meal, loss of appetite and disgust.

After every meal, pressure on the whole abdomen, or on the stomach, or else nausea and inflation of the abdomen, or else, again, shivering or heat in the face.


Incarceration of flatus, with hard faeces.

Frequent expulsion of offensive flatus, in small quantities.


Fresh meat causes nausea; smoked meat agrees.


Vomiting of acidulated water, followed by acid risings.

Nocturnal vomiting of coagulated blood.


Abortive risings, with strangulation in the gullet.

Sensation of faintness, as though about to swoon.


Pains in the stomach with heat in the head, increased by every quick movement, mitigated by a recumbent posture, and shuddering when the pains are aggravated.

Pressive squeezing, as if from claws, constriction and cramp-like pains in the stomach, and in the epigastrium.

Shooting pains in the epigastrium.

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