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Carlsbad - General symptoms - Clarke

The Waters Of The Sprudel Springs, Carsbad Aqua, Carl.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Carlsbad in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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The waters of the Sprudel and Muhlbr√ľnnen Springs. Dilutions.

of weakness so that she trembled and could hold nothing securely. Tired, dejected, sluggish.

anxious trembling. Weakness of all organs.

of organs of speech (Sermo abdominalis).

of bladder (stream weak and slow, only passed with assistance of abdominal muscles).

of rectum (stool slow and only passed with help of distant parts of intestinal canal; peristaltic motion seemed to cease not far from end of intestines and no amount of pressure was of any avail; faeces seemed held back rather than pushed forward.) General discomfort. General anxious sensation as if blood in artery would stagnate, with constant flushes of heat. Pains dislocated and spraining.

drawing. tearing, stitching.

burning. dull shocks and jerks. I have found Carlsb. in the potencies admirably respond to its indications. W. J. Guernsey cured with it sciatica in an old man, with cramp in left ankle. About a month after ceasing the remedy the patient complained that he felt paralysed in the loins for several hours after rising from bed, better as the day advanced. This was a new symptom very like the Carlsb. effects. Periodicity is noted effects repeated after from two to four weeks. The skin has red spots and streaks, frequently burning like fire. Pimples and pustules. Crawling and prickling on various parts, with breaking out of sweat. Itching on various parts. Much itching and increased sweat of genitals. Increased sensitiveness of the skin. Sensitiveness to cold air.

great liability to take cold. Frequent alternations of shuddering, chilliness, and heat. Flushes of heat all over, especially in face, with sweat on forehead. Heat of head with redness of face and creeping shudders. Sweats more easily. Sweat, stains linen yellow. Symptoms agg. morning and evening.

after eating and drinking.

on ascending. after lying down in bed. amel. In open air.

on motion. Even the headaches are amel. by motion.

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