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Carbo Vegetabilis - Generalities symptoms - Hahnemann

Vegetable Charcoal, Carbo Veg, Carboveg, Charcoal, Carbo-v, Carb-v.

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HPUS indication of Carbo Vegetabilis: Exhaustion
Carbo Vegetabilis

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Carbo Veg in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Sensation of great lassitude in the morning, with trembling of the limbs and around the stomach, as after much drinking of wine (aft. 24 h.).

He is fatigued and languid as if he had risen from a severe illness.

The lassitude is chiefly observable in walking; less in sitting, and then chiefly in the arms while writing.

Lassitude after a short slow walk in the open air.

Sudden lassitude while walking in the open air; but this soon vanished (aft. 3 d.).

Lassitude, in the morning in bed.

In the morning great lassitude and stretching of the limbs.

Sensation of great lassitude in the morning in bed, especially in the joints; going off after rising.

In the evening, lassitude.

Laziness in the evening, drowsiness and indisposition to everything.


Much yawning and stretching.

Sleepiness with frequent yawning.

After eating, excessive drowsiness.

In the evening, excessive drowsiness.

Sleep and dreams

At night she often awakes with coldness in the limbs and knees.

At night she often awakes with heat and thirst.

Before midnight, profuse sweat of the body and even of the head.

In the morning on awaking, tremulous anxiety.

At 3 A.M., on awaking from a restless sleep with many anxious dreams, a violent squeezing colic, like labor pains, which especially pressed upon the sacrum (and the bladder), with rumbling in the belly.

In the morning in bed, shooting pains under the left ribs and from there radiating into the belly, the scrobiculus cordis and the chest, pressing upon the larynx; aggravated by breathing and when passing off, renewed by a pressure upon the abdomen.

On awaking from quite a long sleep, itching on the anus, aggravated by scratching and turned into burning (aft. 32 h.).

Nights very full of dreams (aft. 16 h.).

Very many dreams (the 1st night).

Very vivid, disquieting dreams. (aft. 16 h.).

Vivid, but unremembered dreams.

A very vivid lascivious dream (2d n.).

Frightful dreams.

Disquieting dreams in a restless sleep.

Extremely anxious dreams.

Anxious, frightful dreams.

Tormenting dreams disturb the sleep.

Much connected talking in sleep, on which he awakes and remembers his dream.


General relaxation toward noon; inclination to lean the head against something and to rest; emptiness of the head, with sensation of hunger (aft. 12 h.).

Painful weakness in the body in the evening, as from the loss of much blood.

Weakness as from stupefaction in the forenoon.

Fits of sudden fainting weakness.

Very often only momentary fits of fainting as if about to sink down, also at times with vertigo; then colic and griping in the abdomen as if diarrhoea was coming, but only an ordinary stool came (aft. 24 h.).

Attack of vertigo in the forenoon with nausea and obscuration of the eyes, ringing before the ears; trembling; a warm sweat all over the body which stood in drops on the forehead; shortly before the fit, epistaxis in a few drops.

An attack; the boy becomes hoarse, turns up his eyes (as if there were stitches in them) when the wants to speak and water collects in them; then his cheek gets red, he has pain on deglutition, breathes loudly in his sleep; the coughs, vomits up the milk, becomes obstinate and cries often (aft. several hours).

In the warm room he is apt to sweat on the trunk and then the easily catches cold.

Itching all over the body, day and night.

Severe itching on the arms, the hands and between the fingers, so that he could not sleep at night, but without any eruption.

Itching stitches on the side on which he is lying, in the evening in bed.

Itching as from flea-bites in various parts of the body.

Fine slight stinging all over the body, when she becomes warm in bed.

Itching and stinging in various parts of the body.

Itching and burning in various parts of the skin, on the back, the chest, the navel, the thighs, etc.

Burning on various parts of the skin, at night in bed.

Slightly burning pains on various parts of the skin.

Burning on the skin, as from a mustard-plaster, here and there on the back, in the sides, on the right side of the abdomen, etc. (aft. 12 h.).

Nettle-rash, for several weeks (aft. 4 d.).

An old wound from a stab begins again to bleed, at various times.

A spot rubbed sore, which was almost covered again with epidermis, began again to be denuded and to become moist.

An ulcer on the leg now feels pressed upon and tense.

A healed ulcer again breaks out, and discharges instead of pus, lymph mixed with blood; the part is hard and painful when touched.

The ulcer of the fontanelle discharges a corrosive humor.

The pus of the ulcer becomes fetid like a carrion.

Languid and unrefreshed she rises in the morning from her sleep, but after a few hours she feels stronger.

Lazy, languid, tremulous in the limbs, in the morning, and easily thrown into perspiration (aft. 2 d.).

Frequent stretching and extending the limbs, whence he feels better (aft. 5 d.).

Sleepiness, which passes off by exercise, in the forenoon, while sitting and in reading.

Inclination to sleep, after dinner, without being able to get to sleep.

Great sleepiness by day; he had to sleep before and after noon; at night his sleep was full of phantasies (aft. 8 d.).

After a meal a sleep lasting for hours, uninterrupted, but made uneasy by anxious dreams.

In the evening, very early, inclination to sleep.

Late in falling asleep, not before 1 A.M.

He cannot get to sleep at night, though his eyes are full of sleep.

She cannot fall asleep at night, nor can she open her eyes.

Insomnia, on account of restlessness of body.

Uneasy sleep, without refreshment; in the morning, light perspiration.

Uneasy sleep and frequent awaking (1st night).

Awakes at 4 A.M.

Restless sleep, with frequent awaking, and early in bed headache, with burning here and there on the body.

In the evening after lying down he is overcome with anguish, so he can hardly remain abed (aft. 9 d.).

In the evening in bed, shooting headache, extending even into the occiput (aft. 16 h.).

In the evening after lying down, his eyes ached.

In the evening in bed, a drawing sensation in both his lower limbs.

In the evening in bed, restlessness in her lower limbs; she often had to stretch them.

Several evenings in bed, violent twitching in the arms and legs, which for a long time kept her from going to sleep.

On going to sleep the starts up and is startled.

In the evening, very cold feet and hands.

In the evening in bed, the feet will not get warm before one o'clock.

At night in sleep, illusion of hearing; he thinks the hears somebody walking, who comes before his bed; this wakes him up with anxiety.

At night, with a shudder in his back he is startled at a noise.

At night, headache.

At night, severe pain in the occiput and boring in the sinciput, with sweat, very pale face, cold, trembling hands and nausea at the stomach.

At night, a pressure below the stomach, with restless sleep and anxious dreams.

At night he awakes every hour with erections.

She is waked up very early by urging to micturition.

At night, continual sneezing.

At night, heaviness in the back and in the limbs, like weariness.

At night, drawing pains in the arm, on which he is lying.

At night, restless, with drawing pains in the limbs.

She cannot rest quiet at night, except by drawing up her legs to her body.

At night in bed, the corns ache with pressive pain.

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