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Carbo Vegetabilis - Abdomen symptoms - Clarke

Vegetable Charcoal, Carbo Veg, Carboveg, Charcoal, Carbo-v, Carb-v.

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HPUS indication of Carbo Vegetabilis: Exhaustion
Carbo Vegetabilis
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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Carbo Veg in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Pain in the hypochondria like that of a bruise, and esp. in the hepatic region, chiefly when it is touched.

Shooting pain under the ribs.

Tension, pressure, and shootings in the hepatic region.

Shootings in the spleen.

Pressure of the clothes on the hypochondria.

Pains in the umbilical region on its being touched.

Heaviness, fulness, inflation and tension of the abdomen, with heat in the whole body.

Colic, produced by the motion of a carriage.

Pressure and cramps in the abdomen.

Pain in the abdomen, as from lifting a weight, or from dislocation.

Burning pain and great anguish in the abdomen.

Pinching in the abdomen, coming from the l. side and tending towards the r. side, with sensation of paralytic weakness in the thigh.

Flatulent, cramp-like colic, even at night.

Borborygmi and movements in the abdomen.

The pains in the abdomen are often accompanied by anxiety and tears.

He cannot bear any tight clothing around his waist and abdomen.


Bitter taste.

Want of appetite, or thirst and immoderate hunger.

Chronic dislike to meat, milk, and fat.

Great desire for coffee.

Great heat after drinking wine.


Much flatulency, esp. after a meal, and sometimes with sensation of torpor in the abdomen.

Aggravation of the abdominal sufferings after eating the smallest portion of food.

Risings of food, and esp. of fat food.

Sour risings, esp. after a meal.

Nausea, esp. in the morning, after a meal, or at night.

Vomiting of blood; of food in the evening.

The pains in the stomach are aggravated or renewed by fright, opposition, a chill, as well as after a meal, or at night, and esp. after having taken flatulent food, also by suckling.

Salt taste in the mouth, and of food.

Desire for salt food, or food sweetened with sugar.

After a meal, but esp. after taking milk, great inflation of the abdomen, acidity in the mouth, and sour risings.

Sweat, esp. during a meal.

After dinner, confusion of the head and pressure of the stomach, or headache, heaviness in the limbs and mental anxiety.

Weakness of digestion; the plainest food inconveniences him.


Excessive discharge of flatus, of a putrid smell.

Cramps in the stomach, contractive, or pressive and burning, with accumulation of flatus, and great sensitiveness of the epigastrium.

Colic, with the sensation of a burning pressure; much flatulence and sensitiveness of the pit of the stomach.


Continual nausea.


Empty or bitter risings.


Hiccough after every movement.

Flow of water from the stomach, like saliva, even in the night.

Heaviness, fulness, and tension in the stomach.

Sensation of scraping and of trembling in the stomach.

Pressure at the pit of the stomach, as if the heart were going to be crushed, esp. in suckling women.

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